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  1. Compilation of basics/tips/tricks/what should be common sense in Overwatch, that is NOT only important for people who play x hero, but for EVERYBODY, even if you don't play certain heroes because Blizzard being the sheer doomfisting of a clusterfuckball it is some information that is important isn't available ingame. and because to know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy... or... something like that
  3. originally created by one anon. potentially edited/modified by others. GLHF
  6. ----------------------------------
  8. written/last modified in 24 MAR 2017 (current live game version as of date: 10PM GMT
  10. last version/taken from: a merge of http://pastebin.com/TN4uUd9y , http://pastebin.com/0yvZNsq7 and http://pastebin.com/iCsLb6G7
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  15. - There are custom and specific settings in Controls for each hero. Example: You can set a crosshair to be green for one hero and pink for another. Another example: You can set Mercy's Guardian Angel to prefer the beam's target. Explore those options.
  16. - The content inside of lootboxes are determined when you receive them, NOT when you open them
  17. - Blue shields can regenerate regardless of your health (unless you're 0 health, of course)
  18. - Armor does not.
  19. - Shields deplete before armour, which depletes before health points. If healed, these depletions are restored in reverse order (i.e. health first).
  20. - Healing packs/healing abilities can regenerate armor or blue shields, unless the armor was provided by Torbjörn.
  21. - Armor is stronger against, for example, lots of bullets with little damage each. It is very weak against one attack with huge damage.
  22. - You cannot heal turrets, teleporters, shield generators, etc.
  23. - You cannot use teleporters to travel backwards - you can only travel from spawn to x, not from x to spawn
  24. - Changing heroes will reset your Ultimate charge
  25. - Damaging enemies makes your Ultimate charge faster
  26. - Some Ultimates charge faster than others. Two notable cases are Lucio's ult, which charges extremely slowly, and Symmetra's ult, which charges very quickly.
  27. - When Attacking on Escort maps, the Payload provides a small amount of HP when an Attack player is near it
  28. - Don't shoot or try to use any ability on an enemy revived by Mercy immediately. They are invulnerable for a few seconds. Usually when they stop glowing yellow is when that invulnerability is over.
  29. - Do not trust/assume a D.va, Genji, Pharah, Lúcio, Widowmaker, Winston, and even Tracer who falls off a cliff to be already dead unless you see  that in the kill feed. Whether they threw themselves off pretending to "omg i'm gonna kms lolll" or they were pushed off, they can climb back up while you're turning your back away thinking they're already gone.
  30. - Rather than charging in guns blazing into a place full of enemies all by yourself and dying immediately after, wait for your team to respawn and group up. This is more important than people think. Being all by yourself in one area against various enemies or one stronger enemy in Overwatch doesn't work very well.
  31. - "Counters" are heroes that can take an enemy hero the easiest/the most efficiently. For example, a Junkrat isn't a counter to Pharah at all, but a Soldier 76 or a sniper is.
  34. - Hitscan = the travel time is zero, so if the aiming reticule is over a bad guy's head and you pull the trigger, it's a headshot.
  35. Projectile = There is travel time, so you'll need to lead moving targets.
  36. - Hitscan means you pull the trigger and it immediately checks (scans) whatever is under your crosshair for a hit.
  37. Projectile means that it actually creates a bullet or rocket or whatever game object which then travels out from your weapon like a real projectile, according to some rules.
  38. - Think of hitscan as a laser and a projectile as an arrow.
  40. -Bonus: do you sometimes - although this mostly happens before a fight when players are messing around - see someone spinning around very fast and overall looking like they're having a seizure? And then they can return to normal immediately after? This is not a hack or cheat of sorts. This is simply done by players who have a mouse that has a shortcut button that allows them to quickly switch dpi/mouse sensitivity immediately.
  41. Likewise, even without such mouse you can go to your game's settings and increase mouse sensitivity to the max and do it, then back down to your usual sensitivity. However, this takes more time and isn't as practical.
