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  1. Josh Bennett says: That other number is for my shit phone.
  2. * William Barkley eyes Arthur with a smile.
  3. * Aaron Bennett glances at Buddha in his Cholomobile.
  4. Josh Bennett says: 3211234.
  5. Josh Bennett says: Save that shit.
  6. * Arthur Krause eyes Aaron, going to dap it up.
  7. Marvin Harlow says: Hold up.
  8. * Arthur Krause flicks his chin.
  9. * Aaron Bennett returns the dap.
  10. * Linda Schumer peers over at Krause.
  11. * William Barkley pulls his shirt down, showing a swastica on his chest.
  12. (( (80) Arthur Krause: spell it properly.... ))
  13. Josh Bennett says: Yo, Aaron.
  14. * Arthur Krause glances over at William briefly, smirking.
  15. Josh Bennett says: I'm gonna cut a few circles, bro.
  16. (( (120) William Barkley: dyslexic, how do u spell it ))
  17. * Josh Bennett acts wild on the bike.
  18. (( (80) Arthur Krause: k not c. ))
  19. Aaron Bennett says: Your here just in time.
  20. * William Barkley pulls his shirt down, showing a swastika on his chest.
  21. Arthur Krause says: Shit, what happened to him?
  22. * Arthur Krause eyes Josh.
  23. Aaron Bennett says: Some lame owes Damage 5 G's.
  24. Arthur Krause says: Oh, shit.
  25. Arthur Krause says: You're the kid from last night.
  26. Reece Wood says: Ten fuckin' Gs.
  27. Josh Bennett says: Yeah bro, I get around.
  28. Arthur Krause says: Whatchu doin' here?
  29. Aaron Bennett says: I heard you met my brother.
  30. Arthur Krause says: Your brother?
  31. * Arthur Krause eyes Josh.
  32. Josh Bennett says: Yeah.
  33. * Aaron Bennett glances between Arthur and Josh. Downing a nod.
  34. * Arthur Krause nods a few times.
  35. Aaron Bennett says: Our at least thats what my momma told me.
  36. Josh Bennett says: Man.
  37. * Arthur Krause chuckles lightly.
  38. * Josh Bennett shakes his head.
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  40. * Aaron Bennett glances at Reece.
  41. Josh Bennett says: That's my friend, Marv.
  42. * Josh Bennett points at Marvin in the back.
  43. Josh Bennett says: From school.
  44. [Advertisement] Selling Comet! Call or Text - PH: #1210 (( Mishka Vos ))
  45. Josh Bennett says: He helped me with some shit last night, he's real cool.
  46. * Arthur Krause eyes Marv briefly.
  47. * Arthur Krause nods a few times.
  48. Reece Wood says: We gonna go get this or what? Can have a drink after if he plays nice.
  49. * Arthur Krause looks over at Linda.
  50. * William Barkley walks to his car, inserting the keys in the slot and sitting in the driver's seat, keeping his legs outside.
  51. Arthur Krause says: I thought I was comin' to a party dog.
  52. Arthur Krause says: You all creepin'?
  53. Josh Bennett says: We're going to one apparently.
  54. Aaron Bennett says: Change of plans dog.
  55. Arthur Krause says: Shit, let's get it then.
  56. Use /vbreakin to break into the vehicle with a lockpick.
  57. Use /vbreakin to break into the vehicle with a lockpick.
  58. * Linda Schumer rocks a "White Pride, World Wide" shirt.
  59. Use /vbreakin to break into the vehicle with a lockpick.
  60. Josh Bennett says: Yo.
  61. Josh Bennett says: Buddha.
  62. * Arthur Krause rolls down his window.
  63. * Arthur Krause eyes Josh.
  64. Josh Bennett says: Can you do me a favor?
  65. Josh Bennett says: Give my boy a ride.
  66. Arthur Krause says: Another one?
  67. Josh Bennett says: I don't want him on my bike again.
  68. Josh Bennett says: It's kinda gay.
  69. Marvin Harlow says: Yeah...
  70. * Arthur Krause chuckles lightly.
  71. (( (107) Reece Wood: fucking buggy game. ))
  72. * Arthur Krause looks over at Marvin.
  73. * William Barkley swings his legs in and shuts his door.
  74. Arthur Krause says: Kick the dusts off your shoes before you sit in.
  75. Arthur Krause says: Kick the dust off your shoes before you sit in.
  76. * William Barkley floors it out.
  77. Josh Bennett shouts: Wrong way!
  78. * Marvin Harlow stomps out his shoes before hopping in.
  79. Marvin Harlow says: Nice ride bro.
  80. Arthur Krause says: Thanks.
  81. [Company Advertisement] The Banjo String! Open NOW! Located in Mirror Park! (( Joseph Forelli ))
  82. Aaron Bennett says: Nah. They owe damage his money.
  83. You have despawned your vehicle.
  84. We've placed a blip on your map to help you locate your vehicle.
  85. William Barkley says: Whatever man.
  86. (( (80) Arthur Krause: is it top-down rn? ))
  87. Aaron Bennett says: Lets go.
  88. (( (23) Linda Schumer: no ))
  89. (( (80) Arthur Krause: fuck it ))
  90. William Barkley says: Buddha, remember what happened here last time.
  91. (( (120) William Barkley: it is for me. ))
  92. Arthur Krause says: Oh yeah.
  93. XM Radio : You're now listening to station 86, use /radioshow to see the music player.
  94. Lucas Levesque was kicked for: Driving like a GTA:O Player
  95. * Dieter Schmidt grabs his glass and takes a huge swig from it.
  96. Reload sucessful.
  97. You have modified your dimension.
  98. Entrance Fee: $300
  99. The Watering Hole
  100. Press Y to enter this property
  101. XM Radio : You're now listening to station 86, use /radioshow to see the music player.
  102. William Barkley shouts: Let's play cards.
  103. * Aaron Bennett mobs up to the counter.
