The Minty Mountain

Mar 20th, 2013
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  1. The Minty Mountain
  3. This is a shameless Fetish story, leave if you don't want that
  5. Contains: Belly expansion, plot expansion, stuffing, weight gain
  7. It was a good day, a happy day, for Bon Bon. So many things had gone right recently that she couldn't help but smile on her way home. Especially considering the special delivery she had for Lyra. She knew deep down that her roommate would enjoy what was in store, they hadn't done anything special in some time, and she knew what they both liked.
  9. She continued down the path to the outskirts of Ponyville, to their private little plot of land. Such a thing was not without its costs, and at one time such a thing would have been impossible to imagine either of them having, but with their recent luck things had begun to turn around.
  11. Bon Bon found her way into the cozy little cottage of a place, far larger than the flat they used to share. Hidden away from the busy markets and loud streets of Ponyville, no danger of any interruption. It was hard to believe the two of them had gotten to a point where they could call this home, yet it was hard to believe many things about their life. All she could do was smile as she opened the door to their home, popping something from her saddlebag's into her mouth.
  13. And there she was.
  15. “Lyra.”
  17. Sitting on the couch in that special way, scribbling away at a piece of sheet music, her prodigious gut hanging out in front of her just enough to sag off the cushion. Bon Bon couldn't help but stare, the monument to her work was just a stepping stone to what she had prepared today.
  19. The mint unicorn looked up from her work, she seemed happy to see her, but the sight of the saddlebags stuffed to their limit made her smile all the more obvious.
  21. “You didn't?” She said with glee.
  23. “I may have.” Bon Bon did her best to hide her own excitement.
  25. Lyra started giggling and squirming about in her seat, they had both been waiting for this. Even Bon Bon was afraid they may never find the time to do it again, some of her prior work had already started to disappear from Lyra's body. Bon Bon dropped her bags by the door and trotted over to the poor disregarded gut she had taken such good care of before, scooping it up in her forelegs and tenderly stroked it.
  27. “I'm so, so, sorry for forgetting about you my Lyrabelly, but don't worry I brought home lots of treats and you'll be all better in no time.” She snuggled her face against it, feeling the soft fur over the pudgy surface listening to it intently.
  29. The belly visibly moved, and then groaned longingly to have her fill its empty void. Bon Bon looked up to Lyra, shock upon her face.
  31. “Lyra! How could you?”
  33. “Well, I got inspired and... you know I get lost in my work so...” She gingerly tapped her hooves together, “Am I in trouble?”
  35. “I don't know.” Bon Bon slowly began pulling herself on top of Lyra's belly, stretching herself over its mass until she was in her lover's face. “How does double the usual treatment sound?” The shock and awe upon Lyra's face was only outdone by the immense gurgle that rocked the gut beneath Bon Bon's body. “Oh, and Lyra.”
  37. She could only watch as her lover pulled herself up into a sitting position upon her carefully grown cushion of a paunch, Bon Bon's plot sinking into the soft mass slightly. Bon Bon looked down upon her as she pulled their faces closer. Suddenly she locked their lips in a kiss, deep and passionate as an old flame was ignited down within her body. Lyra felt something sweet on her tongue, a gift hidden away in her lover's mouth. The taste of it made her realize just how hungry she was, her stomach groaning to have it within her. When it was passed to her she swallowed it as they maintained their course, the feeling of that small insignificant sweet plop into her gut made her realize just how poorly she had been treating herself.
  39. Bon Bon pulled away, “Are we ready?”
  41. Lyra simply cooed as she let her head lay back, the feeling of her gut already warming up making her flustered. It seemed an ample enough answer, as Bon Bon slowly slid off her gut. Lyra could swear she felt butterflies kick up within her, as the feeling of her lover's movement teased her belly somehow.
  43. 'What was in that candy?' Was about all she could think as the sensations just continued to bloom out of her belly. Lyra knew that this was going to be good.
  45. ()()()()()
  47. Bon Bon had already excused Lyra to the bedroom, a mattress awaiting her the size of which was meant for a pony far larger then both of them combined. Lyra had plopped herself down eagerly, her stomach alight with all manner of new and entrancing sensations, yet Bon Bon did what she always did. Excused herself to 'prepare the meal' in another room, and as usual she always left the door wide open.
