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  1. bind r wacky
  2. alias wacky wacky1
  3. alias wacky1 "say wackyfire: make like a tree and die; alias wacky wacky2"
  4. alias wacky2 "say wackyfire: im so smart at this game; alias wacky wacky3"
  5. alias wacky3 "say wackyfire: get to last you goobers; alias wacky wacky4"
  6. alias wacky4 "say wackyfire: you cowards don't even smoke crack; alias wacky wacky5"
  7. alias wacky5 "say wackyfire: i don't see color, i only see white and wrong; alias wacky wacky6"
  8. alias wacky6 "say wackyfire: people can deepthroat a dick and rex can't even finish a popiscle; alias wacky wacky7"
  9. alias wacky7 "say wackyfire: it's not incest if its gay; alias wacky wacky8"
  10. alias wacky8 "say wackyfire: FUCKING VIRGIN! I'M GETTING VIRGINED!!; alias wacky wacky9"
  11. alias wacky9 "say wackyfire: Why is this 'coward' guy running away?; alias wacky wacky10"
  12. alias wacky10 "say wackyfire: im not gay i just have aids; alias wacky wacky11"
  13. alias wacky11 "say wackyfire: i got my man; alias wacky wacky12"
  14. alias wacky12 "say wackyfire: rex, is your sister hot? reako: she's 14; alias wacky wacky13"
  15. alias wacky13 "say wackyfire: you have 4 points, i have 5. that means im better than you; alias wacky wacky14"
  16. alias wacky14 "say wackyfire:  if i had a micro penis i could make a mold of it and make ice cubes out of it; alias wacky wacky15"
  17. alias wacky15 "say wackyfire: Why is it people of color if black isn't a color; alias wacky wacky16"
  18. alias wacky16 "say wackyfire: black people. what an oxymoron; alias wacky wacky17"
  19. alias wacky17 "say wackyfire: you guys are laughing, but then ill be payed $6 and ill be the one laughing; alias wacky wacky18"
  20. alias wacky18 "say wackyfire: i am talking about cum you weirdo; alias wacky wacky19"
  21. alias wacky19 "say wackyfire: the sun is for losers; alias wacky wacky20"
  22. alias wacky20 "say wackyfire: i am dropping shit like a midget; alias wacky wacky21"
  23. alias wacky21 "say wackyfire: pyro might be bald?; alias wacky wacky22"
  24. alias wacky22 "say wackyfire: i love the white effect; alias wacky wacky23"
  25. alias wacky23 "say wackyfire: show me your toes; alias wacky wacky24"
  26. alias wacky24 "say wackyfire: i want feet. now!; alias wacky wacky1"
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