r/b manips logs explanation

Aug 4th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. not every runner understand all the abbreviations used in the logs so ill try to explain them
  2. im using this squirtle manip as an example:
  3. [100] DVs FFFF :: 21/11/11/11/13 (offset: 32.905) Player Len: 1, IGT: 15 blue_below_pal(hold)_gfskip_hop2_title0(S)_cont(A+A) (base cost: 190)
  5. [100] -> number of frames you have to wait after entering the rename screen. if its too low (<20 maybe) i would look for another manip since you need to hit start right after the A input and it can be quite hard to be both precise and fast enough
  7. DVs FFFF :: 21/11/11/11/13 -> stats, in order: attack, defense, speed, special. Its hexadecimal from 0 to 15 (F), F being the best
  9. (offset: 32.905) -> this is the offset you can use as a starting point. just put it into flowtimer then adjust it with your timing. These offset are pretty accurate for GBP/Gambatte, you will only need to adjust them slightly, but if you are using GBI they will be way too late (try to remove half a sec).
  11. Player Len: 1 -> for this manip to work, your trainer name need to be 1 char long
  13. IGT: 15 -> you have to IGT track this manip and aim for frame 15. In this case (starter manips) entr only looked for manips that worked on 5 igt frames, so you can hit anything from 13 to 17 and it will still work
  14. EDIT: the 5 igt window might not be true, need more info
  16. blue_below_pal(hold)_gfskip_hop2_title0(S)_cont(A+A) -> this is really long to explain so im splittin it
  18. blue -> this manips only works on blue version
  20. below -> starters can be grabbed from multiple side. Charmander left/below, squirtle below, bulbasaur left/below/up. This is a squirtle manip so its always from below
  22. pal -> how you should buffer palette
  23. nopal: nothing
  24. pal: tap a palette right at the beginning
  25. pal(hold): hold a palette
  26. pal(ab): hold a palette then switch to another palette in the middle of the bios, when "GAME" is fully printed and its about to print
  27. the B
  28. nopal(ab): hold a or b or start
  29. pal(rel): tap a palette, then switch to another palette (holding it) the same way as pal(ab)
  31. gf -> how to buffer gamefreak screen
  32. gfskip (and then hop0): hold down-select-b
  33. gfskip (and then hop1+): hold start
  34. gfreset: hold a+b+start+select
  35. gfwait: buffer A when the last start disappear if the next input is hop0, if its hop(>0) instead just wait
  37. hop ->
  38. hop1: hold a during the first hop
  39. hop2: same as hop1, but second hop
  40. hop3: same as hop2, but third hop (its the one after gengar attacks)
  41. if you see hop1(reset) that means that insead of holding a during the first hop you hold a+b+select+start. it can be used during any hop
  43. title-> how to buffer the pokemon title screen. the number indicate the amount of pokemon you have to wait before pressing something,
  44. and (S) or (A) indicate what button you have to press (A or START), so:
  45. title0(S): clear the pokemon screen as soon as possible (first pokemon) by using START
  46. title1(A): clear the pokemon screen after 1 pokemon have scrolled by using A
  47. title0(scrollA): clear the pokemon screen while the first pokemon is scrolling away by using A. this is the trickiest one, i use audio cues
  48. as always if you see (reset) it means you have to soft reset with a+b+select+start
  50. cont -> how to buffer the continue screen
  51. cont(A+A): hold A
  52. cont(S+A): hold Start then A when the second window appears. note that you wont hear the click like A+A. this type of continue is after a title(A)
  53. fsback(A+B): hold A through continue, but then backout with B
  54. fsback(S+B): hold Start through continue, but then backout with B
  55. mmback: hold b to get back to title screen
  57. (base cost: 190)-> the amount of frames lost with this manip compared to the fastest (gfskip_hop0_title0_cont)
  59. TID manips:
  60. the only difference its that we have no continue backout but instead we have options backout.
  61. title0_opt(backout)_backout_title0_newgame -> start at pokemon screen, do an option backout (buffer down+a, then buffer start) then do another backout to title screen (buffer b), start at pokemon screen again then buffer A for new game
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