  42. The More You Know!
  45. ANA
  46. - Ana cannot headshot
  47. - You cannot get healed while you have enemy Ana's biotic grenade on you. This is insanely powerful, so don't be afraid to use this on an enemy if you want someone dead quickly
  48. - Damaging an enemy while they're asleep with Ana's sleep dart will awaken them, no matter how big or small the damage - however, this happens only when they hit the ground.
  49. - Using Ana's sleep dart will interrupt some ultimates, and stop a few outright. The ultimates you can stop with sleep dart include the ultimates of Pharah, Roadhog, McCree, and Reaper. You can interrupt the ults of Genji, Bastion, Torbjörn and Winston, and while they're sleeping the limited time on their ultimates will continue to expire, but if they wake up before their ultimate expires they can continue using it.
  50. - Ana's ultimate, Nanoboost, does not make the character affected invincible/damageless; it does, however, reduce the damage taken and increases the damage done
  53. - Bastion's ultimate depletes based on time, not on rockets launched
  55. D.VA
  56. - While in her MEKA, D.va cannot crouch because, and this according to Jeffrey "Tigole Bitties" Kaplan, "she would never lower herself like that"
  57. - You can control which direction D.va ejects out of her mech with your direction keys
  58. - D.va's defense matrix cannot block things such as Zarya's laser beam, Symmetra's microwave beam, Mei's freeze spray, Rein's hammer, Winston's zappy-thing, or Roadhog's hook
  59. - D.va can, however, block most if not all projectiles and Junkrat's bombs, and even some ultimates, such as Pharah's (Barrage), Roadhog's (Whole Hog), even Mei's Blizzard, etc.
  60. - Using boosters + your ultimate (the bomb) makes your bomb slide which direction you pressed. First your boosters key, then your ultimate key.
  61. - To see where your D.va bomb would land: stand on a certain place. Use boosters. Wherever you land when the booster ends is somewhat the area where the bomb should land
  62. - Standing behind a wall/barrier no matter how near or far it is will block any damage from D.va's ultimate. Standing a certain distance away from it with no obstacles between you and the bomb will still give you some damage, although not all of it.
  63. - D.va's ultimate does not damage herself
  64. - Look up "D.va bomb locations" on YT. They take a while to watch and memorize and some even can take a bit to master, but they're worth it.
  66. GENJI
  67. - Please search a list/video of what can Genji deflect and what he can't. Genji can deflect attacks, abilities, and even ultimates and make them against you
  68. - Any time Genji gets an elimination, the cooldown on his Swift Strike is cancelled. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to get the kill with Swift Strike to replenish the cooldown.
  69. - Genji cannot throw shuriken while using his ultimate
  70. - A nice smooth combo mostly used for close quarters with Genji is the shuriken alt-fire and immediately after the Melee.
  73. - As Genji and Hanzo, press and hold forward to climb a wall, not spam those buttons
  75. HANZO
  76. - Enemies revealed by Hanzo's Sonic Arrow (the "SEE WHICH IS UNSEEEEN" "MARKED......... BY THE DRAGON" thing) becomes available to all heroes in Hanzo's team, not just Hanzo
  77. - Hanzo's Scatter Arrow is one of the most damaging (if not the most damaging outright) non-ultimate abilities in the game. If you bounce it off the ground in front of an enemy, it will scatter up into their face for an easy one-shot on almost any character (high-health tanks (not Zarya) can resist it with very little health left over).
  80. - Junkrat's mines, bombs, traps, etc. do not damage himself.