  49. Lyra wasn't a fool, she knew what the purpose of this was. To torture her, and torture her it did.
  50. There was a smell of Strawberry, and something sweet. Frosting? She heard her stomach moan, the hole within her becoming deeper. The smells still distracted her from it, something baked, fresh, a bread filled with all manner of flavor. Lyra's mouth watered as her stomach yowled quietly and nagged at her to fill that gaping chasm in her waist. It was such a strong sensation, Lyra could swear she could feel her gut already stretching to fit a meal she had yet to consume.
  52. “Oh, Lyra.”
  54. She snapped out of her haze, to realize Bon Bon was right there. Wearing side-saddle platters to balance trays of food, both of them stacked to the brim, each carrying far more than what she usually brought. Lyra could barely contain herself as her marefriend began setting them down near the bed. Bon Bon then set herself on the bed between Lyra and the main course.
  56. Bon Bon pulled Lyra's attention to her gut, “Remember how big she used to be?”
  58. Lyra did, but was unable to answer thanks to the unspeakable tingle that spread across from where she had begun massaging her paunch.
  60. “We can make her like that again, large and healthy, soft and warm. We can make her all better.”
  62. Lyra had to stifle a longing groan as a shudder flew across her body, the sensation in her belly spiking from Bon Bon's sudden forceful push into it.
  64. Bon Bon then brought her mouth close to Lyra's ear and whispered. “Maybe, we can make you even 'healthier' than you were before.”
  66. If it meant good food and this... this strange sensation continuing then, “Yes.”
  68. “Yes? To what? Are you hungry Lyra?”
  70. Her stomach made an immense noise, the force of it shaking the blubbery mass growing from Lyra's waist. She couldn't stand the hunger anymore. “Yes!”
  72. Bon Bon pulled herself away slightly, “What was that?”
  74. Lyra opened her mouth to shout once more, but suddenly found it filled. A large sweet cupcake crammed into her maw, she closed her lips around it and the hoof that placed it there. Savoring the sweetness upon both. She let the hoof go and swallowed the savory treat, the feeling of it finally entering her gut caused her to sigh with content as the hunger finally had something to gnaw at.
  76. She didn't have to wait long before another was waiting for her, and she eagerly accepted it, so much room to fill yet within her. It was soon joined by another, and Lyra found herself being fed two and then three. They were so good she couldn't help but take them as they came. Her chewing was assisted by a sudden surge of cream entering her mouth, she allowed the two to mix and then swallowed them. A bulge of food rocketed down her gullet and landed in her gut alongside a gargle of noises.
  78. Bon Bon snuggled against the noisy mass that she began to fill, “Just listen to how happy she is.”
  80. Lyra couldn't agree more, and the sensation of her snuggling her warm body against it was wonderful. The food within her churning and moving her gut as she could only shudder from the sensations that Bon Bon was coaxing out of it. She had no idea how this was possible, but Lyra truly hoped that it would last for a while yet.
  82. When Bon Bon let go of her belly she was left with a strange feeling that something had been left unanswered, a cramp deep in her gut seemed to grab her attention for a moment. Until Bon Bon dangled a loaf of sweet bread in front of her face, the smells igniting a need to fill her roomy paunch to its limit. She bit into it, and quickly began horking it down in large chunks. Each slab of it that landed in her stomach pushed it further, and only seemed to make her even more voracious.
  84. There were treats of all kinds that followed. Some form of pancake, doused in a sweet syrup, gone in an instant. A baker's dozen of some of the largest donuts she had ever seen, all crammed inside her as she swallowed them one by one. Each small feast would push her stomach larger, the flimsy gut slowly pushing outward as a form was filled within it. It was growing higher as warmth and fullness began to make it steadier and taller. Lyra could feel her waist stretching to accommodate the food, every piece that entered her left it churning and groaning with pleasure as she felt something at work within her. Larger it grew with food until she was at her healthiest size.
  86. However something was amiss, and it wasn't until Bon Bon had finished feeding her the first platter that Lyra began to take note of the pain within her belly. The power of it was great, yet it wasn't from a feeling of fullness. It was much more like a cramp, something that simply halted her stomach in its tracks. She could only groan as the feeling took precedence over her love of the smells and tastes of the remaining platter of food.
  88. “Bon Bon,” Lyra said through a groan. “Could you-”
  90. She was cut off as her stomach groaned and the knot of pain was made far more obvious to her. Bon Bon seemed to pick up on it, and simply whispered sweet nothings into her ear. Words which calmed her, and brought promises that she wasn't off the hook yet.
