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  1. A brobdingnagian cruise ship drifted in space before the pilot flipped a switch and the ship blasted off at speeds faster than light before slowing down when approaching a desert planet. Dressed in an all black uniform, the pilot settled the ship down. The sandy planet was currently in the middle of a sandstorm, making it difficult to see. The landing gear was deployed and the engine turned off.
  3. A dozen stormtroopers sprinted out wielding an E-11 blaster rifle. The stormtroopers themselves wore a white set of armour designed to install fear and protect against enemy blaster fire. Their masks contained heavy cranial protection, enhanced vision, communication systems, and a HUD. On their pauldron was an insignia: a creature called a Chimaera. Chimaeras were three-headed creatures containing spider-like legs, multiple eyes, and two serpentine heads. This insignia informed others that they weren't just regular stormtroopers; they worked for a menacing man named Grand Admiral Thrawn.
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