  81. - Junkrat's ultimate rip-tire can be destroyed before it explodes with no damage dealt to its targets
  82. - Junkrat's ultimate has a time limit
  83. - When Junkrat uses his rip-tire, he stays still and the player cannot see himself while using the tire
  84. - Eliminating Junkrat after he's launched his rip-tire will not eliminate his rip-tire
  85. - Junkrat drops bombs when he dies that damages enemies
  86. - Junkrat knows when an enemy has been caught in his trap
  87. - Junkrat also knows when an enemy has destroyed his trap or mine
  88. - Junkrat knows when you've been naughty
  90. MCCREE
  91. - McCree's roll reloads his gun completely
  92. - In McCree's ultimate (Deadeye), it takes a few seconds for him to lock on a target before firing the accurate shot; however, the number of seconds it takes is based on the enemy's HP. Tanks are going to take longer to lock on than, for example, a Tracer
  93. - For Deadeye to do its full damage and kill an enemy, it has to fully lock on a target first (indicated by the white - and later, red - circle). If McCree fires before Deadeye is fully locked on to a target, it only does partial damage.
  94. - McCree's Deadeye cannot be used through obstacles, so if an enemy hides somewhere out of your line of sight you can't damage/kill them.
  96. MEI
  97. - Mei's ice wall can block enemy ultimates such as D.va's self-destruct bomb
  98. - Mei's ice wall can also block certain enemy abilities like Reinhardt's charge, Roadhog's hook, etc.
  99. - Shooting at/hitting an enemy Mei while she is in Cryo-Freeze (when she's a block of ice) does not deal any damage to her nor make the ability degrade
  100. - Very well-timed Cryo-Freezes can save Mei from almost anything. If you see a Roadhog hook or Reinhardt charge coming your way, you can instantly enter Cryo (even if it's just briefly) and then hop out again when it's safe for total safety on the fly.
  101. - As of current version, Mei has a bug in which when she throws her Ultimate and dies immediately after, her Ultimate charge will reset back to 0%, but the Ult will not be used at all. Some people have reported it also happening even if she doesn't die and with no enemy Genji deflects/D.va DM in sight or in the match at all.
  102. - Shooting at/hitting a certain spot in an enemy Mei's ice wall can destroy that spot faster
  103. - Mei can freeze enemy turrets
  105. MERCY
  106. - When you revive someone as Mercy, your Guardian Angel (the ability that allows her to fly from teammate to teammate) cooldown resets
  107. - Mercy's Ultimate makes the allies revived invulnerable to any attacks for a few seconds
  108. - To fall slowly as Mercy while in the air, press and hold space, not spam it
  109. - Mercy has a passive self-heal that kicks in after she goes a second without taking damage.
  110. - Mercy can still use Guardian Angel with her pistol equipped
  111. - Mercy can still use Guardian Angel on a teammate that has been recently killed
  112. - Mercy's Guardian Angel can be cancelled by pressing the ability button a second time; meaning she can stop midway before reaching the ally's position
  113. - Mercy's Guardian Angel makes her fly to her teammate's position WHEN she uses the ability; meaning if you use it, but your ally immediately moves away, you won't follow to where they are.
  114. - You don't need to stay absolutely glued to allies as Mercy. In fact, you'll likely get hit and die faster if you do this. Obviously, don't stray too far away from them either, but... It's all about a "middle ground".
  116. ORISA
  117. - Orisa's Ultimate can be destroyed before it disappears by itself
  118. - Despite looking like some kind of machine gun, Orisa's primary fire is projectile, not hitscan, and requires Orisa to lead her shots to hit accurately.
  120. PHARAH
  121. - Pharah can run out of fuel to fly in the air. Her fuel slowly replenishes when she's not using the jets, and replenishes much faster when she's on solid ground.
  122. - Pharah's rockets can damage herself
  123. - Pharah's Concussive Blast has very strong knockback. Watch out for Concussive Blasts from an enemy Pharah if you're standing near the edge of the map.
  124. - Concussive Blast also does no damage, which means you can Blast someone around (or off the edge of the map, for instance) without interrupting Sleep Dart's stun if they've been slept by a friendly Ana.
