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Nov 23rd, 2020
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  1. >Be Scarlet Song
  2. >You feel very uncomfortable.
  3. >You know that isn't your name, but it doesn't fit right, much like this body.
  4. >Or the fucking hat...
  5. >"Come on, you'd look adorable in this."
  6. "Can't we just go home? People are staring..."
  7. >"What kind of owner would I be if I didn't show you off?"
  8. >You don't want to be an ass, so you keep your mouth shut.
  9. >Anon bounces you in the carrier on his chest and you let out an 'eep' as you exhale in fear.
  10. >"See? It'd be criminal if I didn't share this cute behavior with everyone."
  11. "Can't I at least walk? I'm not a paraplegic you know..."
  12. >"Absolutely not."
  13. >He hums while he carries you through the store, glancing at racks of child-sized clothing.
  14. >Even by pony standards you're small, only slightly larger than the fillies you saw on the orientation DVDs.
  15. >You were an average-sized guy, but something about the mare serum not being sanitized properly caused your growth to be stunted.
  16. >You're lucky Anon even took you at your reduced price, but he said he always wanted a pony like you.
  17. >Free of the mind-erasure that was given to all new fillies and colts, and just the right size to hug.
  18. >You're really grateful, which is probably why you let him get away with this with only a marginal amount of fussing.
  19. "Did you get those forms signed for my pet bed? I think my old insurance provider should cover it."
  20. >"No need, you'll be sleeping with me for a long, long time."
  21. "At orientation they said we could only sleep with our owners as a special reward-"
  22. >"Well, consider it a welcome home present then, along with- oh! This would look adorable on you, don't you think?"
  23. >He holds up a pony-fitted sailor suit right out of an episode of Popeye.
  24. >You feel your cheeks heating up as you look away.
  25. >"Oh come on, don't be like that."
  26. "I-I'm sorry, it's just kinda childish."
  27. >"Well, you look the part."
  28. >You cover your face with a hoof as you hear the sound of the plastic wrapping hitting the pile of clothes already in the basket.
  29. >"Let's see, we've got daytime wear, formal wear, cooking wear, winter wear, summer wear, water wear... anything else before we go grocery shopping?"
  30. "Nighttime wear?"
  31. >You clap a hoof over your own mouth right after you say it, but the damage is already done.
  32. >"I knew I had forgotten something! So you're enjoying this after all, are you?"
  33. "I-"
  34. >"Come on, they have really cute pajamas for fillies."
  35. "I'm not a filly..."
  36. >Your pitiful protests fall on deaf ears.
  37. >You watch helplessly as footie (hoofie?) and two-piece sets of pajamas with trucks, airplanes, tractors, pine trees, and every other imaginable design are piled high in the basket until it is nigh overflowing.
  38. "Well, that's probably enough, right?"
  39. >"Probably."
  40. >He takes you and your new clothes over to the checkout line, which is noticeably empty.
  41. >Who the hell thought it was a good idea to set up a department store sized establishment exclusively for selling pony clothing in one of the poorest areas in the state?
  42. >It's probably a money laundering scheme.
  43. >The woman who rings Anon compliments his "filly" once more in her thick Italian accent.
  44. "I'm not-"
  45. >"Scarlet, what do we say when someone gives us a compliment?"
  46. "Thank you miss..."
  47. >"Good girl."
  48. >Anon runs his fingers through your mane and you audibly exhale.
  49. ...
  50. >Today was mortifying and exhausting, especially when the filly at the grocery store asked if you could play with her.
  51. >You thought you'd be saved by Anon's unwillingness to let you out of the carrier previously, but to your surprise and dismay he set you down on the floor and let you go.
  52. >To your dismay she was slightly larger than you were.
  53. >But now you can get showered up and just veg out for a while while Anon cooks dinner.
  54. >One of the perks of being a pet was-
  55. >Ding dong.
  56. >Oh god.
  57. >"Shit, they're already here. JUST A MINUTE! Scarlet, hold still for me."
  58. >You do as you're told, and to your chagrin he brings out the sailor suit.
  59. "S-shouldn't you wash it first?"
  60. >"Nah, it's plastic wrapped."
  61. >He helps you into it before opening the door to four people you soon learn are his parents and two siblings.
  62. >You fake a smile for the entertainment ordeal you're about to be put through.
  63. >Hopefully they don't ask you to sing...
  64. End.
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