crDroidAndroid 10.0 Changelog - 20191101

andybones Nov 2nd, 2019 103 Never
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  1. ====================
  2.      10-26-2019
  3. ====================
  5.    * android/
  6. 6b1a92e switch back to LOS QCOM power HAL
  7. 0654c44 manifest: Goodbye Eleven
  9.    * device/htc/pme/
  10. f905f83 pme: Change uid/gid of time_daemon
  11. f1faea1 pme: Update time services from LA.UM.8.6.r1-01900-89xx.0
  12. 65d819f pme: move RIL props to init section - And remove from props, releasetools
  13. f15058e pme: manifest: remove unused hals
  14. 917be8d pme: cleanup overlay - Mostly DOZE
  15. 8b868bd pme: Make imsrcsd load with VNDK 28 libbase - Vendor patches also needed for that
  16. f51b644 pme: manifest: switch back 1.0 radio, we are using old ril blobs
  17. d48b3e9 pme: comment out from manifest - Fixes BT audio
  18. 217d5da pme: Enable & cleanup Power_off_alarm feature
  19. 9ff74ab pme: reenable wfd
  21.    * packages/apps/crDroidMusic/
  22. c22a98c Bump version
  23. fcce089 Fix music service for Android 10
  25.    * vendor/addons/
  26. 0e5f163 addons: Update crDroidMusic prebuilt
  28.    * vendor/lineage/
  29. 7662b3b crdroid: Elevate to better music app
  31. ====================
  32.      10-25-2019
  33. ====================
  35.    * android/
  36. f965cd3 Merge branch 'lineage-17.0' of into 10.0
  38.    * frameworks/base/
  39. 92c3eb5 Merge 'lineage-17.0' into 10.0
  40. bc865c1 SystemUI: Fix toggling lockscreen rotation [1/3]
  41. aa26242 Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
  43.    * hardware/qcom-caf/msm8996/audio/
  44. f9a065a audio: Use normal tinycompress
  45. 4d112ab audio: Use libprocessgroup unconditionally
  47.    * packages/apps/Settings/
  48. 0505dea Merge pull request #66 from crDroid-lavender/10.0
  49. e07ea12 Skip loading contextual cards if legacy cards are used
  50. cab0b01 Skip loading contextual cards if legacy cards are used
  51. 7c80ab8 settings: Black theme is getting nicer
  52. 3041352 Fix crash when going back from battery it still tries to update battery level even after intent is closed add a null check to avoid that * fixes crash:
  54.    * vendor/addons/
  55. 98f1a67 addons: Fix creation of 0 byte zip
  56. 76df7d7 addons: Add mogrified 1080 bootanimation prebuilt
  58. ====================
  59.      10-24-2019
  60. ====================
  62.    * android/
  63. 6b269bf lineage: Enable sm8150 CAF HALs
  64. cae7394 lineage: Enable msm8952 HALs
  65. 7b8ed91 lineage: Enable QCOM power HAL
  67.    * frameworks/base/
  68. a86b7b5 Add NR data RAT support
  69. e755984 Support for radio technology NR
  70. 4cf6845 FR57912: Add support for pdp data reject with cause code 29,33,55
  72.    * packages/apps/Settings/
  73. e3464f7 Settings: Update visualizer shortcut
  75. ====================
  76.      10-23-2019
  77. ====================
  79.    * android/
  80. 9d7c702 Merge 'lineage-17.0' into 10.0
  82.    * device/lineage/sepolicy/
  83. b7c29bc Kill sysinit
  84. ef286ec sepolicy: vendor: Migrate to power 1.2
  86.    * frameworks/base/
  87. 530d1a9 Add ability to toggle bluetooth battery level [1/2]
  88. e506272 SystemUI: Change bluetooth battery level icon drawables
  89. 3c422ba SystemUI: Show bluetooth battery level when available
  90. 39814a6 power: Disable keyboard/button lights while dozing/dreaming
  91. 4b695bc Audio: Do not disconnect profiles till Bluetooth Off
  92. 16a4438 Disable tuner pref for battery
  93. 0daeffb SystemUI: restart timeout causes black screen
  94. d8df259 Lockscreen Visualizer: Add pulse magic
  95. 05b95ac FlashlightController: Disable sending intent
  96. bd8199d Fix layout gravity for status bar right clock
  97. 2ff1f43 Temp: Remove dark tile
  98. e3f697d base: Use MD2 icon for missed call notification
  99. da7c4c7 telephony: Conditionally ignore RSSNR signal level
  100. eca21dc base: Update some icons to MD2
  101. 2c8fa89 Fix bootanimation stack overflow
  102. 6887c77 SystemUI: Improve QS detail view layout
  103. 06532c6 Recents: Fix NPE while changing themes
  104. 3d72abb PebbleBerry: Support initial dark themes
  105. 53a95ce base: themes: dont use colorPrimary for active qs
  106. a36c413 SystemUI: Update automatic brightness drawables
  107. da9cebf Camera: Expose Aux camera to apps present in the whitelist
  108. e0d5bd5 PebbleBerry: Remove accent picker