  125. - You can use Concussive Blast as a ghetto bootleg TF2 Soldier rocket jump in tandem with your Jump Jet ability.
  127. REAPER
  128. - Whenever an enemy dies the fallen hero will drop a "soul" (the little red/orange floaty globe things), which Reaper can pick up to replenish his health. The orb will automatically float towards him if it's within ~5 meters of him (unless he's at full health).
  129. - Only Reaper can see souls, but if there's two Reapers in the game, either one can pick up the souls.
  132. - Be careful: if D.va uses her ultimate while you're charging her as Reinhardt, she ejects out of her MEKA, and you're still holding the MEKA, the MEKA will still explode in your face and on your teammates'.
  133. - Reinhardt's shield can shield him and teammates who are behind him from D.va's bomb
  134. - Reinhardt can't shield from melee attacks. This includes an enemy Rein's hammer.
  135. - Reinhardt's shield will not stop another Reinhardt's charge ability
  136. - Reinhardt can charge through a friend's teleporter, charging from the starting point to the destination
  137. - Reinhardt's shield stops an enemy Rein's Earthshatter.
  139. ROADHOG
  140. - Again, be careful: using Roadhog's hook on D.va's exploding MEKA will pull it right into your face and blow up in front of you (and your team).
  141. - Using Roadhog's hook is a stun, which means it has the same ult cancelling and stalling properties as Ana's sleep dart (see the Ana section). The difference in the stalls area is that on the one hand, the stun is much shorter, but on the other, the life expectancy of anyone hooked by Roadhog is rather low.
  142. - If you need to vape (((heal/"Take A Breather"))) in a tight spot, turn away from your enemy while huffing. This reduces the size of your head hitbox that faces the enemy by quite a bit.
  143. - You can't move while vaping, but you can jump and then begin your vape midair, which will allow the vape to commence while you're still moving.
  144. - Roadhog's hook is cancelled if line of sight between Roadhog and his hook target is broken in the brief interlude between the hook latching on and the target being pulled to Roadhog. This means it can be evaded even when latched on by quickly ducking behind a corner or falling behind something from midair.
  146. SOLDIER: 76
  147. - You can sprint midair as Soldier 76
  148. - You can get a little jump boost (with some damage) shooting Soldier 76's helix rockets at the ground
  150. SOMBRA
  151. - Sombra's ultimate, EMP, only affects the enemies and enemies' creations in the EMP blast's radius. This radius is affected by map geometry too, so you can't EMP someone around a corner.
  152. - EMP removes blue shields and barriers (and obviously, hacks enemies). This means EMPing an unfortunate Zarya, Symmetra or Zenyatta will leave them with 200, 100 and 50 hp respectively, and a quick EMP will entirely cancel out the effect of Lucio's ultimate ability.
  153. - When an enemy's health is below 50%, Sombra (and only Sombra) can see them through walls
  154. - Hacking health packs as Sombra not only makes the enemy unable to use them, but also makes them spawn much faster. Teammates can also see them through walls.
  155. - Sombra can have more than one health pack hacked at a time, but Sombra cannot hack a health pack that an enemy Sombra has already hacked.
  156. - Sombra can hack turrets (and Orisa's supercharger) normally, but it's tricky, because a normal hack attempt is cancelled by damage to Sombra. Hacking them with an EMP works fine, however.
  157. - Symmetra's Shield Generator and Teleporter ultimates cannot be hacked. However, they're still a prime target for Sombra, and Symmetras should be wary of enemy Sombras -- Sombra can wipe out both Shield Gens and Teleporters with a quick spray from her gun, without even using all of the shots in her magazine.
  158. - The health of Symmetra's ultimate constructions is also comprised almost entirely of shields. EMP instantly wipes shields, so EMPing a shield generator or teleporter will leave it with a paltry 50 health.
  159. - Sombra's cloak takes a moment to kick in, and while you're activating it, it drastically slows your movement (before speeding it up massively during the cloak itself). Try to avoid using it in a tight spot, because it briefly makes you a sitting duck.
