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  1. Movement I.
  3. Exposition
  4. Alessandro is a young boy, and he is hanging out with his friends. He is telling them how much fun he’s had with them in the past and how he never wants to divert his attention from them.
  6. Development
  7. He then is staring at the most beautiful girl in the world, and while he is talking, he starts to get distracted. His friends tell him to snap out of it! (the triplet run) Once again, he gets distracted and he tries to keep himself on topic. (the d minor section)
  9. Recapitulation
  10. Alessandro apologizes for getting off topic and finishes his story about how much fun he has had with all of them.
  12. Movement II.
  14. A theme.
  15. While his friends are leaving, he stays at the coffee shop and starts approaching the woman. He tells her how beautiful she is, and how she takes his breath away. He goes into depth on how he felt so empty before, and now he made him have hope in the world. She says to him that she’s heard that a thousand times, but he interjects and tells her that he promises he is different. He asks if she’d be willing to talk sometime.
  17. B theme.
  18. She tells him that she is busy with work and that she can’t get caught up with all this “love” nonsense. He assures him that he would treat her right, as if she were loyalty.
  20. A theme’
  21. She starts to fall for him as he describes that he would spoil her until the world ends. His friends secretly watch from the window as he continues to woo this girl. His friends knew something was up, but they decided to let him fall in love; good friends never mess with love, remember that.
  23. Movement III.
  25. Alessandro, his lady, and his friends are now at a ball having fun. He exclaims how great it is to be with such great company, and such a fine lady!
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