  109. 06fb6ed base: Update path to camera_click ogg
  110. 4ee0709 PebbleBerry: Allow switching accents and light dark themes in better way
  111. b36e945 PebbleBerry: Don't show system overlays on apps list
  112. 3c8b9d9 Disable More Debugging
  113. 82f0125 BurnInProtection: Fix null object reference with timer
  114. 9c41155 Keyguard: Actually kill the Fancy Colon
  115. bf9d375 base: SystemUI: reduce padding between clock and notification area
  116. fc589cf SystemUI: Implement burn-in protection for status/navbar
  117. 7cd832a base: Update few drawables
  118. aade96e SystemUI: assist: disable old Assistant animations
  119. 97fbf9f Add button to AppErrorDialog to upload crash information to dogbin
  120. fe6ac0b SystemUI: Hide back icon when screen pinned and gestural mode enabled
  121. a1c7953 SystemUI: Fix escape text when screen pinned and gestural mode enabled
  122. 3adedd7 ScreenPinningRequest: Fix recents button not appearing
  123. 11eb1b0 SystemUI: Add method for getting estimated battery time
  124. 889108f SystemUI: Remove build version from qs footer
  125. 137ccd9 SystemUI: Fix flickering issue when live wallpaper is showing on aod/pulsing
  126. 8ee2d4a Use new gradient dialog also for recovery/factory reset action
  127. f3b4512 AppStandbyController: Only check user standby setting
  128. 8bc92f7 Conditionally disable uncrypt for ota
  129. 61ebe60 Shell: Don't show bugreport on DocumentsUI
  130. c801bfc SystemUI: Fix statusbar padding and layout for system icons
  131. 140291c Whitelist WRITE_DEVICE_CONFIG for shell
  132. cee7653 Add missing STORAGE_INTERNAL permission for BackupRestoreConfirmation
  133. 8708a29 Update rounded corner radius path for Android 10
  134. 5583d6a ScreenDecorations: Clean up tuner API
  135. b18a148 Allow tuning extra padding for status bar
  136. 96a2425 Rounded Corner: Code improvement and clean up
  137. df24a3f Custom Rounded Corner and Padding preferences [1/2]
  138. cdf1121 base: Remove round corner padding from statusbar
  139. 4a55531 framework: Port IME selector notification toggle (2/2)
  140. 770c6fc fb: add back all keyboard IME features back (1/2)
  141. 12a8811 SystemUI: Allow overlaying max system icons
  142. 837d70c ambient display: Fix volume key music control
  143. 800a0ed CPUInfoService: Improvements and fixes
  144. fc3d1c8 SystemUI: add CPU info overlay
  145. 82a1742 BatteryBar [1/2]
  146. 7ba5c05 Fix status bar for network traffic icon holder
  147. 3977a08 Toast icon switch [1/2]
  148. df06655 Fix: No text in toast for RTL layout
  149. 4700a5f Show icon of package associated with Toast
  150. bf95cd8 AbsListView: Fix widget couldn't find any view fc
  151. 3bda88c Return: Listanimation Views and Interpolator [1/2]
  152. ea31efb Allow toggling animations off [1/2]
  153. 29dabba Add interpolators to qs tiles animation [1/2]
  154. 050c447 Add animations to quick settings tiles [1/2]
  155. 9fc84f9 Add option to disable scrolling cache [1/2]
  156. 4ed998b AppTransitions: Remove hackery for controls duration
  157. 9ab1023 FW_Base - XuiMod: Toast Animations [1/2]
  158. b7a542f Add Ethans animations
  159. 4afc1c3 AOKP custom system animations (1/2)
  160. b089c5d ScreenshotSound: Fix playing screenshot's sound when camera's sounds off.
  161. 956a94e Disable/Enable screenshot sound [1/2]
  162. 2a1402e Add colors to assistant animation
  163. fc9285e Update permission whitelist for launcher3
  164. a6fb08b Add option to select brightness slider positon [2/3]
  165. 50005eb QS tile titles visibility [1/2]
  166. 61945a2 Statusbar: Fix Tunerservice usage
  167. e1b4677 NetworkStatsHistory: Prevent IllegalArgumentException
  168. 17ff024 Prevent crash in TTS engine due to improper configuration
  169. b51f520 Framelayout: Fix NPE when view is missing
  170. 6c49808 SystemUI: Keyguard: Check for a null errString
  171. f31d321 Keyguard: Fix scramble PIN view for multiple users
  172. 9206b31 Keyguard: Hide check button when using PIN quick unlock
  173. b411ff8 Disable PIN entry after successful quick unlock
  174. 15110f3 Keyguard: Forward port lockscreen quick unlock (1/2)
  175. 279f265 Fingerprint authentication vibration [1/2]
  176. aae4f54 Network traffic mode for status bar [2/3]
  177. eef46cd FATAL EXCEPTION IN SYSTEM PROCESS: android.ui
  178. c3decfe KernelWakelockReader: stop the panic
  179. 20f9779 ParcelFileDescriptor: can we stop the panic here?