  160. - Sombra's Translocator has a mere 4-second cooldown, and can be thrown just about anywhere. This can be combined with cloak to make Sombra one of the fastest heroes in the game.
  161. - Sombra's Translocator is probably the best escape in the game - if she puts it down on a hacked healthpack, she can activate it any time she wants in the next fifteen seconds and instantly whizz back to safety and heals. The reliability of this escape is considerably reduced if the Sombra is dumb enough to put the translocator somewhere dangerous -- leaving Junkrat traps and Symmetra turrets on poorly-placed is a common and reliable strategy.
  162. - Sombra can activate her Translocator while it's still mid-flight, which will teleport her into mid-air.
  163. - When Sombra activates her Translocator, a purple graphic will spawn around her as she zips away, pointing in the direction she translocated to. You can use this to figure out where she's coming from.
  164. - If Sombra bumps into enemies while cloaked, she will be partially revealed.
  166. ZARYA
  167. - Shooting at Zarya's bubble, whether on herself or an ally, will charge Zarya's main weapon. The more charge she has, the higher DPS she is equipped with - max-charge Zarya is very scary.
  168. - Zarya's bubbles last for two seconds, but shooting at them will cause them to disappear faster (assuming you have the DPS to punch through their 200 health) -- at the expense of giving Zarya 40 charge by punching through.
  169. - The 200 health of Zarya's bubbles is unique in that it can soak far higher amounts of damage as long as it comes in one big chunk of damage. For instance, Dva's ultimate can be soaked by a Zarya bubble, which will break the barrier, but leave the character inside the bubble unharmed and give Zarya 40 charge.
  170. - Zarya's bubbles can block AoE abilities by simply getting in the way. For instance, a Zarya-shielded character that gets hit with an Earthshatter will not be stunned, and nor will anyone behind the character being bubbled.
  171. - Zarya's ultimate is not particularly powerful on its own (although max-charge Zarya can bombard clusters of enemies quite well), but it is much more powerful when combined with other ultimates. The classic combo is using a Zarya ultimate to cluster all enemies into one group, then using a Hanzo ultimate to DPS the clustered group to death, as they are unable to escape from the slow dragons of doom.
  172. - Zarya's bubbles are the only targetable cleanse in the entire game. Bubbles can remove the majority of negative status effects in the game, but not all of them -- google a full list.
  174. LÚCIO
  175. - Lúcio's wall-ride is the source of his ridiculously high skill cap. Used at its maximum effectiveness, it turns him into easily the most mobile character in the game. Check out youtube videos and tutorials on this for examples and instruction if you want to learn.
  176. - Lúcio can wall-ride backwards, if the relevant option is enabled in the options menu.
  177. - Lúcio heals/speed boosts all allies that are within his range not blocked by walls. The little number in the middle of a Lúcio's screen indicates how many people are being buffed at the moment (not counting himself -- Lúcio is always buffing himself).
  178. - Lúcio's ult only activates once he hits the ground after his little "hop" that he makes on casting. For this reason, dropping the beat from a height (while very fun) is generally not a very good idea.
  179. - A good Lúcio's mobility can be tremendously annoying if he's on the enemy team. If you need to slow his hippity-hoppity business down, McCree's Flashbang, as well as Winston and Symmetra and Mei, are effective counters.
  180. - Lúcio can bunny-hop to maintain his speed, even if he switches off of speed boost.
  181. - Lúcio can crossfade while Amping, allowing him to mix bursts of good healing and great speed.
  182. - Be wary of Lúcio near the edges of the map or death pits. Lúcio's alt fire is quite effective at pushing people to their deaths.
  185. - Press your ultimate button TWICE to make a Shield Generator instead of a Teleporter as Symmetra
  186. - Only one teleporter is available to Symmetra; you do not need to create a starting point teleporter. A teleporter inside the spawn is always created.
