Expect Some Delays/Inactivity (Visa Stress Incoming!) | (01/10/2020)

Apr 3rd, 2021
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  1. Expect Some Delays/Inactivity (Visa Stress Incoming!) | (01/10/2020)
  3. Hi, I wrote a more in-depth (and ranty) blogpost about this topic in-depth on my personal site here, so please read that to understand the context of this News post. I would just copy + paste the entire thing here, but I feel it would be a little too personal and out of place for Peelopaalu.
  5. To clarify before I get asked: This does not mean I am abandoning the site, it just means that updates will be coming at a much slower pace for the next few months while I get things sorted out in my personal life. Visas are incredibly stressful, time consuming, expensive and all-around BS to deal with, so I need to put all of my spare time into dealing with that at the moment. IRL has to come first in this case, but rest assured that I still really enjoy working on Peelopaalu and I have no intentions to stop doing so any time soon!
  7. - Snooper -
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