  92. Lyra watched as her lover moved across the bed to her filled girth, the knot within her stomach causing her no end of displeasure. Bon Bon then made the strange decision to sit upon Lyra, her plot not far from her face as she took a seat on her chest. She had no time to question as she felt hooves upon her girth, their forceful presence sending a shudder into her gut that echoed out into her body. Lyra could swear she felt a small part of the knot undone, as her girth ballooned slightly. All the while Bon Bon seemed to chuckle quietly.
  94. Lyra did not care, as Bon Bon continued to message her aching belly the sensations would not end. With hooves upon it she could feel how soft she was, her flesh being molded and moved as the knot was chased around her churning insides. Each time it was cornered and weakened, each time her belly felt a greater fullness as she swore that another layer of soft flab was growing on top of her already tremendous gut. It was enthralling each time she felt it grow.
  96. She moaned as she felt a warmth bathe over it. This time it didn't let up, the knot was cornered. A pressure began to build within her, pushing against the hooves that dug themselves into her. Lyra groaned as she pushed against them as well, trying to get the hooves to go deeper into her soft mass to undo the knot. It worked somewhat as she felt it loosening, the pressure only becoming greater. She needed to be free of it, she had to make more room for all that wonderful food.
  98. There was an internal pop, as something rushed up her throat. She could feel her belly pulsing with warmth as she tried to hold it in, but those hooves upon her just kept coaxing it on. She tried to hold it in as the fullness fought for more space. Suddenly the gas reached the end of its journey and Lyra let out a short belch, as her tremendous girth began to billow out higher and larger. She did her best to control herself as she watched it rise higher. Flab cascaded on top of old as Lyra could feel her girth growing before her, parts of her body began to feel heavier as well.
  100. She groaned longingly as her plot seemed to lurch upwards, pressing softly into the mattress as it cradled her growing belly so well. Her chest felt softer as Bon Bon's plot seemed to sink into a growing layer of flesh, and her neck began to widen as her cheeks felt puffy and warm. She was in a state of total bliss as everything slowly settled.
  102. Lyra could only coo as she felt Bon Bon wiggling about on top of her, giggling and snuggling the immense ball of flab before her. Lyra noticed that she couldn't even get her forelegs around it, she had truly become even bigger than she was before. She didn't care how it was possible, she only knew that Bon Bon was happy and that it was one of the best things she had ever felt before. Even though the knot was gone the sensation of Bon Bon caressing and tenderly stroking her belly left her in a fit of fluttering sensations, yet she was also very hungry. She didn't want to stop Bon Bon, but the hunger was beginning to take precedence.
  104. “Hey Bon Bon,” She acknowledged her but did not take herself from the prize before her. “Would it be alright if you did that later?”
  106. “I suppose,” She cast a rather serious glance toward the remaining food. “But Lyra you must finish that plate, I better not find any scraps hidden away later because you couldn't eat all of it.”
  108. Lyra looked at the platter of food, all the glistening treats and snacks prepared for her, and could feel how much room she had within her. A stubborn growl emanating from the behemoth growing from her waist. “I'll finish it, don't worry.”
  110. “Good,” Bon Bon went back to snuggling the immense girth she had helped grow, “And maybe, just maybe we can get her so big and healthy that~” She cut herself off as she buried her face into the mass, tickling it so intensely that Lyra could only laugh.
  112. ()()()()()
  114. Bon Bon had finally finished playing, and was now just snuggled up next to her soft flabby minty unicorn. She loved how warm Lyra was, she wanted to wrap herself in all that she had become. The time to begin again was close though, she could hear Lyra's stomach calling out for more. The force of it echoed strongly as she watched Lyra trying to hold back the hunger.
  116. “Is it time?” She asked while looking into Lyra's eyes.
  118. Her belly gurgled loudly, and lurched upward in a fit of hunger.
  120. “What first?” She took a few things from the platter and placed them nearby. “A pancake?”
  122. Lyra groaned as her stomach rumbled.
  124. “Maybe some pumpkin bread, with a little butter.” She could hear the grumble building. “And some cream to wash it down?”
  126. The voracious stomach rang out loudly with an immense noise that made Lyra whimper.
  128. “Or.” She carefully brought up a plate which carried a very special treat for her. “Your favorite.”
  130. Lyra took a deep whiff of it, leaning forward in a desperate bid to eat it early. The glistening frosting, the plump freshly baked bread, and that smell; cinnamon. The freshly baked bun was done to perfection. The thought of its flavor dragged a long quake from her gut. She wanted it, she needed it.
  132. “Please Bon Bon, just-”
  134. “Shh.” She pressed a hoof onto her lips, a dab of frosting on it that distracted Lyra with its slight hint at what was to come. “Now close your eyes, I want it to be a surprise.”