  180. 0ae4842 Enable NSRM (Network Socket Request Manager).
  181. e4cc2ed Rename the backup file to base file when backup exists
  182. ae76689 SQLite: Do integrity_check only once
  183. 5f78246 SQLiteDatabase: Catch corrupt exception during transaction
  184. c1cb446 base: limit direct share targets to reduce lag
  185. f46086e aapt: Fix compiler warning (clobbered by longjmp)
  186. 6ed7ade aapt: add check for untranslatable "string-array"s
  187. 3bb968f aapt: Use a std::map instead of a SortedVector
  188. b5d80a8 aapt: Speed up the style pruning
  189. 4fe2a87 Fix to avoid UI freeze issue
  190. 52a14f3 display: Don't animate screen brightness when turning the screen on
  191. 9d822e9 connectivity: Configure additional TCP parameters
  192. 3ed17ac MountService: Prevent NPE with DropBoxManager
  193. 5cbc222 MountService: ensure VolumeRecord with UUID exists before modifying
  194. 47bb6cd Settings:Bugfix for NPE, Only valid screen power consumption need to smear
  195. fa62163 SystemUI: Fix SystemUI Crash
  196. b04c96f Suppress FingerprintManager logspam
  197. 67a6906 Kill off provider info logspam
  198. 9a41c7e ViewGroup: Remove child parent when a new view is added
  199. 11c5d4b Fix formatting for Dash charging overlay
  200. 861d9f8 audioservice: fix hasMediaDynamicPolicy() for loopback and render policies
  201. 206cc2f audioservice: re send BT_SCO parameter to HAL when audioserver restarts
  202. a19c810 Do not apply date customization to QS clock [1/2]
  203. 8be5a9a Add option to auto hide status-bar clock [1/2]
  204. 21c29eb Statusbar clock customizations [1/2]
  205. cc7ee3f Add separate tunable for clock seconds
  206. b2be868 CollapsedStatusbar: Fix phantom spaces in status bar
  207. 0972019 Allow using position tunable to hide clock
  208. 114ef3e Use alphaoptimized layout for icons on left
  209. e3f8408 Use same NFC icon as that in QS tile
  210. 9583b85 SystemUI: Update NFC tile drawable
  211. 114f6a6 SystemUI: Update default set of tiles
  212. f22eb95 SystemUI: enable NFC tile
  213. 43d278f SystemUI: Add statusbar NFC icon
  214. 1c71b85 base: SettingsProvider: cleanup leftover logspill
  215. 841a928 Add tunables for navbar layout customization [1/2]
  216. fcae7e9 Telephony: NPE observed in Settings when click on Search settings
  217. 2005c9a Add toggle to disable HW keys [1/2]
  218. 2b3fa11 Use FORCE_SHOW_NAVBAR to actually toggle navbar
  219. 7de56aa base: Add accidental touch prevention for assist key
  220. cb72007 base: Introduce Accidental Touch
  221. 320acf1 base: Introduce new navigation bar key event source
  222. e498660 base: Add START_ACTIVITIES_FROM_BACKGROUND on phone priv-app whitelist
  223. 1549356 base: rescuce party: check isDisabled on all public API
  224. cbdc49b Allow overriding default volume dialog position
  225. 4aab3c9 VolumeDialogImpl: Use TunerService properly
  226. 1e5d6a1 VolumeDialogControllerImpl: Check for internal audio recording support
  227. 32311d2 SystemUI: Whitelist our recorder on CastController
  228. b7456dd fwb: Add support for internal audio recording
  229. 1b5794d PackageManager: allow build-time disabling of components
  230. 694c59f FingerprintService: add overlay to prevent cleanup of unused fingerprints
  231. e5c27da fingerprint: notify client when cancelling succeeded
  232. e6cf058 Add crdroid utils
  233. 4eddcab BatteryService: add dash charging support
  234. a847993 LockscreenCharging: squashed (1/3)
  235. 704e856 Option to Display Data Disabled Indicator Icon [1/2]
  236. 4e2af29 Allow using 4G icon instead LTE [1/2]
  237. 47b3fa0 Make roaming indicator optional [1/2]
  238. c30a1d3 TunerService: Add parseInteger failsafe method
  239. ff00ce5 SystemUI: Allow using tuner API for Global settings
  240. 768bd1c TunerService: Prevent NPE with tunable
  241. 66d360b Ability to toggle VoLTE icon in statusbar [1/2]
  242. bf3f88c Make Build.TYPE and Build.FINGERPRINT consistent for apps
  243. a8e73eb base: Make Build.DATE visible to apps
  244. 6797dd7 base: Add stub files
  245. bab2d7c Add customizable action for back long press button [2/3]
  246. ddf60d4 Add device key action to kill app [2/3]
  247. 7e3df0c base: Add metric for crDroid Settings
  248. 6c63b37 telephony: Make IMS method updateToState accessible
  249. ef3c942 IS_DEBUGGABLE -> IS_ENG
  250. 622f0ea TypeClockController: Make it compile with new plugin API
  251. b77afb8 Revert "Drop Type clock face."