  104. Jade Fairchild says: See? Not alone for too long.
  105. (( PM from (43) Josh Bennett: you look dope ))
  106. Reece Wood says: Ey yo, the owner around?
  107. * William Barkley sits and withdraws a cards deck, shuffling them.
  108. (( PM to (43) Josh Bennett: :) ))
  109. * Arthur Krause leans on the bar.
  110. * Dieter Schmidt cracks a smile.
  111. Josh Bennett says: Yo!
  112. Jade Fairchild says: Well then, hello everyone!
  113. Josh Bennett says: The bartender is cute as hell, yo.
  114. * Josh Bennett is in his middle to late teenage years.
  115. Jade Fairchild says: Just give me a sec to get to you all.
  116. Josh Bennett says: You can get to me all you want.
  117. * Aaron Bennett jabs an elbow into Joshes side.
  118. * Jade Fairchild laughs.
  119. Aaron Bennett says [low]: Not the time kid.
  120. Josh Bennett says: Sorry, yo.
  121. * Arthur Krause eyes Josh with a slight chuckle.
  122. Jade Fairchild says: Startin' with the lady. What can I get ya?
  123. * Aaron Bennett slaps the counter.
  124. Aaron Bennett shouts: He asked if the owner was in.
  125. (( (120) William Barkley: "you don't have access to that command, this command is not available yet!" ))
  126. (( (120) William Barkley: when i /maketable ))
  127. * Linda Schumer doesn't answer.
  128. Reece Wood says: Is the owner around, I work here and I'm owed a paycheck.
  129. * Linda Schumer stares at Fairchild with sharp eyes.
  130. Jade Fairchild says: Oh, sorry. Not that I know of?
  131. William Barkley shouts: Someone join me!
  132. * Aaron Bennett sighs, stepping around the bar.
  133. William Barkley says: Shit..
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  135. Reece Wood says: Shoot him a text for me.
  136. * Arthur Krause eyes Chomper briefly.
  137. * William Barkley stands up, pocketing the cards.
  138. * Aaron Bennett reaches down into the fridges.
  139. Arthur Krause says: Let him give you a hand.
  140. * Arthur Krause reaches for his wallet, wetting his thumb with his tongue as he plants a few bills down.
  141. * Aaron Bennett he grabs several beers, first tossing them to his friends and then chucking bottle on to the dance floor.
  142. William Barkley says [low]: What do you want?
  143. Reece Wood says: Chomper bro, green is good dog, I wanna work here again, can't be robbing if we do that.
  144. You paid $300 to Jade Fairchild
  145. Marvin Harlow says [low]: Coors.
  146. Arthur Krause says: Get me a logger Chomper.
  147. Josh Bennett says [low]: What?
  148. Josh Bennett says [low]: Oh, I'm good man.
  149. Josh Bennett says [low]: I'll get something in a bit.
  150. * Linda Schumer catches.
  151. Aaron Bennett says: The owners a good friend, I'm sure he won't mind.
  152. Josh Bennett says [low]: Marv might want something though.
  153. * Reece Wood catches a beer and moves himself around the bar.
  154. * Arthur Krause grabs one as the logger is tossed in his direction.
  155. * Linda Schumer uses the side of the bar to knock the cap off its bottle.
  156. * Arthur Krause pops the top open off of the bar-counter.
  157. Josh Bennett says [low]: Yo.
  158. Josh Bennett says [low]: Is what's her name taken?
  159. Jade Fairchild says: Uh... Alright. Well, I guess. I'll give him a text in a second. Let me get to the others.
  160. Hank Tchermoeff says: I get tequila friends?
  161. Reece Wood says: I'll help out back here, I like this place.
  162. * Josh Bennett motions towards Linda.
  163. * Linda Schumer downs a portion of beer.
  164. * William Barkley walks behind the counter and grabs the hardest liquor he can find.
  165. (( (80) Arthur Krause: omg ))
  166. * Reece Wood turns the radio on to the right station.
  167. Jade Fairchild says: Hey again! And sure.
  168. XM Radio : You're now listening to station 6, use /radioshow to see the music player.
  169. * Linda Schumer saunters over to Buddha.
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  171. Use /anim stop to stop animations and remove items from your hands.
  172. William Barkley says: 'scuse me.
  173. * Aaron Bennett hands a beer to the two boys.
  174. Use /anim stop to stop animations and remove items from your hands.
  175. Reece Wood says: Yo Taz what you doin' bro?
  176. Linda Schumer says [low]: Hey. We haven't met yet.
  177. Aaron Bennett says: Here, on the house kiddo's.
  178. * Marvin Harlow grabs a beer.
  179. William Barkley says: Grabbin somethin hard.
  180. * Arthur Krause glances up at Linda, flicking his chin.
  181. * Linda Schumer extends her palm to Krause, "Linda."
  182. Arthur Krause says [low]: What's good.
  183. * William Barkley grabs whatever is in his hands first, walking back.
  184. Reece Wood says: I'll pass it over dude, relax.
  185. * Arthur Krause returns his hand, giving a gentle shake.
  186. Arthur Krause says [low]: Buddha.
  187. * Josh Bennett gestures to Linda and Arthur.
  188. * Linda Schumer shakes palms, she does it all femme.
  189. Reece Wood says: Tequila was it?
  190. * Reece Wood eyes Hank.
  191. * Linda Schumer plops down beside Krause.
  192. Hank Tchermoeff says: Yes, my man.
  193. * Jade Fairchild pours out a tequila, trying to work past the others.
  194. Jade Fairchild says: I got it.
  195. William Barkley says: Who wants to get a round?
  196. Josh Bennett says: Ma'am. You haven't taken my order yet.
  197. Reece Wood says: Aight.
  198. Hank Tchermoeff says: Nice man.
  199. * Josh Bennett gestures Reece away.
  200. Reece Wood says: Josh, what you want.
  201. Josh Bennett says: She's got it, yo.
  202. * Jade Fairchild slides the tequila to Hank.
  203. Arthur Krause shouts: Wood!
  204. * Arthur Krause beckons Reece over trying to grab his attention.
