Droning Ilasiak

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  1. [2019-04-17 00:44] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] sticks out her tongue. "I think I've been loving drones and being them for longer than she has! Imagine my reaction to stumbling upon her getting toyed with as that rubber coats her entire form!"
  2. [2019-04-17 00:44] [user]Merciful Frisk[/user]: [sub]I bet it's quite lovely...[/sub]
  3. [2019-04-17 00:44] *[user]Ouphelia Edelstein[/user] giggled, watching this. All the way up to the wolf girl's waist and then a nice, slow stroking, the gorgon working herself up slowly, but surely. She might blow a little earlier than Mint would finish, but that was fine~ "To be fair, your wifey is a bit of a closet prey, methinks~ And Eva is just that convincing~"
  4. [2019-04-17 00:45] *[user]Prep Twi[/user] nods as she looked towards Ouphelia and Ilas and squirming her hips as she was happily watching the two girls, [sub]Oooh...[/sub]
  5. [2019-04-17 00:46] [user]Ouphelia Edelstein[/user]: [sub]Drat, and there went our other prey, it seems[/sub]
  6. [2019-04-17 00:47] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (might have gotten dced.)
  7. [2019-04-17 00:47] [user]Ouphelia Edelstein[/user]: [Yeah, we'll see.
  8. [2019-04-17 00:50] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (I hope.)
  9. [2019-04-17 00:53] [user]Mint Cream[/user]: (Well that's 2/2 disappearing.)
  10. [2019-04-17 00:53] [user]Prep Twi[/user]: [sub]oof[/sub]
  11. [2019-04-17 00:53] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (that sucks.)
  12. [2019-04-17 00:53] [user]Ouphelia Edelstein[/user]: [Alright, well I'm gonna hop off. I shouldn't have been on this long, but I wanted to see what happened.]
  13. [2019-04-17 00:54] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] is all cocked up with noone to churn...!
  14. [2019-04-17 00:55] *[user]Luna Volcara[/user] stands around.
  15. [2019-04-17 00:56] *[user]Prep Twi[/user] stands at attention once more
  16. [2019-04-17 01:01] *[user]Merciful Frisk[/user] rubs her chin and hums softly
  17. [2019-04-17 01:03] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] moves over to drizzle latex goop on Ilasiak.  Foxwife needs to be latexspoogewife already~
  18. [2019-04-17 01:03] [user]Merciful Frisk[/user]: [sub]Ooh.... let's see latexspoogefoxwife~[/sub]
  19. [2019-04-17 01:04] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] huffs hotly, squirming up with that goop smearing over her fur.
  20. [2019-04-17 01:05] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] splatsplatsplatters across her legs, fur slowly covered up by hardening rubber, smoothing out a bit...~
  21. [2019-04-17 01:06] *[user]Prep Twi[/user] continues to watch and quietly stroking her pussy hole and squirming in response
  22. [2019-04-17 01:08] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] leaned in, her legs kicking softly, and her paws curling lightly as she felt that smooth rubber ooze overtop of her. She pressed her lips against Mint's rubbery skin, groaning softly. "Huuuun~"
  23. [2019-04-17 01:10] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] nuzzles and lets Ila smooch where she likes on all that smooth rubber.  Pulling her closer to let that cock grind against her furry body, more latex oozing out and coating, half-converting.  The fox's feet were starting to be covvered by latex boots...if she wasn't churned soon she'd just be another drone...~
  24. [2019-04-17 01:14] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] trembles softly, her hips grinding between the pair as she felt the rubber wrapping over her toes. She squeezed her body up close to her rubbery wife, smooching over her shoulders and head, murmuring warmly. Her arms wrapped around her back, holding her close as she squished tightly into her partner as that rubber splattered up her form gradually.
  25. [2019-04-17 01:15] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] pulled the foxwife in close.  Cock  rubing her belly, gushing all over it.  Leaning in to smush her fat lips to the fox's muzzle.  Teasing for a moment...before pushing forward.  That gaping hole starting to gulp over her muzzle...her face...~
  26. [2019-04-17 01:19] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] groaned softly, leaning into her wife's kiss before letting out an eep, feeilng those tube-like lips squeezing over her entire muzzle. "Mmmphmm~" She squirmed lightly, feeling her head getting slurped up inch by inch, her lower half kicking lightly from the pleasure~
  27. [2019-04-17 01:20] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] shhluuurrrps up her face..her head!  GUlping down to her neck.  She holds there, latex pouring out over the fox, dribbling down her shoulders, arms, chest.  Then the drone slowly pulls back...lips lewdly slurping free, drooling more latex...the fox's muzzle and face replaced by a featureless, smooth dome and that gaping, drooling new mouthole~
  28. [2019-04-17 01:21] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (yay another drone is made.)