  252. 2c3b5a4 Revert "Drop final remnants of Type clock face"
  253. 0066cb6 Revert "Disable ClockOptionsProvider so clocks don't appear in picker app"
  254. 8b31405 Revert "Disable custom clock faces in SystemUI"
  255. afd173f PrivacyItemController: Enable permission hub by default
  256. be7a95f Revert "DO NOT MERGE Revert "Adding the privacy chip to the CarStatusBar""
  257. dd29659 Revert "DO NOT MERGE Remove Privacy Indicators"
  258. 632550b Allow SBC as HD audio codec in Bluetooth device configuration
  259. 3d6441f Add Dual Channel into Bluetooth Audio Channel Mode developer options menu
  260. 2694cd7 Add CHANNEL_MODE_DUAL_CHANNEL constant
  261. 96319a6 SystemUI: Don't dismiss keyguard if user key isn't unlocked
  262. 89e4f11 SystemUI: Dismiss keyguard on boot if disabled by current profile
  263. bdc2920 SystemUI: Add visualizer feature
  264. 7a9fd40 Keyguard: Allow disabling fingerprint wake-and-unlock
  265. b5ad63a fingerprint: handle PerformanceStats NULL pointers
  266. 60065b2 Camera button support
  267. 5e28f76 power: Re-introduce custom charging sounds
  268. 161ed01 SystemUI: Advanced location tile
  269. 055d658 SystemUI: Add Profiles tile
  270. e990019 SystemUI: Enable and fix QS detail view, adapt layout to Pie
  271. a4b9e07 SystemUI: Fix toggling lockscreen rotation [1/3]
  272. 3f40ecf Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
  273. 53603b5 LockSettingsService: Support for separate clear key api
  274. 38412f3 Fix Build Credentials refactored to use byte[]
  275. 0a3b99c frameworks: base: Port password retention feature
  277.    * hardware/interfaces/
  278. 183bca8 camera: Only link and use if specified
  280.    * packages/apps/Settings/
  281. 83b0503 Settings: Add our own dark style list
  283.    * packages/apps/crDroidSettings/
  284. 6b0d884 Add ability to toggle bluetooth battery level [2/2]
  285. f311abf crdroid: Re-enable lockscreen visualizer pulse
  287.    * vendor/lineage/
  288. adb26fe Kill sysinit
  290. ====================
  291.      10-22-2019
  292. ====================
  294.    * android/
  295. 25ad79f manifest: Switch to our fork of hardware/interfaces
  297.    * art/
  298. dc32b85 Revert "ART: Add version check for memfd_create()"
  300.    * device/qcom/sepolicy-legacy-um/
  301. d5b38e0 common: Fix sysfs_socinfo Label for sensors
  302. 8c40e0b common: Correctly Label /sys/class/kgsl
  303. ab924c7 common: Label
  304. 2f36c22 sepolicy: setting secontext to rtc node
  305. 2605506 msm8998: Label LED sysfs
  306. 0ec7318 msm8998: Label usbpd sysfs
  307. 94c2344 sepolicy: allow vold to read persist dirs
  308. 8120880 sepolicy: Label persist partition for all SoCs
  309. 2325b38 msm8996: Consider additional ssr nodes
  310. 4e783e6 common: Fix labelling of lcd-backlight
  311. aaafdeb sepolicy: Allow mm-qcamerad to access v4L "name" node
  312. 60c3fdd sepolicy: Fix video4linux "name" node labeling
  313. be1e842 sepolicy: Update timeservice key path
  315.    * frameworks/av/
  316. 3e288a8 audiopolicy: support extended feature in audiopolicymanager
  317. 2c2f290 camera: Only link and use if specified
  318. 90455c2 Camera: Miscellaneous fixes in QDataCallback and binder death scenarios.