  205. Hank Tchermoeff says: You are the most interesting looking Americans I've seen!
  206. Hank Tchermoeff says: Very cool.
  207. Reece Wood says: Back in a second.
  208. * Hank Tchermoeff takes the tequila, raising it and taking a sip.
  209. * Linda Schumer reads the back label of the bottle before taking another swig.
  210. * William Barkley pops the top of his drink and throws the cards out once more, looking around.
  211. Jade Fairchild says: Hey, sorry. What can I get you?
  212. [Blackjack Table] Stage: Lobby | Players: 0/5 | Min./Max.: $50/$250 | Use /jointable to join.
  213. Reece Wood says: What's up homie?
  214. Arthur Krause says [low]: What'd you say earlier, the owner of this place didn't pay you?
  215. Josh Bennett says: You talking to me?
  216. Reece Wood says: He owes me, gonna give him till I see him next and if not, well... I get paid either way.
  217. Marvin Harlow changed their character and quit this one.
  218. Jade Fairchild says: Mhmm, would you like somethin?
  219. Josh Bennett says: Your number.
  220. * Arthur Krause nods a few times, licking his lower lip subtly.
  221. Arthur Krause says [low]: If he ain't pay you then we come back here and we give this place a makeover.
  222. [Company Advertisement] The Banjo String! Open NOW! Located in Mirror Park! (( Joseph Forelli ))
  223. Josh Bennett says: Aight, tough crowd.
  224. Reece Wood says: Oh I know, he seems good for it, dude was in the Pen.
  225. Arthur Krause says [low]: He solid?
  226. * Josh Bennett awkwardly pushes away from the bar.
  227. * Linda Schumer swallows her tongue, she slouches.
  228. * Arthur Krause nods a few times.
  229. Hank Tchermoeff says: Very cool place this is.
  230. Josh Bennett says: Where the fuck did Marv go?
  231. Reece Wood says: No Aryan Ink, but some gang out east.
  232. Josh Bennett says: Marv!?
  233. Arthur Krause says [low]: Oh shit, hol' up I think I know this fool.
  234. Arthur Krause says [low]: He got some Delta force tatts too, righ'?
  235. Arthur Krause says [low]: He was in the army or some shit.
  236. Reece Wood says [low]: Didn't spot those.
  237. Arthur Krause says [low]: Yeah, I remember now. Yeah, he should be good for it.
  238. Arthur Krause says [low]: He's a solid guy.
  239. * Arthur Krause bops his head to Linda.
  240. Reece Wood says [low]: Hope so.
  241. Arthur Krause says [low]: Where you fools find her?
  242. Josh Bennett says: Yo dude.
  243. * Josh Bennett spoke down to William.
  244. Josh Bennett says: Someone is breaking into your car.
  245. William Barkley says: What?
  246. Reece Wood says [low]: I found her rocking a that white pride top in a bar in vespucci, figured she could hang.
  247. Aaron Bennett says: What?
  248. * William Barkley jumps up and sprints outside.
  249. * Reece Wood sets himself down on the arm of the chair.
  250. Josh Bennett says: I just wanted his seat.
  251. * Aaron Bennett chuckles.
  252. Josh Bennett says: Did you get him bro?
  253. * Josh Bennett looks up at William.
  254. * William Barkley would get up and nod to the wall, beckoning Josh to get up.
  255. * Arthur Krause chuckles lightly.
  256. * Dieter Schmidt chuckles.
  257. William Barkley says: Get the fuck up.
  258. Josh Bennett says: You snooze you lose, bro.
  259. * Linda Schumer wheezes.
  260. Josh Bennett says: Not my fault.
  261. * Aaron Bennett glances up at William.
  262. * Arthur Krause eyes William, looking over at Josh.
  263. * William Barkley rolls his eyes and looks to Aaron, eyeing his actions.
  264. * Reece Wood eyes Jade as she walks over.
  265. Jade Fairchild says [low]: Hey there, I just shot him a message about the paycheck and all.
  266. * Arthur Krause has his gaze fixed on William.
  267. Aaron Bennett says: Find another seat wood.
  268. * William Barkley nods and shakes his head to Aaron, as if he was asking a question.
  269. Jade Fairchild says [low]: I'll let you know if he replies. Want me to include a name?
  270. Arthur Krause says [low]: You gon' let him take your seat like that?
  271. Reece Wood says: Damage, he knows me and Chomper there.
  272. * Reece Wood points to Aaron.
  273. William Barkley says: Get up bro. Don't be a little bitch.
  274. * Arthur Krause would simply be staring at William at this stage.
  275. Jade Fairchild says [low]: Alright, I'll send it over.
  276. * Linda Schumer watches the two go back and forth.
  277. Josh Bennett says: Man...
  278. The ID of Reece Wood is 107
  279. * Josh Bennett reclines in the seat, placing his hands behind his head.
  280. (( PM to (107) Reece Wood: can you take some screens <3 ))
  281. Josh Bennett says: This shit is really nice, though.
  282. Jade Fairchild says [low]: Sorry, I just started myself. I didn't know that might be an issue.
  283. * Arthur Krause shakes his head slightly, eyeing Chomper with a subtle smirk.
  284. * William Barkley bites his upper lip slightly.
  285. William Barkley says: Just do it bro.
  286. (( PM from (107) Reece Wood: get aaron, he's got the mod pack. ))
  287. The ID of Aaron Colston is 198
  288. The ID of Aaron Bennett is 91
  289. William Barkley says: One last chance.
  290. (( PM to (91) Aaron Bennett: Remember to take screens bro so we can all use them for our shit ))
  291. Jade Fairchild says: Ok!
  292. (( PM to (91) Aaron Bennett: Take a shit ton ))
  293. Reece Wood says [low]: No issue darlin', just a bit rattled, worked my ass off.
  294. (( PM to (107) Reece Wood: true bro. ))
  295. * Jade Fairchild nods.
