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Your moment of Zen, Mr Steward

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Aug 2nd, 2015
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  1. Your Moment of Zen, Mr Stewart
  2. TelecomixCanada Press Statement 01/07/2015
  4. TelecomixCanada, a small Anonymous collective best know for it's quiet work supporting safe communications into and out of conflict zones, has left a thank you note for the Daily Show's Jon Stewart on, primary corporate site for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.
  6. Jon Stewart, now in his final week with Comedy Central, is a long time critic of Mr Trump and his views on everything from healthcare reform, to President Obama's citizenship, to John McCain's war record.
  8. Titled 'Your Moment of Zen, Mr Steward' - the TelecomixCanada note on Mr Trump's site offers thanks for his years as the host of the Daily Show, alerts HBO up and comer John Oliver to Canadian federal election contenders and wishes Mr Trump GodSpeed as America's first 'openly Asshole President', referencing a notably amusing Stewart/Klepper spot celebrating Mr Trump's 'bold uncloseting' for the GOP campaign.
  12. Telecomix operatives specifically do not engage in destructive operations.
  14. "The Anonymous movement represents many Flags. Our's provides safe way points for people trying to bypass censorship or attempting to counter sensationalism and press spin. We believe that the Internet must be allowed to support conclusions based on a multitude of unfiltered sources from everyone directly involved."
  16. "Regrettably, in practice, this means that a great body of our work has focused on bypassing State efforts to halt information flow and connectivity. Thus, we do not assist demolition teams (theirs or ours) because then we must become that which we oppose. Simply, we attempt to ensure safe, uncensored channels remain available so people can inform themselves and each other anonymously."
  18. Telecomix's broadly respected non-partisan efforts are best evidenced by their prominent work on Syrian national networks during the early months of the conflict between moderate democratic activists and Syrian Cyber Intelligence units when they exposed BlueCoat network surveillance technology there and in Egypt - then uploaded interstitial pages to key ISP routers in both nations alerting civilians to the danger, offering the first downloadable 'Arab Spring Care Package' toolsets and instructions for bypassing the systems (search 'Telecomix Blue Cabinet Wiki' for reference).
  20. ".. this represents the first time our promissory has added a message to a device not our own in some years. It is a measure of the respect with which we hold you and the depth of appreciation we have of your time with us.." says the page on Mr Trump's website.
  22. ".. Know, Sir, that your steadfast dedication to the irony and power of Truth has inspired a generation which we ourselves now serve. That our collective thanks appears here will, we hope, amuse you as much as it will them."
  24. "We note, with some annoyance, that your natural opponents are beginning to talk smack about you (and presumably your mother).. Labouring, perhaps, under the misapprehension that it is once again business as usual.. Be comforted Mr Stewart, as a direct result of your good work these many years, they labour in false hope."
  26. LivePage:
  28. Archive:
  30. Given the nature of the many diverse Anonymous flags, TelecomixCanada wishes to again stress that no further action was taken against the server (ie data leaking or infection), nor have they shared access details with other hactivists or repaired the problems allowing access to in the first place. More, that there are no circumstances were they would censor pundits or observers covering the Jon Stewart story.
  32. ".. We honestly take great umbrage with Mr Trump's '3 dollar websites' comments in relation to public service Internet systems as it represents popular and dangerous assumptions about the value of a secure and safe Internet for all. We know it is but one comment in a constellation of observations that many find controversial, so in the spirit of Mr Stewart's work - the irony and truth of leaving a thank you note for Mr Stewart on is meant to educate decision makers to this singular falsehood."
  34. "If it is the people's decision to elevate Mr Trump to the Presidency, as it was here in Canada for Mr Harper, we wish him well and hope that he will be mindful this cautionary experience going forward."
  36. For further comment, insight or clarification over and above to this press release please reach out to @TelecomixCanada on twitter.
  38. #DataLove
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