  319. 89237fa Camera: CameraHardwareInterface changes to support Extended FD
  320. 7151f29 stagefright: add changes related to high-framerates in CameraSource
  321. e472bc8 Camera: Add support for preview frame fd
  322. 3cbcab4 Camera: Add extensions to CameraClient
  324.    * frameworks/base/
  325. ce391b0 WifiDisplayController: handle preexisting p2p connection status
  326. 079ea15 WiFiDisplayController: Defer the P2P Initialization from its constructor.
  327. b81e695 Merge changes for launching wifidisplay from system settings
  328. 5e73766 Camera: Add feature extensions
  330.    * hardware/qcom-caf/msm8998/audio/
  331. 3ddd20f hal: Add missing pthread.h include
  333.    * packages/services/Telephony/
  334. 11cc839 MSIM: Fix non-protected broadcasts sent from phone process.
  336.    * system/vold/
  337. ba976d3 Add "changepw" command to vdc.
  338. 4a98bfb vold: Accept Linux GPT partitions on external SD cards
  339. 69efbe8 vold: Allow reset after shutdown
  340. fedb50a vold: skip first disk change when converting MBR to GPT
  341. ced65f0 Fix the group permissions of the sdcard root.
  342. e9c195f vold ext4/f2fs: do not use dirsync if we're mounting adopted storage
  343. c854640 vold: Mount ext4/f2fs portable storage with sdcard_posix
  344. 699d32f vold: Honor mount options for ext4/f2fs partitions
  345. ed4defe vold: Support internal storage partitions
  346. 81d319a vold: Fix fsck on public volumes
  347. 46dde28 vold: add support for more filesystems for public storage
  348. 5b05552 vold: Move QCOM HW FDE inclusion under Lineage namespace
  349. c7dc792 system: vold: Fix for ICE UFS card support
  351.    * vendor/qcom/opensource/power/
  352. 11a94e3 power: msm8952: Remove HBTP support
  353. b1d08ab power: Rename power-8952.c to power-8937.c
  354. 9a3da74 Reduce hwbinder buffer size for power HAL
  355. c0c5b02 power: Remove unused camera_hint_ref_count
  356. c394265 power: Compile with -Wall -Wextra -Werror
  357. 9cdea7b power: msm8916: Code clean up
  358. 71c7488 power: fix sysfs_read/sysfs_write usage
  359. 7dbfef3 power: msm8996: Remove dead code
  360. a250b90 power: add back check for ro.vendor.extension_library
  361. ee9bd61 power: Use ARRAY_SIZE macro where possible
  362. f906ae2 power: Drop default POWER_HINT_INTERACTION routine
  363. 9bb7f33 power: Cache SOC ID checks for future queries
  364. c836c73 power: Add back display_boost checks
  365. 85e00bf power: Simplify display_hint_sent
  366. 71131ea power: Simplify soc_id checks
  367. b989cae power: Remove unused list utils
  368. c9ed433 power: Avoid interaction build errors
  369. 689414d power: Use is_interactive_governor/is_schedutil_governor
  370. bd869d2 power: Introduce is_schedutil_governor
  371. 4c96994 power: Remove leftover support for ondemand governor
  372. 64ac5a0 power: Remove leftover support for msm-dcvs governor
  373. 420f265 power: clang-format
  374. 434acc2 power: Add -qti suffix to module name
  375. 4e16643 power: Remove mutex to hints
  376. 42cc467 power: Remove unused arg from power_hint_override/set_interactive_override
  377. a14bb27 power: Enable 4+0 core config for display off cases
  378. 951c6ba power: introduce 8992-specific handling
  379. 5d42274 power: modify return value for display off hint in 8994
  380. 886567a power: Fix to handle min freq changes when CPU cores hotplugged.
  381. 783a188 power: Changed the minfreq to 400Mhz for display off scenario.
  382. 4f5e237 power: Change the Hi-Speed freq to 800Mhz for camcorder case
  383. d856943 power: override encode hint for 8909
  384. 3857ee7 power: Allow devices to write their own platform specific bits
  385. c332b13 power: Allow device specific hooks for set_interactive
  386. e9c7fcc power: Refactor TARGET_TAP_TO_WAKE_NODE
  387. e0a0903 power: Add support for tap-to-wake feature control
  388. d1cd53f power: Use log/log.h instead of utils/Log.h
  389. 23dc599 power: Fix a few compiler warnings
  390. 45df97b power: Fix power hal compiler warnings
  391. 92ae28d power: Remove powerhintparser
  393. ====================
  394.      10-21-2019
  395. ====================
  397.    * android/
  398. 05d29fa manifest: Switch to our fork of tinyalsa
  399. f7331e3 manifest: Track Gallery2
  400. d089ee7 lineage: Ship Trebuchet
  402.    * hardware/qcom-caf/sm8150/display/
  403. 292a72d Add 'display-commonsys-intf/' from
  405.    * packages/apps/Launcher3/
  406. 1cf1006 Launcher3: Restore device profile
  407. b0d3f30 Launcher3: Clear text for shadespace subtext
  408. 05f181b Launcher3: Update default workspace
  409. 82c9eee Add Support for Icon Labels in Landscape Mode
  410. 2dd2326 Ensure fastscroller thumb & text play nice with themes
  411. 3f35b5c Merge tag 'android-10.0.0_r4' into 10.0
  413.    * packages/apps/Settings/
  414. 2843579 Settings: Show me more than 4 items in the menus!