  296. * Josh Bennett looks back at William, and stares at him for a moment, before pushing himself up from the seat.
  297. * Aaron Bennett shrugs, cocking his head to the side with a smirk as he makes eye contact with Arthur.
  298. Josh Bennett says: Whatever man.
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  300. * Arthur Krause eyes Josh.
  301. * William Barkley walks around, bumping into Josh as he sits.
  302. * Josh Bennett gives William a glare as he moves out of the seat.
  303. Jade Fairchild says [low]: I get ya, understandable.
  304. [Advertisement] Looking for a sugar daddy to make me happy! - PH: #3486498 (( Danny Waltz ))
  305. * William Barkley sits, laughing on the way down.
  306. * Josh Bennett mutters as he shakes his head.
  307. Josh Bennett says [low]: Fucking pussy.
  308. Arthur Krause says [low]: You can't get punked by a kid like that.
  309. Aaron Bennett says: Yo' Buddha.
  310. Reece Wood says [low]: No issue, could we get another round here?
  311. Aaron Bennett says [low]: You still got that grocery list you need help with?
  312. * Arthur Krause eyes Aaron.
  313. Jade Fairchild says [low]: Uh yeah, sure. What're you guys drinkin'?
  314. Danny Waltz was kicked for: Stupid advert that'd realistically never be put in public air
  315. * Arthur Krause nods a few times, nursing his beer.
  316. Arthur Krause says [low]: We'll uh - we'll talk 'bout this in a minute.
  317. * Josh would I have heard you? ((William Barkley))*
  318. * Linda Schumer checks her nails out.
  319. * Josh Bennett glances around the bar for a moment, shaking his head.
  320. * Aaron Bennett bops his head.
  321. * Probably, yeah. ((Josh Bennett))*
  322. * Reece Wood turns to the group shouting them up.
  323. Josh Bennett says: Marv?
  324. * William Barkley eyes Aaron.
  325. The ID of Josh Bennett is 43
  326. The ID of Joshua Pickett is 61
  327. Reece Wood says: What we drinkin'?
  328. (( PM to (43) Josh Bennett: Gavin?! ))
  329. William Barkley says: Your brother got a big ass mouth, I'm bout to check him.
  330. (( PM to (43) Josh Bennett: Has anyone seen my friend Gavin. ))
  331. (( PM from (43) Josh Bennett: LOL ))
  332. (( (120) William Barkley: that was /l fuc ))
  333. (( PM from (43) Josh Bennett: fax ))
  334. William Barkley says [low]: Your brother got a big ass mouth, I'm bout to check him.
  335. Arthur Krause says: I'll take another logger.
  336. * Arthur Krause eyes William.
  337. Josh Bennett says: Have you guys seen Marv?
  338. Arthur Krause says: Get up big dog.
  339. * Arthur Krause plants his beer down.
  340. * Linda Schumer chugs some beer down.
  341. * Aaron Bennett hears William, glaring at William.
  342. Linda Schumer says: He was outside.
  343. * Arthur Krause backhands Josh's chest gently.
  344. Arthur Krause says: Come on.
  345. Josh Bennett says: What?
  346. * William Barkley pushes up as the rest of the crew does so.
  347. Arthur Krause says: Come wit' me.
  348. * Linda Schumer stands.
  349. Josh Bennett says: Why?
  350. Reece Wood says: Beers all round hun.
  351. Arthur Krause says: Shut the fuck up and follow me.
  352. Josh Bennett says: That's a shitter.
  353. Entrance Fee: $300
  354. The Watering Hole
  355. Press Y to enter this property
  356. The ID of William Barkley is 120
  357. Josh Bennett says: What?
  358. [Advertisement] [SALE] Downtown Apt.  Custom laundry area. Great location 120k - PH: #3014 (( Bobby Reno ))
  359. (( (80) Arthur Krause: where the fuck are they. ))
  360. Entrance Fee: $300
  361. The Watering Hole
  362. Press Y to enter this property
  363. XM Radio : You're now listening to station 6, use /radioshow to see the music player.
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  365. Reece Wood says: Not bad, waiting for Taz to give Josh a slap, Aaron knows what's up if he has a mouth he has to back it up.
  366. Arthur Krause shouts: Ay, Tripp.
  367. Arthur Krause shouts: Come out.
  368. Aaron Bennett says: Why the fuck does it matter what I want?
  369. * William Barkley , overhearing all this storms out.
  370. * Jade Fairchild grabs a tray, sliding it onto the counter.
  371. Linda Schumer says: He becomes harder.
  372. Arthur Krause shouts: Come out.
  373. Entrance Fee: $300
  374. The Watering Hole
  375. Press Y to enter this property
  376. * Josh Bennett glances at William and then Arthur.
  377. Arthur Krause says: Handle business.
  378. * William Barkley would attempt to walk to Josh, grabbing him by the shirt if successful.
  379. * Arthur Krause reaches for his cigarette pack in his pocket, igniting one.
  380. You need a cigarette to smoke, use one from your inventory.
  381. You can now use /anim smoke1,smoke2,smoke3,smoke4 for 10 minutes.
  382. Use /anim stop to stop animations and remove items from your hands.
  383. * Linda Schumer emerges out.
  384. * Josh Bennett was grabbed by William, clearly not looking to fight.
  385. Josh Bennett says: What the fuck is wrong with you?
  386. Use /anim stop to stop animations and remove items from your hands.
  387. * Aaron Bennett posts up next to Arthur, watching the situation.
  388. * William Barkley would then attempt to walk him back to the wall in which he'd push him down on and remove his right hand, throwing a right hook to the face.
  389. * Arthur Krause eyes Josh as he backs down slightly.
  390. Aaron Bennett shouts: Fuck him up bro!
  391. * What are the results of the attacks? ((William Barkley))*
  392. Arthur Krause says: Handle your business homie.
  393. Josh Bennett says: I don't have fucking buisness-
  394. Reece Wood shouts: Blood in blood out wood, show him you ain't scared, big mouth gotta be backed up.
  395. Aaron Bennett shouts: You gonna let this wood disrespect you?
  396. * Josh Bennett was caught in the jaw by the hook, clearly not expecting it. He'd stumble back, losing the hat from his head.
