Bomb Defusal

Mar 18th, 2021
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  1. Throwing your weight backwards, you narrowly avoid Polka's wild slashing attempt, sweat pouring off your forehead as you do so. Polka sniffles through her anger, bringing the knife back down and around, soaring past you as you deftly dodge her assault.
  3. "Polka, I'm serious! I wasn't doing anything with Nene! I just had to deliver some papers!"
  4. "I told you to watch 'only me'! That means no looking at other girls!!" Polka screams in response, tears pouring out of her eyes. They're starting to dislodge the little eye decorations she has... "D-Don't try and lie your way out of it! You're sick and tired of me! But I won't let you go!"
  6. You furrow your brow as you smoothly duck a slice aimed at your neck. That one took a few hairs off! Seems she isn't listening to reason. Letting out a disappointed sigh, you begin your counter attack.
  8. As Polka brings the knife down once more, you quickly shoot your hand out, catching her wrist with yours. Her visage flares up in anger as she brings her other hand up, but you grasp it as well, holding her still. As she sobs and struggles against you, gritting her teeth in anger, you begin.
  10. "Why would I need Nene when I have the best woman in the world right here, at my side?" You coo, giving her a disarming smile. You know this smile works because this isn't the first fucking rodeo you've been through.
  11. "W-What?" Polka asks. Right on cue. She looks at you, still filled with hurt and contempt...but confusion. An opening!
  12. "I know I didn't stutter, though sometimes addressing your beauty leaves me at a loss for words..." You continue, groaning internally. You hate this soap opera shit, but...
  14. Polka's struggling stops as she slowly begins to flush, still pouting at you. It's working.
  16. "D-Don't...don't try and sweet talk your way out of this, I know that-"
  17. "That I love you more than anything else in the world?" You interject. "I know that you do. But sometimes you need a little reminder, don't you?"
  19. Not waiting for a response, you give Polka another smile, leaning in close to her. She freezes up as you stop outside of her ear, starting to shiver in your grip. Seal the deal.
  21. "I love you, sweetie," You whisper into your girlfriend's ear. She jolts as you do so, letting out a weak murmur of embarrassment. "I only have eyes for you. Always have, always will."
  23. Pulling back from her ear, you plant a soft kiss on her forehead for effect. Polka's face, already red, becomes an entirely darker shade as you do so, dropping the knife, luckily avoiding cutting either of you on the way down. Instant KO. Giving up any pretenses of attacking you, she pushes herself into your chest, rubbing her tear-stained cheeks against your torso as she holds you.
  25. "Y-You mean it, right? You only love me?" She asks incessantly, clinging to you. Her face is so red you can feel her skin burning through your clothes.
  26. "Of course, Polka..." You respond. Your words are genuine. "Why would I need anyone else? I get to wake up every day next to my soulmate. The funniest, cutest, sweetest girl in the galaxy..."
  28. You lay it on thick, sure, but the effect is instant. Polka giggles into you, cuddling you like a stuffed toy as you kiss the top of her head, running one of your hands down her back.
  30. Conflict resolved. Just another day, you guess.
  32. Maybe it'd be better if you primarily worked with the Holostars...
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