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@opWCIT Press Release Dec 10, 2012

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  1. Dear citizens of the world....  
  2. We are anonymous....
  3. Our digital privacy principles....
  4. We demand that:
  6. Al  information about individual citizens should be their own private  property, while all information about governments and corporations  should be public property.
  8. We  should not be required to disclose information about ourselves unless  there is prior public consent that the public interest in disclosing  this specific information outweighs our right to privacy; while   governments and corporations be required to disclose all information   particular to themselves, unless there is public agreement that the  public interest in withholding this specific information outweighs our  right to see it.
  10. Each  fact which we are required to reveal about ourselves should only be  provided to the specific public body that requires this information;  while each fact that governments and corporations are required to reveal  should be made available to us all.
  12. No  public body should pass information about any person to any other  public body without that person's prior informed consent; while no  authorisation is required to exchange information about governments and  corporations.
  14. All  information about individual citizens should be destroyed when it is no  longer required; while all information about governments and  corporations should be retained indefinitely in public records.
  16. And to the WCIT for passing the worst DPI standards....
  18. The  telecommunications standards arm of the U.N. has quietly endorsed  the  standardization of technologies that could give governments and   companies the ability to sift through all of an Internet user's traffic   -- including emails, banking transactions, and voice calls -- without   adequate privacy safeguards. The move suggests that some governments   hope for a world where even encrypted communications may not be safe   from prying eyes.
  20. The  ITU-T DPI standard holds very little in reserve when it comes to   privacy invasion. For example, the document optionally requires DPI   systems to support inspection of encrypted traffic "in case of a local   availability of the used encryption key(s)." It's not entirely clear   under what circumstances ISPs might have access to such keys, but in  any  event the very notion of decrypting the users' traffic (quite  possibly  against their will) is antithetical to most norms, policies,  and laws  concerning privacy of communications.
  22. This  apparent indifference to the wider implications of its work is yet   another reason why the ITU is unfit to determine any aspect of  something  with as much power to affect people's lives as the Internet.
  24. The  internet is a self governing place where all of its community members  take part in its principles. Don't mess with the net. We like what we  have. Our internet is working perfectly as an free and open model. It is  your old systems that dont work correctly. We cannot allow  idiots to  destroy our internet.
  25. We wholly reject any agreements made at a meeting  behind closed doors by politicians and others who don't even understand  the internet.
  27. We wholly reject the DPI standards this body passed with out the consent of the people, and any other agreements made by this body. We reject the meeting itself and will not abide by its so-called agreements.
  29. ITU: Fuck off  
  30. Governants: Fuck off
  31. Corporations: Fuck off  
  32. WCIT: Fuck off
  34. we are the internet  
  35. we are anonymous  
  36. we are here to help you with your revolution  
  37. join us
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