  397. * Josh Bennett glows a crimson red in the face as he places a hand onto the impact of the hook, gritting his teeth.
  398. * William Barkley would still hold him with his left hand, throwing more hooks with his right hand, making a "hmmph" noise whenever he swings.
  399. * Arthur Krause gets hyped by the hook, tossing the cigarette aside as he watches the confrontation closely.
  400. * Linda Schumer watches the fight in amusement.
  401. Aaron Bennett shouts: Fuck him up Josh!
  402. William Barkley shouts: What... The.. Fuck... Back it up pussy!
  403. [Ticket]: (ticket id: 0) | (140) Zachary Gallagher: Hey. So I've roleplayed installing security cameras properly. Some of them are outside an establishment. Is there a way to get a scriptwise object going or nah?.
  404. * Josh Bennett snatches his arm away from William as he swings punches, immediately bringing both arms up to attempt to if not deflect the punch, consume most of their power.
  405. * Josh Bennett immediately begins swinging back towards William now that both arms were freed.
  406. * William Barkley would get punched, walking back with his fists raised, attempting to block the shots.
  407. Reece Wood says: Yo Aurora, what's up.
  408. The ID of Aaron Colston is 198
  409. The ID of Aaron Bennett is 91
  410. (( (120) William Barkley: wait ))
  411. * Josh Bennett sends an in-accurate swing of his fists towards William's head and neck in anger, blood dripping from his lip.
  412. * Aurora Clementine waves, shrugging. "Eh, not much. Just got my first check in. Thing's are actually de.."
  413. (( (120) William Barkley: did u mean u sent punches or was the he abt me ))
  414. (( (120) William Barkley: nvm i got confused. ))
  415. * Aaron Bennett leans back, speaking over his shoulder to Linda.
  416. (( (43) Josh Bennett: if I'm talking about you I'll use William. ))
  417. Adero has answered ticket 0.
  418. Reece Wood shouts: Back up that mouth Josh c'mon!
  419. * William Barkley would get hit in the neck, throwing a soft but quick jab with the left, leaning in before coming up with a heavy uppercut to the jaw.
  420. Aaron Bennett shouts: Give him the family special josh!
  421. Linda Schumer says: Ohhhh!
  422. * Arthur Krause bursts into a chuckle.
  423. * Reece Wood points out Aaron.
  424. Arthur Krause says: Oh shhit.
  425. Arthur Krause says: Oh shit.
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  428. * Josh Bennett was lost in the flurry of his own hateful flurry of attacks, left open to the uppercut which then made him stumble back from the impact, giving a loud grunt.
  429. * Aurora Clementine slides her hands into her jacket pockets, watching casually. However, her foot taps against the ground rhythmically, still ready to spring.
  430. ___Description of Josh Bennett___
  431. Josh Bennett is a slim but physically toned caucasian, seemingly in his mid to later teens. He sported generic clothing and hand me down sneakers. His hair was long and curly, brushed to the back, surprisingly well kept and clean.
  432. [Advertisement] Need a taxi or anyone that can give me a ride. - PH: #41345649 (( Maverick Russell ))
  433. * William Barkley would then send a fury of punches at Josh as he is lost.
  434. * Josh Bennett lowers himself and then attempts to lunge into the stomach area of William in an attempt to tackle him down to the concrete.
  435. * Aaron Bennett sighs, shaking his head.
  436. * William Barkley would stumble back some before grabbing Josh by the torso and attempting to fall on top of him.
  437. The ID of Aaron Colston is 198
  438. The ID of Aaron Bennett is 91
  439. (( PM to (91) Aaron Bennett: /me aafter falling onto josh, leans in for a passionate smooch. ))
  440. (( PM to (91) Aaron Bennett: imagine. ))
  441. * Josh Bennett continues to fight William in attempt to tackle him down into the concrete, however being landed upon by Will instead on his attempt.
  442. (( PM to (91) Aaron Bennett: lmfao ))
  443. * William Barkley would attempt to lock Josh's head between his legs as he sits on top of him and throws shots to the body.
  444. * Arthur Krause lean up closer, shouting slightly.
  445. Arthur Krause shouts: This kid makin' you do so much work Trip.
  446. * Linda Schumer runs her finger over her eyebrows.
  447. Arthur Krause shouts: Finish this shit homie!
  448. Reece Wood shouts: Chomper, you got a smoke?
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  450. [Advertisement] [4SALE] Flash GT/lynx/dubsta/hellfire [BUYING] any cars | SMS only - PH: #8605583 (( Lucas Levesque ))
  451. * Aaron Bennett nods, tossing the back to Reece.
  452. * Josh Bennett wasn't locked down by William, but was having punches rained down onto him instead, covering up and throwing back from his back all the while. None of these punches had much power behind them however.
  453. (( (91) Aaron Bennett: pack* ))
  454. [Business Advertisement] -  The Watering Hole - OPEN - Fully stocked bar! - First beer is on the house! - [GPS] (( Jade Fairchild ))
  455. * Reece Wood takes the pack and takes two, throwing it back over.
  456. * William Barkley , upon hearing this would slide back and throw one last punch, harder than any of the others, straight to the face.
  457. * Reece Wood passes on to Aurora.
  458. * Aaron Bennett catches the pack, offering one to Linda.
  459. * Aurora Clementine grins, pulling a lighter out of her coat pocket. She lights her cigarette, holding out her lighter to his.
  460. * Linda Schumer takes one, she slips it inbetween her lips.
  461. (( PM from (120) William Barkley: kinda confused how a tenn could go through this, but aight ))
  462. (( PM from (120) William Barkley: :) ))
  463. * Aaron Bennett holds a lighter up to light linda's smoke.
  464. * Josh Bennett simply covers up, taking the blunt of the punch onto his forearm. He'd continue to taunt and shit talk William after the exchange.
