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  1. Key/IG-Name: UHappyBrsozky / Dranka
  3. Skill applying for: Homing Finisher.
  5. Learn RP:
  7. For a few years now he had been wracking his brains on how to finish his fights. He wasn't great a melee combat - that was shown when he nearly lost to a baby. However, he was great at mid-long range Ki and Magic Attacks - but to him those where just inefficient. They could miss. So he tried to increase the range, and he came up with the move he called Barrage. However, it didn't quite get what he wanted - the move itself was too weak, and it only shot out a few weakened blasts. Then he created a skill with water magic called Aqua Ring, but that just ended up healing people and ended up wasting a lot of his resources for learning that type of magic. However, these two skills gave him a niggling of an idea but only part of one. What helped me realize his idea was two things, participating in that 'play' fight against the demon-baby, and his new technique he had named Kienzan. He had realized during his fight with the baby that he was faster than it, and he ended up darting all around the baby causing him to do much more damage while up-close. Then with Kienzan he learnt he could freely manipulate shape - and make a Ki attack far faster then he ever had before.
  9. All for of these lead to one thing. An attack he had named Homing Finisher. Combining the large radius of Aqua Ring, a higher and dense version of barrage, the speed of Kienzan, and the overwhelming property he had learnt in his fight with the baby he ended up creating a rough-draft of it.
  11. Although his prodigious talent for Ki, it was difficult. The first few months ended up with him just spewing out a bunch of Ki Blasts at random, or more than likely just hurting himself. However, through many tests & trials - and also the control he gained from creating weights he had managed to do it.
  13. Taking a deep breath he pulls out the apple he got from Michael and chucks it as far into the air as he can. Then he begins to form around him sphere after sphere of energy - grinning showing his bright white teeth once the last one is formed he whispers to them, "Go"
  15. The blasts react to his command zooming forward towards the apple. A few of them collide in mid-air showing his sub-par-control over the move, and a few miss completely. However, a few manage to land on the apple incinerating it. Completely ignoring the ones that soar into the distance he let's out a chuckle his eyes wide as he grins with glee - and perhaps a tad bit of sadism, "Perfect! Imagine all the blood-shed I can do with you. Now... How do I tell Michael about his apple?"
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