  416.    * vendor/lineage/
  417. a94bec9 privapp-permissions: Allow Launcher3 to use android.permission.FORCE_STOP_PACKAGES
  418. 0702137 privapp-permissions: Allow Gallery2 to use android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_ROUTING
  419. 09de6e5 Revert "crdroid: Ship with PixelLauncher and GalleryGo"
  421. ====================
  422.      10-20-2019
  423. ====================
  425.    * android/
  426. f95f023 manifest: Track WallpaperPicker2
  428.    * build/make/
  429. 394c564 releasetools: Implement system-mount script to support any recovery system mount
  430. 5cf6040 build: Force system-as-root layout for backuptool
  431. 02a5deb releasetools: squash backuptool support
  433.    * frameworks/base/
  434. d496701 Fix: Recent Apps not closing
  436.    * packages/apps/Launcher3/
  437. d7bbdf5 Launcher3: Include manifests properly
  438. f883688 Launcher3: Fix settings parent activity
  439. 69f8d9d Launcher3: Fix compilation errors
  440. 95b03be Launcher3: Make shadespace toggleable
  441. 7803d02 Replace Smartspace widget host view with Shade Space
  442. 81318dc Launcher3: Extend notification listener with proxy
  443. 12cce73 Launcher3: Disable top/hotseat gradient
  444. 618c712 Use Google's strings for Google now panel
  445. dfa91d8 RecentsUiFactory: Remove debug check in statusbar pulldown gesture
  446. 4fad9ee Revert "Always enable swipe down gesture"
  447. 24a4108 Launcher3: new icon for kill app option
  448. 6531e89 New Recents: add kill action to app shortcuts popup
  449. b9bc238 Launcher3: Rely on the internal theming isMainColorDark for dark gfeed
  450. ecd6e6c Decompiled feed lib with dark theme support
  451. 4955556 Launcher3: Add updated Google Feed lib from Pixel 3 launcher
  452. ce85ea7 Launcher3: Allow swipe for google now to be optional
  453. 9d294c7 Launcher3: Animate workspace when animating the Google now page
  454. 0f108c2 Launcher3: Make sure service is connected before trying to unbind
  455. ad88f70 Launcher3: Support google now tab
  456. 30531b1 Launcher3: Import reversed google now lib
  457. a96bc82 Launcher3: Add permission to allow updating database
  458. a71151a Elevate to 'core/platform' app'
  459. 6b63f3c Skip unneded package manager calls when checking QSB availability
  460. 225a7a9 Set a toggle to show Search bar on first screen
  461. 6e80036 Launcher3: Add restart action for toggling settings
  462. 9e979f0 Rearrange settings
  463. afa19d7 Launcher3: Fix launcher preview rendering
  464. e0a26f5 Fix divide by zero
  465. 96a6072 Can't search out local app by Chinese
  466. 0eff314 Fix pointer index out of range
  467. cb33568 Allow resizing any widget
  468. 4b14fdc Add back button to Settings
  470. 1a9c7ec Stability NullPointer issue
  471. 37a5f89 No Calendarwidget 4x4 widget displayed
  472. 5770897 Launcher3: use common style for recents task menu divider
  473. 185a47c Always enable swipe down gesture
  474. efb7034 Use ThemePicker as wallpaper picker package
  475. 56f6c50 Revert "[DO NOT MERGE] Disable swipe down to pull noti shade for Q"
  476. 21763fb Fix search bar incorrectly positioned after swiping up to home
  477. cb6b047 Launcher3: Let's make the search bar on all apps round
  478. 23ffe1f Launcher3: Update adaptive icon
  479. 7e11143 Rebrand to crDroid Home
  481.    * packages/apps/Settings/
  482. bde3807 Settings: Add Pixel UI
  483. e107337 Settings: Update some icons to MD2
  484. 9e95644 Settings: Remove DarkUI pref controller