  465. Josh Bennett says: Come on then, you heard him!
  466. * Reece Wood lights a smoke off Aurora's lighter.
  467. Reece Wood says: Thanks.
  468. * Linda Schumer has the cigarette hang down her lip, using her own cheap gas station lighter to light it up, Its lighter has a Unicorn on it.
  469. (( (80) Arthur Krause: start rolling ))
  470. * Marvin Harlow looks down at Josh.
  471. * Aurora Clementine nods, putting the cigarette between her lips. She takes a long drag, blowing it out casually.
  472. === Weekly payment ===
  473. Properties rent price: $1
  474. Job payment: $800
  475. You were taxed $232 from your global assets which are worth $2319296
  476. You were taxed $8 for your paycheck income
  477. Total Earnings: $559
  478. * William Barkley would walk back up and attempt to stomp on Josh's face.
  479. ** William Barkley has rolled 1. ((1 to 10))
  480. * He'd miss. ((William Barkley))*
  481. * Aaron Bennett takes the lighter back, sliding it in his pocket.
  482. * Josh Bennett begins scooting away from William, attempting to get his footing.
  483. * William Barkley would back up, squaring up properly.
  484. * Linda Schumer talks with a cloud of smoke.
  485. Reece Wood shouts: Stand up Josh, show him you ain't scared.
  486. Aaron Bennett shouts: Come on josh!
  487. William Barkley shouts: I ain't even trying!
  488. [Company Advertisement] [Bloodhound Armory] Open Now In Vinewood | Come Find the Perfect Weapon for You | Knowledgeable Staff Here to Help | GPS (( Jesus Guerrero ))
  489. * Josh Bennett spits a ball of blood down to the ground, huffing for air after the long exchange between the two, clearly lacking the cardio to keep going.
  490. * Josh Bennett attempts to mask it however, bringing both hands up.
  491. * Aaron Bennett eyes William, watching him closely.
  492. [Advertisement] Selling 107 Lowenstein Boulevard apartment // Located around Rancho area // Selling it for MP // SMS ONLY // - PH: #69696969 (( Felipe Guadamuz ))
  493. Josh Bennett says: All this over losing your fucking seat, maybe you're the highschooler.
  494. * Reece Wood keeps his cigarette in his teeth, clapping for the pair.
  495. Josh Bennett says: Fucking pussy.
  496. * William Barkley would slowly walk up, hands at the ready before throwing a 1-2 combo.
  497. Reece Wood says: Oh shit!
  498. * Josh Bennett pants as he talks, glaring at William.
  499. (( (43) Josh Bennett: hello ))
  500. (( (43) Josh Bennett: I don't wanna do rolling, fuck that. ))
  501. (( (80) Arthur Krause: y'all pgers. ))
  502. (( (120) William Barkley: yall? ))
  503. (( (107) Reece Wood: lmao ))
  504. (( (43) Josh Bennett: Just go, I'll P2L since we'd both be tired asf anyway. ))
  505. (( PM from (120) William Barkley: did i pg? ))
  506. (( PM to (120) William Barkley: a little bit ))
  507. * Josh Bennett gets clocked on the side of the head and then immediately falls down to the ground, heaving for breath.
  508. (( PM to (120) William Barkley: but just RP for now ))
  509. * Aurora Clementine lets out a sharp breath, tapping at the end of the cigarette.
  510. Aurora Clementine says: Aaaand down he goes.
  511. * William Barkley would back up, shaking his head.
  512. William Barkley says: That's enough.
  513. Arthur Krause says: Bro.
  514. * Linda Schumer sucks the living soul out of the cigarette like a vampire.
  515. Reece Wood says: Yo he took those punches though.
  516. Arthur Krause says: Trip this kid gave you a run for your money.
  517. Linda Schumer says: He sure did, yeah.
  518. * Josh Bennett rolls over and begins to cough blood down into the concrete, his face now a battered mess.
  519. Arthur Krause says: You gotta get some practice homie.
  520. * Reece Wood pats William on the back as he walks toward Josh.
  521. * William Barkley walks back to Josh and picks him up slowly, throwing his arm under the kid's armpits.
  522. * Arthur Krause extends his hand over to Josh, attempting to pull him up.
  523. * Josh Bennett places a hand onto his stomach, trying to get a good amount of air into his lungs, obviously having a hard time.
  524. * Aaron Bennett leans down, helping his brother up.
  525. William Barkley says: Shit, is he good?
  526. Arthur Krause says: Get up man.
  527. * Linda Schumer knocks the ashes off its cigarette.
  528. * Josh Bennett is brought to his feet after catching his breath, releasing a couple of rough coughs. He'd nod.
  529. Josh Bennett says: Yeah yeah... It's cool.
  530. * Harvey Kilmartin stops to look at the crowd for a moment before sliding past them and heading inside the bar.
  531. Reece Wood says: Blood in dog, good fuckin' going.
  532. Aurora Clementine says: Could be worse. You might not have teeth.
  533. * William Barkley walks to his car, removing his bloody shirt.
  534. * Aaron Bennett pulls Josh in, whispering in his ear.
  535. * Arthur Krause gently backhands Josh's arm.
  536. * Josh Bennett immediately runs his tongue over his upper row of teeth.
  537. Arthur Krause says [low]: It's all about respect homie.
  538. * His hat would be on the floor. ((William Barkley))*
  539. Arthur Krause says [low]: You disrespect someone, you gotta be prepared to throw hands with that fool.
  540. Josh Bennett says [low]: I'm supposed to respect that dude now?
  541. * William Barkley enters the car and throws his shirt inside.
  542. Reece Wood says [low]: Even more than before, yes.
  543. * Aaron Bennett pats him on the back before releasing him.
  544. * Arthur Krause chuckles slightly.
  545. * William Barkley walks through everyone and brings Josh in for a hug, if allowed, he'd mumble a few things.
