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  1. javascript:(function(){setInterval(function(){var vframe = document.getElementsByClassName("vframe")[0]; if(vframe) = "block"; var edit = document.getElementsByClassName("public-DraftEditor-content"); if(edit.length) {if(!edit[0].hasAttribute("hasAdded")) {edit[0].setAttribute("hasAdded", "true"); if(top.editorHeight) edit[0].style.height = top.editorHeight; else edit[0].style.height = "20em"; edit[0].style.overflowY = "scroll"; edit[0].style.overflowX = "auto"; edit[0].style.resize = "vertical"; edit[0].style.margin = "auto"; setTimeout(function(){edit[0].style.margin = ""; setTimeout(function(){if(top.editorScrollTop) edit[0].scrollTop = top.editorScrollTop;}, 20)}, 20); edit[0].onscroll = function(){top.editorScrollTop = this.scrollTop;}} top.editorHeight = edit[0].style.height;}}, 500);})();
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