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  1. Waitin' queue up
  2. Geared frost mage tryna' blow stuff up
  3. Frost Nova, Ice Lance,
  4. get a quick freeze
  5. it's easy peasy
  6. lemon squeezy, yeah
  8. In Warsong, I'm running flags
  9. In Arathi, I'm freezin' fags
  10. In Eye of the Storm, I go mid and tag
  11. In Strands, I'm guardin' facts
  12. In Alterac, I'm tailoring bags
  13. (cuz fuck it dude that BGs bad.)
  15. At least for the Horde but I don't give a shit
  16. Alliance kids might as well quit
  17. Reppin' Thrall 'til the day I dip
  18. For the Horde, my favorite quip
  20. Blood and thunder, you bitches go under
  21. Frostbolt you, tryna sunder, me?
  22. You see me roll up, troll mage and you'd rather
  23. Hop on Druid to go cry and gather.
  25. "Nick, you're devious! So offensive and rude! PvP with us!"
  26. No thanks bro, I don't roll with scrubs
  27. I roll with my boys, stompin' pubs
  28. You can't compare when you see me in a BG
  29. Fly as fuck, you'll never be like me
  30. Hunters even trying to kite me
  31. Death Knights, pssh, can't even touch me
  33. So when you run, I'll freeze you ass
  34. Team on me? I'll Blink right pass.
  35. I kill quick and fast
  36. Damn, why pick any other class?
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