  136. ()()()()()
  138. Lyra slowly, but surely, did as she was told. Leaning back into the small throne of pillows she was resting against, her mouth wide open as she waited for the first plate to be emptied into her. She truly wished to eat the bun first, but the thought of that pancake was enticing too. Perhaps she would cover it in syrup and whipped cream, maybe even some jam. The bread would be amazing as well, perhaps with something sweet to go with it, like the cream.
  140. Her gut rumbled again, and Lyra couldn't stand it anymore. The hole felt so deep, she wondered if there was enough food in all of equestria to fill it. She could smell Bon Bon adding something to one of the dishes, but she had no idea what. Their fragrances just smashed together into one delectable palette that made her want them so much more. Lyra just couldn't understand what took her so long, she usually had this all planned out, never making her wait. Unless...
  142. Something huge forced its way into her mouth, its size strained her mouth to its limit. She could taste all of it, syrup and frosting, cinnamon and pumpkin. She bit into it, taking a chunk out of the delicious tube of food, only to have more shoved into her. Again she took a chunk out of it and pushed it into a corner of her mouth, trying to ingest all of it that she could. She could feel the last of it being jammed into her, her lips finally closing around a hoof soaked in delicious juices.
  144. She began to chew as Bon Bon pulled her hoof from her mouth, the flavors all mixing into one delicious slurry. As her progress slowed the sticky mass was joined by a sudden liquid rush, a cream that she had been promised flowed into her. She drank deeply, letting it moisten the ingredients within her as she slowly swallowed them chunk after chunk. The liquid pumped down her throat after the food.
  146. They flowed down her throat, and her gut rumbled upon each piece's arrival. She moaned as it expanded before her, awoken and ready for more. She felt a hoof press into it, and groaned from the fluttering sensation that echoed. Lyra wanted her to continue, but there was so much room left within her, so much left to fill. The hole was so great still, and Bon Bon was so slow.
  148. Lyra felt her horn ignite, against her will. She opened her eyes and saw the entire platter of food floating through the air toward her, she could see every delicious little treat that echoed a pang of hunger in her. Just smelling it left her wanting it, and she opened her mouth eagerly.
  150. Without warning the food-ball jammed against her lips, the juices flowing into her along a channel of magic. She could taste all manner of sweet and delicious treats, then slowly took a bite. The food followed the juices as they poured down her throat, the small chunk of assorted treats easily sliding down her throat to become another lump in her gut. She took another bite, then another, each one quicker than the last as it all glided easily down into her girth. Which was slowly expanding from every edition, the ball of food floating before it slowly growing smaller as the belly grew larger.
  152. She could feel her limit being reached, that wonderful fullness almost within her grasp. She continued to swallow more and more of it, each bite pushing her gut just a bit higher. Her skin alive as someone coaxed her on and rubbed themselves against the growing mass. She kept going despite the knot of fullness that she began to experience.
  154. She kept her pace up for a time, eventually though Lyra began to slow. Even as the ball was almost done, her gut slowly heaving with her labored breathing. She looked upon how much was left, a good portion, much larger than what she usually took in a bite. She felt so full, almost no room, not enough for that much. Suddenly it floated closer to her, a hoof pushing it closer to her mouth.
  156. “Just one more Lyra.” She looked over to Bon Bon, eager for her to at least try.
  158. Lyra looked at it, the smells washing over her, and felt her gut rumble despite its prior feelings. She began to wrap her lips around it, as Bon Bon helped her along and pushed it into her mouth, taking the entire ball of food in with a single bite. Her mouth stretched to its limit as she began to chew.
  160. She swallowed and felt it pushing it way down her throat, muscles shoving it down to join the rest. She could feel it trying to find room, as her body shoved it down further. She groaned as her stomach churned the food already within her, no room left. She could feel it getting closer, almost within her gut completely, when her stomach began to lurch upwards.
  162. It did so again and again, trying to make more room near the top, stretching out some last bit of room she had stowed away. Every thrust left her breathless as it began to push at her navel, something slowly poking its way out. She groaned as she felt the food slowly being forced into her full stomach, every inch that it won caused her stomach to lurch higher as something squeezed its way out of the crest of her paunch. It was so close to being free, she was so close to being full, it just had to~
  164. There was an audible pop as her belly button was shoved out of position, her entire gut surged higher as more room was made, the last of the meal finally within her.
  166. Lyra let out a long content sigh as Bon Bon lay close to her, whispering how proud she was. All Lyra cared was that she was full, the empty hole finally capped, although the praise was a nice bonus.
