TunnelQuest2 Skeleton

Apr 11th, 2014
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  1. Quest Skeleton:
  2. First Area: Berryside Mines Ext/Interior
  3. -Arrive at Berryside mine, meet up with Ricard (NPC)(You can puppet him if you wish, or leave him to me. He’ll act as the mouthpiece, since he’s the overseer of the region in which the door was found)
  4. -Enter the mine, and proceed down a somewhat lengthy path to the break I the wall
  5. -from here, proceed right to tunnel
  6. Second Area: Right Tunnel
  7. -Travel down the tunnel. Rather uneventful
  8. -At a rounded out area, a rust beetle is found OPTIONS: Fight/Lure
  9. Fight:
  10. >(note: killing the beetle without other methods of getting past door will end quest early)
  11. >[Rust Beetle: 30 HP. d4 bite and feeler attack. Feeler attack special rules: d20 to hit, instant dissolve of metal equipment]
  12. >Rust beetle will target metal as a priority, going after armored targets/metal weapons
  13. >upon defeat: [rust dust, body]
  14. Lure:
  15. >Two Sub-Options: Lure out/Lure to door
  16. >(note: If lured out, the beetle unavailable to destroy the iron door unless it is kept near the entrance)
  17. >Metal required for either. If the PC is too slow, the beetle will eat the metal bait. (Avoid roll, pass is 12+(agility’s evasion roll bonus will help))
  18. >Beetle can be lured to Iron Door.
  19. Third Area: Iron Door Room
  20. -Once the room is reached, there’s little else to do
  21. Things in the Area:
  22. >Golem Remains: Merely rubble, little remains
  23. >ruined campsite: Nothing of interest, unless you find the fabric appealing
  24. Door:
  25. >Rust Beetle will rust and eat door
  26. Fourth Area: Beyond the Door
  27. -Beyond the door, there will be a long-ish tunnel
  28. -continuing travel, the troupe will come to a wooden door.
  29. >beyond the door is a mining office, small yet well-furnished
  30. Loot:
  31. >Map of tunnels?
  32. >Area Map?
  33. >Leftover Ore?
  34. >Chest/Stand with mining helmet/pickaxes?
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