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  1. NORMAL:
  3. Cheerilee: Color and the study of light actually hold a great deal of importance for many applications, from UV protection to solar energy to making eye-catching posters for your favorite bands. While there are billions of combinations, scientists have simplified down color into several base attributes.
  5. [Player], would you care to share the attribute of color that refers to its purity or intensity?
  7.     - Saturation (True) +0.1 int
  8.         That's correct! The lower the saturation of a color, the closer it becomes to white, grey, or black, losing all of its own color in the process.
  9.     - Strength (false)
  10.         No, maybe that will work between friends, but scientists have to have very unambiguous terms to work with. Let's go over the chapter together, class...
  11.     - Value (false)
  12.         Almost, but value refers to it's brightness. A bright color might look more intense, but that's only part of how science classifies color.
  14. BIMBO:
  16. Cheerilee: I'm not really an art teacher but we still have to talk about colors today... so I dunno if you guys can tell but I'm a real fan of pink and magenta! It says here that a pure pink is made up just red and white, so it's a real lonely kind of color to make. What color would we add to a pink to make it closer to a magenta, class?
  18. Nobody? [Player], you've been real quiet today! Someone distracting you? Let's hear your take!
  20.     - Purple (True) +0.1 Int
  21.         Yup! Magenta sits right between purple and red, so mixing purple and pink will give us a nice poppin' magenta! If we had time, maybe we could demonstrate. Maybe after class...
  22.     - Blue (false)
  23.         Close but no cigar! Between red and blue is a purple instead. Or an indigo, whatever that is.
  24.     - White (false)
  25.         Don't be silly, adding white to anything just makes it whiter. You'd end up with a white-pink! Would that be a "wink" then? Hmmm...
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