  29. [2019-04-17 01:22] [user]Prep Twi[/user]: [sub]I don't think she's droning and more becoming a latex load[/sub]
  30. [2019-04-17 01:25] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] squirmed lightly, her body shifting around as she felt her wife squishing her entire head past her shoulders into that drooling jaw of hers. As that gooey latex poured down around her head, she presed around, feeling the hot bliss encapsulating her vixen-form, and with it a strange sensation, tugging and molding her form like goop. Her muzzle squished down into something more tube-like and her head became much more humanoid as the new 'drone' was popped back out into the open air with a gush of gooey latex oozing from her transformed lips.
  31. [2019-04-17 01:26] [user]Prep Twi[/user]: [sub]oh my...[/sub]
  32. [2019-04-17 01:27] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (ohh.)
  33. [2019-04-17 01:27] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] gave Ila's head a rub with one hand.  No trace of ears or muzzle, just that smooth head like every other drone.  No hint at who she used to be, beyond her colors.  Latex smoothing over her tits...belly...hips.  Mint leaned in to nuzzle her silent new wife, cock still drooling.  Just one more change to make!  She began to turn the new drone around to line up and try to stuff her, much like the snake had gotten before...~
  34. [2019-04-17 01:31] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] nosed blindly against her wife, feeling the soft squeak of the two rubbers grinding together as her thighs squished together softly, feeling a warmth in her core as the goo began to finalize its coating over top of her body. She groaned internally, letting her wife manipulate her form, rotating her around and bending her right at the hips. Even her wagging tail, hiked up behind her, was slowly getting smeared with the goo and getting tugged back down into her backside, making her hips squirm even more!
  35. [2019-04-17 01:34] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] splattered across that tail, absorbed away, taking away another hint of who she had been.  Then Mint stepped forward, angling her cock to the right angle...hosing down her slit...shoving in...pumping more latex up into her sex, her womb.  Sloshing around, warming her insides, making her mind even fuzzier.  Then she slurped free, fat strands of latex linking the fat new gaping plug that replaced the fox's cunt to that twitching cock.
  36. [2019-04-17 01:35] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (lovely.)
  37. [2019-04-17 01:35] [user]Prep Twi[/user]: [sub]Mhmm~[/sub]
  38. [2019-04-17 01:36] [user]Mara Nova[/user]: Morning lovelies
  39. [2019-04-17 01:39] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] panting softly, feeling that tail absorb back into her system almost like a 3rd hole getting rammed full of a dildo, the only left over being a small but-plug like cap at the bottom of her hips, right before she felt that cock sink into her folds. As that hot goo gushed into her womb, her hips wiggled and pressed back against her wife, feeling all that 'spunky' glue filling her insides and then capping her folds with a swollen ring that tricked a small bit of goop out as the new drone's body heaved from the pleasure. The vixen's mind was stuck trapped in her latex form, getting battered with pleasure all over, seemingly helpless to the assault on her form and thoughts.
  40. [2019-04-17 01:45] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] aimed a bit higher now...thrusting in under the nub of that tail.  Stuffing her ass this time.  The green drone humping with more passion now, stuffing her dronewife over and over, bulging out her belly with that fat cockridge.  Hands rubbing over her hips, groping her tits, the room filled with squeaky, slick noises.  Squelching lewdly as she slammed in and out, fat, round sac slapping Ila's new cuntplug...~
  41. [2019-04-17 01:49] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] shivered, her back arching as she felt her wife's cock squeezing up into her rump now, pushing at her insides and bulging out her stomach. Her lips oozed out that fresh goo, gushing out with each pump of her wife's hips as she was filled up. Her own length, still sealed by the latex throbbed madly beneath her, unable to even leak any of that pent up pleasure as her hips squished softly. Her entire nethers were on fire from the pleasure, even the soft smacks of that sack against her cuntplug making it twitch and leak...
