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TSAB tactical directive

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  1. Good day Admiral
  3. Start on PRESET 1. If playing against setup with 3 strikers (not more or less) start on PRESET 2
  5. Auto-lineup by ability, Make sure REINFORCE EINS is in the net regardless of her condition. Put the HEGEMON on the field unless she is blue or purple. Make sure LIGHTNING 01 is on the left side, the SAINT KING on the right.
  7. IF STARTED ON PRESET 2 and then conceded a goal switch to PRESET 1.
  9. If conceded 3 or more goals by the second half, switch to PRESET 3
  11. SUBS AT 65 minute, sub in fresh CMF, DMF and CB. NO PURPLE SUBS
  13. IF STARTED ON PRESET 1 we are leading by 3 goals at 65 minute, switch to PRESET 2. If we concede a goal after that switch back to PRESET 1
  15. If at 65 minute we are not in the lead, or if we lose the lead at any time after 65 minute (draw counts), switch to PRESET 3
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