WarpedRealm release 1.9

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.9 Changes:
  2. - Changed the "currency" when slaying a mob to $
  3. - Votersbow isnt two handed anymore
  4. - Greatly improved spawner performance
  5. - Increased money earned from Custom mobs in the wilderness and the nether
  6. - Custom mobs now also drop the money 90% of the time instead of 50%
  7. - Increased mythical hunter payout for almost all mobs
  8. - All bosses now have a 100% chance of dropping a spectral catalyst
  9. - Shift-Rightclicking a lectern now opens the new crafting station, the "altar" to craft materials exclusively
  10. - Removed materialcrafting from the forge
  11. - Fixed issue with some older votekeys not working for the crate anymore
  12. - Anticheat now doesnt kick anymore when having too many violations
  13. - The ---Abilities--- etc thingie sections in custom items now dont display anymore when theyre empty, idk it looks kinda weird because theres
  14. nothing closing it, maybe ill put something at the bottom but idk what for now lol
  15. - Added rarity tier to the mythical copper cores and the purified zombie essence
  16. - Added "Hardened leather" custom item drop to goblins and bandits (~1.5/100) and counts for all 8 variants
  17. - Added empty line between last statistic and abilities
  18. - Added new Barbarian armorset to craft in the forge, using hardened leather
  19. - Slightly decreased unstable spectral wraith explosion damage
  20. - Increased time it takes for unstable spectral wraith to explode
  21. - Increased gaia spawnrate, feels like its spawns too little
  22. - Added a second restart 12 hours after the initial one
  23. - Added new mob "Dire wolf" in the wilderness
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