  546. * Josh Bennett exhales deeply as he continues to collect himself after the scuffle, running his clothed forearm over his face.
  547. [Advertisement] [Bloodhound Security] Don't Pay for a Liability | Upgrade Your Security and Peace of Mind With Trained and Licensed Staff | Call Today | - PH: #3049015 (( Clint Sutton ))
  548. Arthur Krause says: Alright let's go get some drinks.
  549. Entrance Fee: $300
  550. The Watering Hole
  551. Press Y to enter this property
  552. XM Radio : You're now listening to station 6, use /radioshow to see the music player.
  553. Dieter Schmidt says: True.
  554. Harvey Kilmartin says: I'll take a Logger if y'got it on tap.
  555. You have modified your dimension.
  556. XM Radio : You're now listening to station 6, use /radioshow to see the music player.
  557. (( (80) Arthur Krause: sorry ))
  558. (( (29) Lukas Morgan: youre good ))
  559. William Barkley says: Get me a fucking whiskey.
  560. Use /anim stop to stop animations and remove items from your hands.
  561. * Aurora Clementine glances at William. "Knuckles bruised?"
  562. Jade Fairchild says: Sure thing.
  563. (( (39) Jade Fairchild: Sorry, needed to take care of something ))
  564. * Jade Fairchild grabs a glass, and spins around, starting to pour it.
  565. Arthur Krause says [low]: Kid can handle himself.
  566. * William Barkley ignores Aurora.
  567. * Aaron Bennett looks at Arthur as he speaks.
  568. Aaron Bennett says: Which one?
  569. Arthur Krause says [low]: Who'd you think.
  570. Arthur Krause says [low]: Josh.
  571. Harvey Kilmartin says: How much do I owe'ya, doll?
  572. * Aaron Bennett bops his head.
  573. * Aurora Clementine shrugs it off, putting her cigarette out and flicking it into the garbage. She leans on the counter, tapping against it.
  574. * Harvey Kilmartin asks, turning to Jade.
  575. Arthur Krause says [low]: So uh.
  576. * Arthur Krause leans forward.
  577. Jade Fairchild says: First is on the house.
  578. Arthur Krause says [low]: I got this place up in Chamberlain Hills.
  579. Arthur Krause says [low]: Spoke wit' the Prince - we got a lab goin'.
  580. Jade Fairchild says: One whiskey, and what can I get you?
  581. Harvey Kilmartin says: I'll drink t'that.
  582. William Barkley says: That's it.
  583. * Jade Fairchild looks to Aurora
  584. * Aaron Bennett raises an eyebrow.
  585. Aurora Clementine says: Whiskey neat, shot of Jaeger.
  586. Aaron Bennett says [low]: Yeah?
  587. * Arthur Krause nods a few times.
  588. Aurora Clementine says: I'm paying for the guy next to me's whiskey.
  589. Arthur Krause says [low]: I'll show you it soon.
  590. Arthur Krause says [low]: Bring Wood too and uh - we'll discuss the structure.
  591. William Barkley says: Thanks for that.
  592. * William Barkley turns around and shouts.
  593. * Aaron Bennett downs a few nod.
  594. * Aurora Clementine shrugs. "You win, you get something for it."
  595. William Barkley shouts: That's my seat.
  596. Aaron Bennett says: Will do.
  597. * William Barkley turns back to Aurora.
  598. William Barkley says: Yeah.
  599. * Harvey Kilmartin peers around the bar for a moment, a light smirk encompassing his expression.
  600. Jade Fairchild says: So two Whiskeys and one Jaeger?
  601. Aurora Clementine says: Yep!
  602. * Aaron Bennett ignores William.
  603. * Arthur Krause glances at Linda.
  604. Arthur Krause says [low]: What was your name again?
  605. * Jade Fairchild grabs all the glasses needed.
  606. Linda Schumer says [low]: Linda.
  607. * Arthur Krause nods a few times.
  608. * Harvey Kilmartin picks up his bottle, raising it to take a swig.
  609. Arthur Krause says [low]: Where you from, Linda?
  610. Linda Schumer says [low]: Vespucci, Born and raised.
  611. Reece Wood says: Well hell if fighting and winning gets you to buy me a drink... Who's first?
  612. * Reece Wood laughs and leans on the bar.
  613. * Aurora Clementine raises an eyebrow, turning her head. "You're that confident?"
  614. Josh Bennett says [low]: I'm gonna take off.
  615. Josh Bennett says [low]: Get cleaned up and uh... all that shit.
  616. * Linda Schumer reaches inside her handbag to take out a small make-up mirror.
  617. * Jade Fairchild slides the glasses to her.
  618. Josh Bennett says [low]: I'll uh... catch ya'll around or whatever.
  619. * Aaron Bennett nods, pushing himself up from his seat.
  620. Jade Fairchild says: A jaeger and a whiskey for you.
  621. Jade Fairchild says: And a whiskey for you.
  622. * Linda Schumer checks her own face out, she's hunting for pimples.
  623. * Aurora Clementine reaches for her wallet, tapping it against the counter. "Cost, babe?"
  624. * Harvey Kilmartin reaches for his pack with his un-occupied hand, shaking a cigarette free from it and feeding it into his mouth with a short sigh.
  625. * Arthur Krause eyes Josh briefly.
  626. (( (12) Aurora Clementine: dr. pimple popper? ))
  627. * Aaron Bennett offer to dap up Josh Like he daps up Buddha and Damage.
  628. Arthur Krause says [low]: Don't take it to heart, you learn from that shit. You did good tho.
  629. Josh Bennett says [low]: It's whatever man...
  630. * Linda Schumer now looks up at the Bennett brothers.
  631. * Josh Bennett accepts the dap from his brother, not putting much into it obviously, pretty drained.
  632. Jade Fairchild says: Uh.. well one's free, so... 400 total.
  633. Josh Bennett says [low]: See ya.
  634. * Aurora Clementine smirks, obviously teasing as she downs the shot of jaeger. She holds out the 400 casually. "Theeeere you go."