  486.    * packages/apps/WallpaperPicker2/
  487. fa1ae02 WallpaperPicker2: Don't export TopLevelPickerActivity
  488. 3189f08 WallpaperPicker2: Remove launcher activity
  490.    * packages/apps/crDroidSettings/
  491. 8c85f55 crdroid: Update dashboard icon
  492. cef542f crdroid: Remove accent settings
  494.    * vendor/addons/
  495. f5b7e29 addons: Add initial dark themes
  496. 57d5dac addons: Add prebuilts for PixelLauncher and GalleryGo
  498.    * vendor/lineage/
  499. 2a1784b crdroid: Support intiial dark themes
  500. c0752a4 crdroid: Ship with PixelLauncher and GalleryGo
  501. 78f3c42 prebuilt: Add a script to simplify A-only recovery system mount
  503. ====================
  504.      10-19-2019
  505. ====================
  507.    * android/
  508. fedeff9 manifest: Track ThemePicker
  509. 68a16fa Merge 'lineage-17.0' into 10.0
  510. 8fcf96d manifest: Reenable cmdline tools
  511. b5e44fd manifest: Switch to our broadcom libbt fork & enable nfc
  513.    * external/openssh/
  514. 9a2824a Fix compilation with Q boringssl
  516.    * frameworks/base/
  517. 5b47ff9 KernelCpuUidTimeReader: Decrease log level on non-eng builds
  519.    * hardware/qcom-caf/msm8916/audio/
  520. 369d042 audio_extn: Mark unused variable as void
  521. eb16888 hal: Add libprocessgroup dependency to set_sched_policy users
  523.    * hardware/qcom-caf/msm8916/media/
  524. f9cd945 media: Fix compilation error for switch case
  525. 15b410e mm-video-v4l2: Use "base" enum type
  527.    * lineage-sdk/
  528. 548063d lineage-sdk: Update path to ChargingStarted.ogg
  530.    * packages/apps/Calendar/
  531. dc2b2a5 Calendar: Drop no longer existing activity from manifest
  532. f6b6e2f Calendar: Don't optimize out no-arg Fragment constructors
  534.    * packages/apps/ThemePicker/
  535. dbb813c ThemePicker: Don't trash whole theme when missing icon preview
  536. cc24387 ThemePicker: Change icon color
  538.    * packages/apps/crDroidSettings/
  539. 34c1296 PebbleBerry: Revive
  540. a452727 New Crowdin translations (#478)
  541. e8c75c4 New Crowdin translations (#477)
  542. c4f3280 New translations cr_strings.xml (Italian) (#476)
  543. 6ee076c New Crowdin translations (#475)
  545.    * system/core/
  546. 0e19400 Merge 'lineage-17.0' into 10.0
  547. 29c35aa adb: Add wait-for-online command
  549.    * vendor/addons/
  550. 4824605 addons: Add PixelThemes apk
  551. e6de4b8 addons: Add category for accents
  552. 1971ea6 addons: Add back accents
  554.    * vendor/lineage/
  555. 8f323b4 crdroid: Build ThemePicker and PixelThemes
  556. 5e1ba9c common: Add nano to PRODUCT_PACKAGES
  557. 3314d07 Revert "config: Use tether automatic upstream selection"
  558. da63487 common: Clean up debug packages
  559. 75f3c77 kernel: Define DTBS_OUT path for dtb.img building
  560. 0ae167b crdroid: Compile accent packages
  562. ====================
  563.      10-18-2019
  564. ====================
  566.    * android/
  567. b21c35a manifest: switch to our fork of system/netd
  568. 308c571 manifest: Switch to our qcom bt, gps & media forks
  570.    * device/qcom/sepolicy/
  571. 4c39c3c Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0
  573.    * device/qcom/sepolicy-legacy-um/
  574. ee522ec Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.4.r1-04500-8x98.0' of into lineage-17.0-legacy-um
  576.    * external/openssh/
  577. 3484571 Fix build breakage
  578. 10d5b42 Remove assumption that _PATH_BSHELL is a compile-time constant.
