Her 11cm - chapter 64 dialogue/sum

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  1. Her 11cm - Chapter 64 summary
  3. App tl - no accuracy guaranteed. [?] = Bad app tl, best guess used.
  5. * Most of the pink dialogue from sex scenes are just Haa and Eueum and whatever.
  7. • Gu Jin Woo - mc, new intern at Le Ciel, still helpi his uncle too.
  8.   • Uncle - Gruff shoe repairman, most important customer is Le Ciel magazine
  10. Le Ciel magazine staff:
  11. • Editor-in-chief Do Ji-yeon - scary cougar boss, very kinky
  12. • Jin Se Yoon, Assistan Editor with frosty attitude, was in a secret relationship with Jeong Kihoon.
  13. • Min Yeseul - Magazine employee with a popular Instagram account, transferred to the digital team.
  14. • So Yuna - A serious looking intern with a wild streak, newly transferred to the digital team.
  16. • "Representative" - Upper management member of Le Ciel
  17.  • Team Leader Park - Newly rehired as digital team leader, Do Ji-Yeon's original supervisor and love interest, revealed as a huge douche.
  19. • Jeong Kihoon- Seyoon's emotionally abusive "boyfriend"
  20.   • Mrs. Jeong - his pregnant wife
  22. Dialogue with " is interior thoughts
  23. Dialogue with # is flashback dialogue
  24. * is a "sound effect"
  26. J - Jinwoo
  27. Y - Yuna
  28. D - Do
  29. S - Se Yoon
  30. Ye - Yeseul
  31. P - Park
  33. Starting from previous chapter:
  35. • Yeseul speaks with Team Leader Park, unaware that a Female Underling is under the desk sucking him off.
  36. Ye I thought you'd ask me...
  37. P Ah, actually I saw this.
  38. P A sex toy review, written by Yeseul ssi.
  39. Ye !
  40. Ye Ah, that, that's...
  41. P No, I was trying to compliment you.
  42. P You wrote it well.
  43. P It's informative, it's fun.
  44. P And more than anything... vivid.
  45. P I heard you're a goddess of Instagram. I thought I had a feeling. [?]
  46. P So you're going to take charge of the digital review page.
  47. Ye
  48. P Well, we need to post differentiated content from the print magazines.
  49. P I was wondering if we could make a review column every day.
  50. P Ye-seul. You know, this kind of thing. It's just the outward show.
  51. P It's very important to keep the balance between the actual appearance.
  52. P Yeseul ssi, you know, it's very important to maintain a balance between what you see on the outside and what you actually look like.
  53. P Ye-seul probably knows it well.
  54. P I'm sure you've done it a lot...
  55. P Yeseul ssi, I don't think it's a bad opportunity for you.
  56. P I should see you a little more often.
  57. Ye Oh, yes, I'll do my best.
  58. P Um. Then let's do that.
  59. P Oh, let's have a meeting at 3:00 pm for the team members.
  61. • Yeseul heads back down the stairs.
  62. Ye Yes.
  63. Ye "The team leader, I think he's a good man.
  64. Ye "Taking a look at the reviews of staff like me.
  66. • Park speaks to the female underling under the desk
  67. P You did a good job.
  68. P At first, you said you didn't like it that much... but aren't you're pretty good at it?
  69. P It's like that already?
  70. P Are you more excited about being caught?
  71. U Team Leader, I just...
  72. U The review summary, wasn't it for me?
  73. P I'm carefully trying to put people in the right place.
  74. P I'll leave you with something more important. Don't worry.
  75. (He bends her over the desk, the better to fuck her.)
  76. U Ah...
  77. P Won't there be more trust in this "close" relationship?
  78. U Ah... Team Leader... Haag...
  79. P "Women, in the end.
  80. P "If you promise them enough, you're sure to get it.. they're supposed to know where I am and follow me. [?]
  81. P If it's all like that anyway...
  82. P I'll use it thoroughly, too!
  84. • Jin Woo is in the lobby of the office building. [This whole sequence parallels his first time here.]
  85. J Whew.
  86. (He stops at the security guard from before.)
  87. Sg No, the shoemaker apprentice? Why are you wearing this?
  88. J Ah, hello.
  89. J From today on, I'm here on the seventh floor ... working as an intern.
  90. Sg Great! What about the shoe shop?
  91. J For the time being, I will only help with pick up in the morning and lunch break.
  92. Sg Please tell Gu ssi we'll have a drink later!
  93. J "Phew... I'm happy to think about it when I first came here.
  94. S What are you doing?
  95. S Are not you going up?
  96. (He's been joined by Se Yoon.)
  97. S You said you were interning, and you were going to start work immediately this week?
  98. J Ah yes...!
  99. S So we're on the same team from today.
  100. S I look forward to your kind cooperation.
  101. (They shake hands.)
  102. J "Wow... Her hands are really.. really small and soft...
  103. Ye Ah, Jin Woo ssi!
  104. Ye I see you this morning!
  105. (Yeseul runs up to him smiling.)
  106. * Smile
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