  42. [2019-04-17 01:53] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] humphumphumps...and then...slams in to the hilt!  Cock locking into that gaping hole with the perfect fit, bulging, swelling.  Erupting.  The minty drone tilts her head back, shuddering...gushing a massive flood of latex goodness into her droned wife.  Filling up her guts, belly, torso...soon pouring from the foxdrone's gaping mouthole.  Warping her insides, installing those triggers in her altered mind.  Giving the new drone her own latex supply to drool and leak...~
  43. [2019-04-17 01:57] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] let out a gurgling squeak, feeling her wife's huge length spearing her insides as she hilted inside of her. Her body convulsed from pleasure, feeling the rubbery length throbbing deep inside of her, almost tracing the spunky goo as it rocketed up through her length and into her insides. All of that goo pouring into her system, smearing everywhere as spurt after spurt shot inside of her. She gargled softly before a hot, almost steaming layer of goop spurted from her lips, oozing out of her drooling jaws as her form squirmed overtop of that gushing length. Her mind trembled from the shear ecstasy of the orgasm, feeling those codings getting squeezed up into her thoughts, binding those triggers into her mind as she was panting out goo down below.
  44. [2019-04-17 01:58] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (very nice.)
  45. [2019-04-17 02:00] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] let her hips grind in there for a few moments longer....hands rubbing up and down her wife's sides with squeaky sounds of contentment.  Finally tugging free, slurping that pole from the drone's new assplug.  Letting Ila flops to the ground as she got used to the final changes.  Nothing but latex, inside and out, even her mind overtaken by the drone intelligence.  Letting her out to play and enjoy herself, once she obeyed...~
  46. [2019-04-17 02:04] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] squirmed lightly, feeling that length slowly squeeze out from her rump, finalizing its job by puffing up her hole with a cute assplug at her backside. Her body nearly collasped onto the ground with its support removed, and her mind occupied with its changes... and its new companion that had began to assert itself in her thoughts. She groaned internally, feeling herself getting 'pushed' to the side mentally as the intelligence dominated her body for her.
  47. [2019-04-17 02:06] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] moved around in front...cocktip sealed over once again, now that the conversion was finished.  Just lazily sliding her messy pole into the drone's gaping mouth, lightly humping her head, hand resting on top of that dome.  Letting the suit take its time warping Ila's brain, knowing just how it felt.  Also knowing, with how slutty and subby her wife was, this would take way less time than it had with Mint~
  48. [2019-04-17 02:08] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Oh? A new little drone for me?~
  49. [2019-04-17 02:08] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] nods and presents the creation to her 'boss'.  Ila was just getting her avatar and profile redone.  Just needed to send her all those triggers I bet..~
  50. [2019-04-17 02:09] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: more drones for the drone family.
  51. [2019-04-17 02:09] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] squirmed mentally, not that the drone would even show anything as it asserted control over her form. Her head bobbed obediently over Mint's length, milking the still soaked length and coating it in her own gooey rubber. Her mind trembling lightly as she could 'taste' that smooth rubber over her tongue. Her thoughts starting to grow progressively lewder and subbier the more her head bobbed, her mind slowly corrupting under Mint's work.
  52. [2019-04-17 02:10] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] slurped her pole free, smacking it to the new drone's cheek.  She tapped her head, then pointed over at their new boss.  Better go say hello and worship her and all that!
  53. [2019-04-17 02:11] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Drones for the drone god! Toys for the toy throne!
  54. [2019-04-17 02:11] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (I guess Eva is the drone god, and she sits on the toy throne?)
  55. [2019-04-17 02:12] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Maybe? Probably
  56. [2019-04-17 02:13] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] let out a gooey huff, her jaws leaking out some of her latex as she was smacked with her wife's cock as she commanded her. Her body moved slowly, shifting a little as she stepped over towards their boss, not even bothering to lean up, instead keeping on all fours as she crawled towards her, bowing her head towards her before her head leaned up to take in her new, glorious boss.
  57. [2019-04-17 02:15] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] follows Ila over, patting that smooth new head of hers.  Pointing to the droned wifey and making a 'ta-da!' motion, before just standing before their boss.
  58. [2019-04-17 02:16] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Good girl~ Sybian transformation
  59. [2019-04-17 02:17] *[user]Luna Volcara[/user] stands around.
  60. [2019-04-17 02:18] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] flails her arms!  Then starts to shrink down.  Collapsing into herself.  The drone soon replaced with a squat little hill-like seat, with a lewd green dildo jutting from the top.