  579. 6732e15 Use -Werror and -Wno-error in external/openssh
  580. 123923f Revert "openssh: don't spam warnings as errors"
  581. a4760f0 Revert "openssh: Silence build warnings"
  582. aaab86a Move away from GLOBAL_CFLAGS for ssh configuration
  584.    * hardware/broadcom/libbt/
  585. 1dd7867 correct WBS config VSC params
  586. ed10531 libbt: configure audio codec right after firmware
  587. 0864586 libbt-vendor: add support for samsung bluetooth
  588. 9d8a891 libbt: Add support for using two stop bits
  589. 6e60320 libbt: Add btlock support
  590. 103cb6e libbt: Only allow upio_start_stop_timer on 32bit arm
  591. 27f47c4 libbt: Add prepatch support
  593.    * hardware/qcom-caf/common/
  594. ce26f7c Remove check for bootctrl from hardware/qcom guard
  596.    * hardware/qcom-caf/msm8996/audio/
  597. 7221418 audio: Fix complilation errors under Clang
  599.    * hardware/qcom-caf/msm8998/audio/
  600. c0563f8 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.4.r1-04500-8x98.0' of into lineage-17.0-caf-msm8998
  602.    * hardware/qcom-caf/sdm845/audio/
  603. 27f45ae Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.3.r1-06100-sdm845.0' of into lineage-17.0-caf-sdm845
  605.    * hardware/qcom-caf/sdm845/media/
  606. f107dc9 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.3.r1-06100-sdm845.0' of into lineage-17.0-caf-sdm845
  608.    * hardware/qcom-caf/wlan/
  609. 1b63dff Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0-caf
  611.    * hardware/qcom/bt/
  612. 05c4596 Revert "msm8974: remove from top level makefile"
  614.    * vendor/lineage/
  615. 041d4ab crdroid: 4 columns and 2 rows
  617.    * vendor/nxp/opensource/commonsys/external/libnfc-nci/
  618. b1cef13 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0
  620.    * vendor/nxp/opensource/commonsys/frameworks/
  621. 6ca7543 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0
  623.    * vendor/nxp/opensource/commonsys/packages/apps/Nfc/
  624. 30a6ac1 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0
  626.    * vendor/nxp/opensource/pn5xx/halimpl/
  627. 4b29cd3 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.3.r1-06100-sdm845.0' of into lineage-17.0-pn5xx
  629.    * vendor/nxp/opensource/sn100x/halimpl/
  630. 1726f9d Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0-sn100x
  632.    * vendor/qcom/opensource/data-ipa-cfg-mgr/
  633. 4d60cb0 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0
  635.    * vendor/qcom/opensource/dataservices/
  636. e1f2611 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0
  638.    * vendor/qcom/opensource/fm-commonsys/
  639. 70f1190 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0
  641.    * vendor/qcom/opensource/power/
  642. 441b098 Merge tag 'LA.UM.8.1.r1-09500-sm8150.0' of into lineage-17.0
  644. ====================
  645.      10-17-2019
  646. ====================
  648.    * android/
  649. b2cd69c manifest: Track crdroid sepolicy
  651.    * device/htc/pme/
  652. 37808c5 pme: Pin standard SystemUI instead of Google's
  653. 73ca855 pme: Adjust pinned files following runtime module work.
  654. b501dfa pme: fixup releasetools - Verizon and Sprint supported now with install procedure.
  656.    * device/lineage/sepolicy/
  657. e325aef sepolicy: Allow CPUInfo access to thermal sysfs
  658. 9fedc20 Update ota_update path
  660.    * frameworks/opt/telephony/
  661. 4eb4e0b Add SMS support in 5G SA
  662. b985923 Support for NR radio technology
  663. 7e618f4 Fix Icc not update after changed to RUIM
  664. 5d6fdc1 Define EF MSPL/MLPL/PRL values and paths
  665. 44673b5 Fix imsi info error when insert some china operator card.
  666. 2591507 Fix copying SMS into RUIM with failure
  667. 918d879 Add missing CAF edits
  668. 8d881c4 FR57912: Fix to block data calls while retry pattern is enabled
  669. e1e9021 Fix unwanted data call issue on voice call end in GSM
  670. e2f978c Make method setDataProfilesAsNeeded as protected
  671. 9458675 FR57912: Add support for pdp data reject with cause code 29,33,55
  672. 7734bc3 Inject support for MultiSimSettingController
  673. c0d0d1e FR55934: Optimize dds switch for calls on non dds
  674. ae82f1c Fix PhoneSwitcher null instance issue
  675. 95a8f98 Fix to block sim selection popup for data
  676. 9f95cb3 Add support for data call continuity during calls
  677. f0f724e Fix mobile data setting issue for multi-sim
  678. 82389bf Add support for retry with new DDS API and update QtiPhoneSwitcher
  679. 635301d Fix to inject vendor specific files
  680. d10b37a Start using inject framework support
  681. a5332c8 Resolve merge conflicts
  682. f816901 Fix data call issue caused due to upgrade
  683. cf29266 Truly fix Classloader crash in
  684. 8780f5e CDMA MO SMS follow on DC feature
  685. a9b0b0d Fix ClassLoader crash in
  686. ee3581d MSIM: Perform code clean-up
  687. 97efe4b broadcastDefaultDataSubIdChanged method type changed to protected
  688. 8a5fb4a Enable vendor Telephony plugin
  689. a9500ad Enable vendor Telephony plugin: MSIM Changes
  690. 9fabf2e Telephony: Enable data call on CSIM.
  691. a1ca7d3 Telephony: Send INITIAL_ATTACH only when it is applicable.
  693.    * vendor/lineage/
  694. a93a323 crdroid: Update path for new Updater
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