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Oct 26th, 2017
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  1. Okay, so on powers, here's what I'm thinking:
  3. Lightbringer (600CP): I'm thinking that this would basically just be a copy of Nine-Tails Guardian. Can't get more "same level of power as a 600CP Charyeok" than copying that Charyeok. And a power that gives fire and the ability to defy the will of Heaven is very Lucifer. I'd just make the aesthetic changes that the fire is a bright white instead of standard red and orange, and that instead of making fire foxes it molds angelic shapes out of the fire.
  5. Lord of Hell (600CP): Another obvious one. You're Lucifer, you're going to have a horde of demons. You'd have a general respect field causing demons to instinctively obey you (maybe make everyone have that feeling, as an imperious demon-king, but only demons have to obey you?), as well as the ability to create your own perfectly-loyal demons out of sufficient energy. Strength would scale with the energy invested in them. I'd say that since Lucifer's demons are descended from fallen angels, if you wanted specific powers for your demons you'd need a sample from something that you could twist and corrupt into that. Take a nature god's essence, use it to give your demons power over twisted and monstrous flora and fauna, that sort of thing. This could also be used to directly turn willing subjects into demons, a classic devil's bargain. Both the demon creation and demon conversion would go well with this next power:
  7. Giver of Gifts (800CP): Based on the idea of the Devil as a tempter figure, as well as Lucifer's cognate in the Yezidi religion, Melek Taus, who is said to be in charge of granting blessings, misfortunes and responsibilities to humanity. It's your "deal with the devil" power, allowing Faustian bargains both direct and more metaphorical. Basically it allows you to grant power with a price, with your choice in what that price is so long as it's proportionate to the power granted, so no cheating by charging your friends cheaply. Your ability to grant powers is wide in scope but limited in depth by how strong you are. You can't make anyone stronger than yourself, but you could grant them abilities you don't have, with the potential to be stronger than you in specialized areas. Just be reasonable about it. As for prices, you could make them subservient to you in a traditional devil's bargain, incur a drawback to the use of their power that disincentivizes it ("you get laser eyes...but my God does it hurt"), cause requirements and prerequisites to the power in a similar fashion that requires them to do specific things to access their power, incur an unrelated drawback so that they're overall as strong as they were originally but in a different direction (strength exchanged for intelligence, for example), or just make their lives all around worse with tons of terrible luck. I'd say that to be reasonable you probably shouldn't be allowed to use the subservience price on people that are already allied with you, though. That feels like cheating.
  9. Adversary (800CP): It's the literal translation of "Satan". This power embodies the concept of opposition that Lucifer centered his existence around. At start, it would basically be countermagic, shutting down attempts to use supernatural abilities. With time spent mastering it, it could shut off passive powers, or even become a passive power in its own right as an aura affecting any enemy that came near. Other paths of development could make it able to shut down action at all, not just powers. Make it so that a person (or thing, it could affect items) just can't do something, so long as you're focusing on stopping them. Keep them locked in place, stop them from harming you, even kill them by shutting down their biological processes. The ultimate technique would actually be a sort of healing, opposing an event that's already happened to restore a person or object (but only them, it's not actually time alteration so no butterfly effect) to a prior state. And yes, I have read A Geek's Guide: Rise, why do you ask? It's a power that makes sense for Lucifer, Sage had a cool idea there, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, get off my back.
  11. As for items, that part gives me a bit more trouble. I've got some vague ideas, but not the written out ones I've got for powers. Lucifer is often depicted as having a sword, so some sort of really powerful blade. A halo of light that burns brighter and hotter than the sun would be appropriate too, I think. Maybe the Fruit of Eden if you hold that the Satan that was the snake was the same as the Morningstar ("Satan" is actually a title, and many angels that work for God in their capacity as advocates have the title of "Satan", too), with the ability to grant knowledge and remove restrictions on power, Key-style? And I have no idea for a fourth. Sorry, I'm not as good at coming up with item ideas as I am taking feats from mythology and spinning them into generalized rules for a being's powers.
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