  187. - Symmetra's turrets have 1 HP each
  188. - Symmetra players can see how many, which, and where her creations are and if they have been destroyed
  189. - Symmetra's beam continues to DPS for a short time after line-of-sight or distance limit is broken, meaning that it can still kill you if you try to escape around a corner or by running afar.
  190. - Unless you have an escape ability, you have no hope of escaping from Symmetra's beam unless you have a nearby Lúcio that can amp speed boost for you (un-amped speed boost will not save you). The best means of escape is to kill her (unless you have no DPS).
  191. - Assuming they lock onto eachother at more or less the same time and both have full health, Winston will out-damage Symmetra to death. Don't be that Winston with a full health bar leaping away from Symmetra in fear.
  194. - Torbjörn's ultimate, Molten Core, gives him a bunch of additional armour, increases his fire rate (on his gun and his hammer), and also makes his turret much more scary.
  195. - Torbjörn has a "scrap" meter that passively fills, and also fills much faster by collecting scrap from where characters have recently died, as well as turrets. It's similar to Reaper's soul globes.
  196. - At the expense of 50 scrap, Torbjörn can drop armour packs, which grant the person that uses them 75 armour.
  197. - People are often too busy trying to get Genji POTG or something to hunt down your armour packs, so try throwing them in front of your spawn or on a point you're defending.
  198. - Torbjörn's alt-fire hits like a truck. Be wary of rushing him -- similarly, don't be afraid to right-click people to death as Torb.
  200. TRACER
  201. - Tracer's "Recall" ability - where she "goes back in time" - zips her back to where she was a few moments ago (the exact time window takes practise to get an idea of). On activation, it reloads her guns, cleanses her of all debuffs, and resets her health to whatever it was at that point.
  202. - Tracer's ultimate, "Pulse Bomb", can get stuck on enemies and surfaces. If stuck to a surface, the blast radius of the bomb is larger.
  203. - Tracer's ultimate can damage herself.
  204. - Blink gives very fast horizontal mobility, but no vertical mobility. In other words, you can't blink up walls, and blinking will not save you if you fall off a cliff or something.
  206. WINSTON
  207. - If Winston lands near an enemy using Jump Pack, they take some damage from it and get knocked back.
  208. - Winston can electrocute multiple enemies at the same time
  209. - Winston's ultimate, Primal Rage, reduces his Jump Pack ability cooldown. It also resets the jump pack cooldown to zero upon activation AND deactivation, meaning you can double-leap at both the beginning and the end of his ult if you time it right.
  210. - Winston's ultimate also doubles his HP, and grants him an instant full heal on activation. For this reason, a common Winston strategy when you have ult is to leap in, zap people, put down a barrier, and then cast your ult when your health gets low.
  213. - Zenyatta's healing orbs and discord orbs ("plus" yellow orb for teammates that heals and "minus" purple orb for enemies that increases damage received) require the teammate/enemy to be in his line of sight; thus, for example, hiding behind a wall for a few seconds will remove his discord or healing orb from you, and vice versa (Zenyatta himself moving away also causes the same effect).
  214. - Zenyatta can still contest a capture point while using his ultimate
  215. - Zenyatta's ultimate is countered hard by Ana's grenade, which blocks all healing.
  216. - Even though Zenyatta does not put his feet on the ground, he can still get caught by Junkrat's trap
  217. - Because Zenyatta floats, however, he has no footsteps, and you cannot hear him coming
  218. - Zenyatta has no escape and minimal damage mitigation (his health is mostly regenerating shields, but that will only get him so far). As Zenyatta, the only thing you can do if you're in trouble is fling orbs at things until they die or float away from danger agonizingly slowly. For this reason, it's often a good idea to stick around near some cover or safety as Zenyatta.
  220. Congratulations, you now probably know more than your average basic normie pleb player!!!!!! (Or not) (tough shit)
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