City report 1

Sep 16th, 2015
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  2. --
  3. Welcome to the council hall! - Where the highest political figures in the city meet to forge new laws and policies that will shape the lives and fates of everyone.
  4. --
  5. * Trade: During this phase you can trade your resources and gold freely with any other guild leader as long as you don't break any of the trade policies currently in law.
  6. * Alliance: Guilds can agree to ally each other - You must support your ally when he starts a rebellion. Aggresive actions against allies are forbidden. Breaking alliance costs 30 influence.
  7. --
  8. > [Patriarch = Titular/None]
  9. The current rule exists only by name or does not exist at all. That means the council members are granted with full authority to govern the laws.
  10. Each council member will vote on the change he wishes to make on the current discussed policies, the most voted option will become the new law.
  11. Since there is no current patriarch to restrain you, you have the ability to pay 20 influence in order to make your vote counts twice
  12. --
  13. > Currently discussed policies: Trade policies.
  14. --
  15. > 1) Vote for a 'Free trade policy' - Any guild can trade with any other guild with any type of materialistic resource.
  16. > 2) Vote for a 'Bartering goods only policy' - Guilds can only exchange resources with each other, but not gold.
  17. > 3) Vote for a 'Abolished trade policy' - The trade is forbidden completely, guilds can not exchange anything between them .
  18. > 4) Do not vote
  19. Blue Moon Blades What do you vote for.
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