  635. * Harvey Kilmartin pulls out his lighter from his track-suit's inner pocket, sparking the end of his cigarette as he takes a heavy draw, smoke exhuming from his mouth on the exhale.
  636. Arthur Krause says [low]: Vespucci huh?
  637. Arthur Krause says [low]: How old are you?
  638. * William Barkley grabs his whiskey and walks to his seet.
  639. Linda Schumer has no description set.
  640. * William Barkley grabs his whiskey and walks to his seat.
  641. * Reece Wood grins and takes a swig of beer.
  642. * Linda Schumer swifts her attention back to Krause, she'd nod.
  643. Linda Schumer says [low]: Twenty four.
  644. Jade Fairchild says: Hey there, can I get ya anything?
  645. Arthur Krause says [low]: Damn.
  646. * Arthur Krause leans forward, nursing his beer.
  647. * Gwen Caomhnoir grabs her aviators, hooking them into her jacket.
  648. Gwen Caomhnoir says: Guinness. Got it?
  649. William Barkley says [low]: Kid gave me a run for my money.. He's tough, I'll give you that.
  650. Jade Fairchild says: Yup.
  651. Arthur Krause says [low]: I used to know everybody in that area when I was younger.
  652. * Linda Schumer drops her make-up mirror back into her handbag.
  653. Arthur Krause says [low]: Run for your money?
  654. Arthur Krause says [low]: He was FUCKIN' your shit up dog.
  655. Linda Schumer says [low]: Most of them are gone, Buddha.
  656. Arthur Krause says [low]: You gotta get them hands some practice homie.
  657. William Barkley says [low]: He hit me like.. Three times.
  658. Arthur Krause says [low]: Nah he rocked you three times.
  659. Aaron Bennett says: What he said.
  660. Arthur Krause says [low]: For a kid who's what, fifteen? Sixteen?
  661. Arthur Krause says [low]: God damn.
  662. * Aurora Clementine raises an eyebrow, sipping at her whiskey. "A challenge? Explain."
  663. William Barkley says [low]: I let him have it.
  664. * Arthur Krause downs a large sip of his logger.
  665. Arthur Krause says [low]: Yeah, alright.
  666. * William Barkley says with a smirk, sipping his drink.
  667. Aaron Bennett says: And ain't you army or something Taz?
  668. [Business Advertisement] Rush In Customs is OPEN! We moved, come see our new spot on the corner of El Rancho and Popular in Cypress Flats. Cars, trucks, suvs and bikes, we service it all! [GPS] (( Tristen Jutton ))
  669. * Harvey Kilmartin looks over at Gwen for a short moment, before turning his attention to the nearest ashtray, casually tapping his cigarette into it.
  670. * Jade Fairchild slides the Guinness over the counter.
  671. Arthur Krause says [low]: What work you into, Linda?
  672. * Gwen Caomhnoir didn't seem to notice the glare. She was much more interested in looking at her upcoming beer.
  673. Arthur Krause says [low]: What you do?
  674. Jade Fairchild says: There ya go, first one's on the house
  675. Gwen Caomhnoir says: Mh.
  676. Gwen Caomhnoir says: Cheers.
  677. * Aurora Clementine rolls her eyes. "Pig." After a beat, she laughs, holding up her whiskey glass for a toast. "To stamina, then."
  678. Linda Schumer says [low]: I am a maid, It's a part-time job though.
  679. Linda Schumer says [low]: I gotta do somethin' though.
  680. Arthur Krause says [low]: Maid, huh?
  681. * Reece Wood taps his beer to her drink with a wicked grin on his face.
  682. * Arthur Krause lifts up his hat briefly, rubbing his head.
  683. * Arthur Krause places his hat back down.
  684. Linda Schumer says [low]: Yeah, I gotta earn money somehow.
  685. * Reece Wood takes a drink.
  686. * Arthur Krause eyes Jade.
  687. * Jade Fairchild approaches, sliding a tray of beers onto the table.
  688. * Reece Wood leans on the bar and faces her.
  689. * William Barkley wipes the blood off of his face with his sweaty arm.
  690. * William Barkley turns to Jade.
  691. Jade Fairchild says: The next round asked for.
  692. * Linda Schumer snatches one from the tray.
  693. * Arthur Krause downs a nod to Jade, cracking open a new logger.
  694. Arthur Krause says: Thank you.
  695. * Aurora Clementine tips back her whiskey, draining it. She bites into the ice, drumming to the song on the table. "I don't get picked up often. I like it that way, though."
  696. * Harvey Kilmartin picks up his beer once more, taking a sip between puffs.
  697. * Arthur Krause eyes Chomper.
  698. You received 1 Craft beer from Jade Fairchild
  699. Arthur Krause says [low]: What you been upto, how's this shit wit' the uh, the fuckin' tattoo parlour?
  700. * Aaron Bennett takes the beer, sipping on it.
  701. * Aaron Bennett shrugs.
  702. * Arthur Krause licks his upper-teeth slightly as he spoke.
  703. * William Barkley pushes up without a word, leaving his drink.
  704. Arthur Krause says [low]: I'll need you wit' me over the next few days.
  705. Gwen Caomhnoir says: Mh...
  706. Arthur Krause says [low]: I'm gonna go speak wit' some of the homeboys.
  707. * Linda Schumer nurses her drink.
  708. Aaron Bennett says [low]: For sure, for sure.
  709. * Arthur Krause downs a nod to Aaron.
  710. Aaron Bennett says [low]: And the Tattoo parlor is good. I'm gonna apply for the permits for a shop in Vespucci soon.
  711. Aaron Bennett says: A bit closer to home.
  712. * Aurora Clementine shrugs, swirling the glass. "I'm stronger than I look, for being a girl."
  713. Arthur Krause says [low]: Yeah, this shit is too far out. We need a presence in our own shit.
  714. * Arthur Krause tops off a large sip of his beer, pushing himself up.
  715. Arthur Krause says [low]: I'm goin' back to the garage.
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