office work

Jan 14th, 2016
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  1. >be worker in dragon company.
  2. >salamander guards in place to stop the employees from getting frisky. the salamanders themselves as just as capable of starting trouble as they are at preventing it
  3. >The also do little to stop the lamia's from claiming interns
  4. >Poor Ted, He's the only one left right now.
  5. >The water dispenser and air con are broken again. you would call maintenance but the last time you did, the wurm head of R&D dragged him away to fix some emergency and you haven't seen him since.
  6. >Despite it all, you grit your teeth and continue to ignore the lustful stares from the snakes, the challenging glares from the lizards and the "shrine visit Tuesdays" that Ryu insists you join.
  7. >For all men who work here know that the HR wock hates complainers.
  9. >At the end of the the day the Dragon Boss asks for you to come to her office.
  10. >when you arrive she's seated at her desk. Instead of the usual stern face she shows, instead is a little happier.
  11. "nice of you to arrive anon, please take a seat"
  12. >You start to worry about what's going on, you wondered if this I the point you'll get fired or something
  13. "Can I offer you a drink anon? I have this lovely imported fruit juice I obtained from my last meeting."
  14. >She reveals a glass bottle from under her desk along with a pair of glass cups. not wanting to offend your boss you nod and she pours you a glass full.
  15. >you stare and the contents, its looks like its either tropical flavoured, best guess as she didn't mention a fruit. looking back at you boss, she's staring at you with a expectant look in her eye, without a second thought, you down the glass.
  18. "Now anon, how do you feel about the company?"
  19. >You pause in thought as you consider lying, but seeing as this is your boss you decide honest is the best choice and tell her the issues you and the male staff are having.
  20. "Well that does seem to be a problem. I think I'll start looking into these matters personally, another drink?"
  21. >You nod and take a refill and sip it, Where the get this stuff? the taste is awesome and the warm feeling you had was going stronger.
  22. "Well now anon, what would you say if I could make you like easier?"
  23. >What did she mean by that?
  24. "I meant a new position as opened up, and I want you to take it."
  25. >A promotion? really? you ask her if she's serious.
  26. "Of course I am anon. why else would you be here?"
  27. >Fine then, you ask her what what you new job will be. floor manager? team leader?
  28. "co president"
  30. >What? you almost choke on your drink
  31. >You must be hearing things, because that is too big a jump up the ladder in your eyes.
  32. >The dragon smiles with a gleam in here eye.
  33. "Come now anon, do you think know nothing about those who work for me?"
  34. >Best you could do is shrug and tell here there's a lot of people that work here why begs the question, why you?
  35. "You are the best man for the job, I've watch you for some time, you work ethic and ability to `resist` your co-workers is what I want."
  36. " I need a Middleman, I need someone to tell me more about the grunt workings then my cousin in HR, another top-off?"
  37. >You have no idea why this juice was so dam tasty, but you wanted to keep the warm feeling going and you got your refill and told her that you didn't need to be co president to do that kind of job.
  38. "True, but I don't like the idea of my husband having a lower position then my own."
  40. >Going to need to clean your leg later as you've just spilled you glass of juice over it.
  41. you stare at your dragon boss in the eye, she has it, that gleam the monsters get before one of your co-workers disappears for a week or so.
  42. >Nope, not happening. you've spent far too long avoiding duels with the lizards and dodging shirohebi lust fire ambushes to get taken out of the game at this point.
  43. >You stood up where going to refuse her offer before you knees failed you and you crashed back in to your chair. the pleasant warm feeling has changed into a burning sensation.
  44. "Ah, about time that kicked in."
  45. >kicked in? what kicked in, what was she- oh no
  46. "That mix was indeed from my meeting with the new Satyros company, the way they can brew drinks without the taste of alcohol is interesting right?
  47. >No wonder you're messed up right now, she's be giving you creepers this whole time!
  48. "Tell me, what do you know about Firegland oil?"
  49. >Firegland oil? as in the that weird multi purpose stuff dragon secrete so the could breathe fire? You tell her its are best product but you've never used it yourself, why is this important?
  50. "Well did you know I could be used in drinks?"
  51. >You saw where this was going
  52. "what you just drank was a mix of fruit juices, various alcoholic drinks and the best ingredient..."
  53. >she lent over the desk to get in close to my face
  54. "Oil from my very own Fireglands"
  56. "Relax anon, just let the feeling take you."
  57. >With not much else available in terms of movement, you do as she says.
  58. >You've been hammered many times in your life but the burning sensation was one of the weirdest things you've experienced, stimulating with inner warmth while relaxing the mind.
  59. "Starting to under stand why its a most successful product?"
  60. >You ask her what's going on with you body
  61. "Nothing harmful or addictive I assure you, I would never use this if I risked ruining you."
  62. >You manage to ask why was she doing this to you.
  63. >Her response was to look you in the eye.
  64. "I could stand the thought of someone like you in the hands or claws of somebody else. you are the fist person to have my oil and I intent to make you the only one."
  65. >You say there are better ways to do it then this.
  66. "Perhaps there is. but to some love is alot like business. the only way to be sure is when the deal is set in stone."
  67. >She removed her jacket and circled around the desk to straddle your lap.
  68. "Now anon I'm going to let you choose how far we go tonight, we could talk, we you can have more juice, we could even go further, anything you please, just know that one way or another, you will feel more of me."
  70. >You decided to spend the night talking and drinking the juice. You didn't go any further but you were both fine with that.
  71. >Afternoon chats with the boss became a regular thing as she came out more to see the goings on in her building and possibly meet you during the work hours.
  72. >The two of you had be come so close that by the time you actually be came a couple, every thought you already were.
  73. >With your new position in the company (and forcing the HR wock to actually do her job no matter how much she complained) the company grew in success and everyone was enjoying
  74. your brand of firegland oil.
  75. >All but you. you don't go beyond taste testing
  76. >Because the home-brew at home is all you need
  77. >Along with your Co- president/wife that makes it.
  79. I know its not good, but I need to get my mojo back
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