  168. ()()()()()
  170. “So Lyra.” Bon Bon started, “Do you want some more?”
  172. Lyra could feel how full she was, and yet there seemed to be just a tiny amount of room left, enough that it could depress slightly without being painful. She got an idea.
  174. “No, I think I've had enough.” She looked toward Bon Bon who was only watching her immense girth rise and fall. “Bon Bon, do you remember what you told me a while back?”
  176. “Hm? What did I tell you?” She looked over and saw Lyra holding a rather sly look in her eyes. “Lyra?” She said cautiously.
  178. Without warning a mound of soft pillow-like flab rolled over and had her pinned to the bed. Everything from her waist down trapped underneath a mountain of belly, as a roll of soft fat began to cover up her chest and rest at her chin. She tried to push Lyra off her, but all her hind legs did was dig deeply into the soft mass over her.
  180. “Lyra!” She realized what this was about now. “I wasn't terribly serious when-”
  182. Her tirade was cut short when she pushed rather hard into Lyra's belly and heard her moan immensely. She looked up to Lyra's face and could see her eyes in a sort of gentle trance as they fluttered helplessly. She curiously pushed once again, and received a frustrated coo as she didn't go deep enough. She slowly but surely began to knead the mass as best she could while enjoying herself, as the girth between them wold rumble and groan with every noise that Lyra made.
  184. ()()()()()
  186. Her entire stomach was alive, churning and rumbling with every push from her lover. Each time she could feel it so clearly, rattling and shivering her senses as she could only shudder from the pleasure of it. There was something else, something growing within her. A need, a pressure? Lyra wasn't sure, but knew that this growing feeling was something she didn't want stopped.
  188. Slowly but surely she felt herself pressing her gut into Bon Bon's message, pushing herself into the warm body trapped beneath her. Every time she did so a wonderful tingle would echo across her skin and deep into that sensation expanding within her, causing it to throb and force itself bigger. It was so close now, so close to release, she just had to make it do so.
  190. That feeling was churning inside her, working away at the food, as a pressure grew inside her as it fought for a way out. Harder and harder she pressed into Bon Bon's legs as they dug deeper into her. The food within long ago vanishing as this wonderful sensation took its place. It groaned and rumbled, as her heart beat fiercely from how stimulating it was. She could feel the entire thing moving and throbbing as her gut was so close to whatever this was. Lyra throw herself into one last push as something flew up her throat, leaning her head back as a long belch escaped her throat.
  192. Bon Bon said something, but Lyra ignored her. As her gut suddenly felt alive. The entire surface rumbling and shaking as deep vibrations began to work their way to the surface, fluttering sensations expanding outward to every corner of her body.
  194. She moaned as she lost her balance and fell off the bed, not even feeling her landing, as her body was slowly overcome by a warm tingle. A thunderous pulse of it lurched her gut higher, and higher, as it seemed to be growing without end. A fullness seemed to be present inside her, as it pressed against the limit of her stomach. Foods of all kinds seemed to appear within her and just push it tighter, trying to force more into her without end. She groaned as it neared her limit, unable to continue as the mass was forced into a mountainous shape.
  196. Her stomach let loose an immense gurgle, and gas traveled through her throat to be free. She let loose an immense belch as she felt waves of fat begin to appear on her body, her form surged outward immensely in every direction. She could feel a mountain of softness being added to her, as her belly grew and grew, while her flanks began to expand outward to match it. Her face seemed to become much puffier, as large pockets of flab grew onto her arms and legs while her chest swelled immensely. All of it weighed down as mounds of it packed onto every part of her engorged body. The warmth of it all slowly seemed to seep into her new form, as she found herself to be much more than she once was. Without warning she felt somepony leap onto her gut, eliciting a slight grunt as they sank into its soft mass.
  198. “Oh, Lyra.”
  200. It was Bon Bon, softly sunken into her immense pile of stomach fat.
  202. “I never thought you could do this for me.”
  204. Lyra didn't really think she could of done it either, but the sensation of Bon Bon wiggling around on top of her was wonderful to say the least.
  206. “Could I just stay here for a while?”
  208. “Sure,” Lyra said with labored breath, as the feeling of so much weight upon her was still new. “Just take it easy for a while, I can't rest with you tickling me like that.”
  210. She was truly tired, something about the activity had left her somewhat drained. Which seemed to suit Bon Bon fine, as she slowly but surely also began to drift off. Both of them basking in the warmth of the newly grown minty mountain.
  214. End
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