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  1. Hi guys! I've had this idea for a while so bare with me while I try to explain it:
  3. I moved to the US a year ago from Sweden, I'd moved for college leaving everyone I knew behind in Sweden to start a new life while I entered this new stage of my life. I work at a coffee shop in the heart of New York which funds most of my rent and living costs.
  5. You're a popular actor, athlete or anything you can think of. You're recognised anywhere you go, you have the pick of the girls and you have an endless amount of money with you.
  7. You come into the coffee shop one day and try to use your charm with me; I decline it and this surprises you. You're used to girls dropping to your knees, begging to be spoken to and here I am not interested.
  9. That's my idea so far, this will be long-term and consist of loads of buildup and detail. My overall idea is that we start off with me being against the idea of being with you but you slowly use your charm and we end up getting together both emotionally and physically. This WON'T be NSFW all of the time so if you're expecting something short and easy, this isn't it.
  11. I'm open to ideas as this is just a spark that I hope interests you, I'd love to hear your follow-up ideas on this.
  13. My requirements are that you're literate and can write in detail, detailed writing is very important to me. Verification doesn't hurt to have either, I'm verified on this and hope you are or are able to!
  15. I look forward to hearing back! ❤❤
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