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Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. Dear [my name]:
  3. Happy Diwali (
  5. Hope you are doing great.
  7. I really appreciate your help in passing this information your friends and family.
  9. Now we have many direct clients. Getting many jobs every day. But we are not able to get qualified candidates to fill those places. Now the billing rates are very good. Most of the jobs are paying 6 figure salary. If you have good experience in the IT and looking to make more money, please contact me.
  11. 1. Java Java Java every where. Also .NET, Telecom, Mobile Developers, Oracle Applications, DBA and BA are very hot in the market with good pay rate. If anyone interested, we can provide them free training, help them with resume preparation, clearing the interview and on the job support. If anyone is looking to get better pay and change their field of work, please tell them to reach out to me. I appreciate that. Girls get to stay in separate guest house during training. We have both in-house training and on-line training. So, where ever you are, we can provide you the training.
  13. 2. So far, we are very successful in getting the jobs for CPT/OPT, L1 and L2 candidates and getting them H-1B visa. If anyone is interested, tell them to contact me by sending me the attached form completed.
  15. 3. We have helped many candidates to move from EB3 to EB2 category in greencard filing. We can help to move it to EB2 category (which is moving fast), if the candidate is qualified. Please contact me. We can also help in filing for new greencard. We have advertisement going and will be able to file for the GC ASAP.
  17. 4. For now we will work with candidates who are currently in USA, only.
  19. Appreciate your help.
  21. "Have a Nice Day"
  23. Thanks.
  25. Ravichandran
  26. MotusIT, Inc.
  28. 14160 Dallas Pkwy # 100
  29. Dallas, TX 75254
  30. Tel (972) 746 4644 | Fax (214) 540 1174
  31. eMail
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