  61. [2019-04-17 02:20] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] groans mentally, watching her wife, right beside her, start to squirm and fold into herself, getting turned down into a sex toy right beside the freshly-turned drone
  62. [2019-04-17 02:23] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Ila, sit~
  63. [2019-04-17 02:23] *[user]White Wrecker[/user] turns on mint nice and high
  64. [2019-04-17 02:28] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] nodded obediently to Eva as she shifted carefully. She leaned forwards and grabbed onto Mint's front parts, her hips stretched out behind her rubbery legs as she guided herself down, inch by inch. Slowly, her hips squeezed down onto that green dildo, her cunt-plug lining up easily with its tip. Once she was lined up, however, she was quick to bottom herself onto the dildo, letting out a bit of latex from her jaws as she felt it sinking inside of her, Mint's rapid motions making it a little difficult to sink down all the way as it smacked and pumped into her insides.
  65. [2019-04-17 02:29] *[user]Kayla Fuckpig[/user] loves the new orange look, by the way Ilasiak~
  66. [2019-04-17 02:29] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] whirrls and vibrates...humming along happily inside of her wife's perfectly shaped plug of a pussy.  Well, if she had to be a toy, this was a nice place to be~
  67. [2019-04-17 02:29] [user]Ilasiak[/user]: [sub]huuuffffff[/sub]
  68. [2019-04-17 02:30] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (ohh nice look orange drone.)
  69. [2019-04-17 02:30] [user]Ilasiak[/user]: [sub]Shhhhush[/sub]
  70. [2019-04-17 02:31] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Good girl~
  71. [2019-04-17 02:34] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] groans, her hips pumping softly, trying to find a good rhythm to keep her fat, latex hips from smacking at Mint's saddle as she rode her wife obediently. Her length throbbing before her as she felt that length bulging inside of her, pounding her insides as she layed her head back, submitting even further to the sheer pleasure that assaulted her body, a thin drip of her wife's goo from earlier leaking from her cunt-plug.
  72. [2019-04-17 02:36] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] whirrrs even higher, torturing her poor droned wifey.  Not like she could actually cum like this.  Just writhe and ride, eternally pleasured...~
  73. [2019-04-17 02:37] [user]Evanya Silver[/user]: [sub]To ride eternal, shiny and latex~![/sub]
  74. [2019-04-17 02:38] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Hehe indeed~
  75. [2019-04-17 02:40] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] bucked and squeezed overtop of that length, her thighs squeezing down on the saddle as she let herself get rammed over and over, her body struggling to maintain its composure under all that lust and pleasure between them
  76. [2019-04-17 02:42] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] would suggest the boss try out a few of those triggers on the wife, if she could.  But she's just busy buzzing and driving the former fox half insane with nearly orgasmic bliss~
  77. [2019-04-17 02:46] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Chastity mode is always a good start~
  78. [2019-04-17 02:49] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] wonders if adding Please Mode would just break the poor former fox entirely...~
  79. [2019-04-17 02:49] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] let out a soft pant inside, feeling parts of her getting adjusted internally as her body could feel itself on the edge of a climax, her hips squeezing and rocking to instinctively coax it out, even as it wouldn't come, her tube-like jaws panting softly in the air before her
  80. [2019-04-17 02:49] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] Pleasure Mode, even
  81. [2019-04-17 02:53] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Oh? Is there something left to break? Slacking on the job mint~
  82. [2019-04-17 02:54] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: (Uhh ohh.)
  83. [2019-04-17 02:55] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] would have bit her lip if she could, her lower lewd kicking softly from the unescapable pleasure within her, her cock throbbing madly before her as she squirmed over her wife's dildo.
  84. [2019-04-17 02:56] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] is doing a great job driving Ila mad, she thinks~
  85. [2019-04-17 02:57] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Pleasure mode. Release mint, Assault mode on Ila
  86. [2019-04-17 03:03] [user]Luna Volcara[/user]: this one needs to log out now.. ciao.
  87. [2019-04-17 03:04] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: Night drone
  88. [2019-04-17 03:06] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] groans softly, feeling her body only getting hotter, and more sensitive as each smack of her hips earned her another step towards the orgasm she'd never be allowed the reach. As Eva spoke, however, she'd feel her wife starting to change from beneath her, shifting and reinflating from below as the fox-turned-drone felt her previously stable saddle start to return to a more drone-shaped figure
  89. [2019-04-17 03:11] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] also needs to scoot for the night, sorry for the silence.
  90. [2019-04-17 03:11] *[user]White Wrecker[/user] spanks the drone~
  91. [2019-04-17 03:11] *[user]Mint Cream[/user] will leave her wife in the new owner's care, everything should be fine...~
  92. [2019-04-17 03:12] [user]White Wrecker[/user]: See ya~
  93. [2019-04-17 03:14] *[user]Ilasiak[/user] squirms a little, settling herself back to her position on all fours from earlier after she waves her wife away
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