Salute Application

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  1. ASH
  2. username: @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  3. password: regular-irregular
  6. birthname:
  7. | Natsumi Hanako (夏見 華子)
  8. | Kang Jaehwa (강 재화)
  9. name: Sakura (桜)
  10. nickname(s):
  11. Hana; Everyone. Basically everyone calls her Hana because it has less syllables and is cute for her. People also think it suits her because she's delicate like a flower.
  12. Jaehwangie; L/I. She only lets her L/I call her this for somebody reason that no one knows. All they know is that if they call her Jaehwnagie, they are going to bear consequences.
  13. birthdate: March 14, 2001
  14. age: 17
  16. birthplace: Osaka, Japan
  17. nationality: Japanese-Korean
  18. ethnicity: Japanese-Korean
  20. height: 162cm
  21. weight: 49kg
  23. ANCHOR
  24. personality:
  25. - Quiet; She's VERY quiet. She speaks rather quietly and only when necessary. And as an interrogator, she let's the suspect so the talking. She feels that there's no reason to waste her words or her breath on such useless things.
  26. - Intimidating; She's very intimidating. Around her, you'll really understand the meaning of "silent but deadly". She doesn't smile that much and doesn't speak much, making you wonder if she's angry. And if she is, best to stay away or else you'll end up in some hot soup.
  27. - Focused; She's always focused, especially on her goals. If she's assigned to a Mission, her mind won't leave it until it's completed. It's hard to distract her and this actually helps a Sec she's always way she alert and can help get the group to stay on task.
  28. - Intelligent; She's pretty intelligent for her age. She knows many languages and is always sensible about her words and actions. She excelled in all her academic areas and can think of solutions to many problem she her may face.
  29. - Soft; She can actually be pretty soft towards those that she cares about. Her obsession wit her plushies she kind of gives that away. She always puts others before herself and cares for everyone. She'll always be there to lend a helping hand.
  30. - Broken; She's actually broken on the inside, which is why she's distancing herself from the rest most of the time. She had a really rough past and she's regrets some things that she's done. She spends quite a lot of time alone, crying and Swimming through her thoughts.
  31. background: She was born in Osaka as an only child. She used to be a very social child who enjoyed having friends. That only lasted until she was 12, and she met some fake friends and wasn't aware of it until she started hurting her real friends on accident. She felt very guilty about it and was very happy to leave that school. Sadly, in the next country that they moved to, some people killed her Mother, and she was scarred. She decided to become an antisocial judging by all the cruel people in the world. She didn't want to get hurt anymore than she already was. When she moved with her Father to Korea, she decided that she wanted to do something to change what the cruel world had become of. When her Father flew back to Japan, she joined Salute to make that dream come true.
  34. - Plushies
  35. - Peach Tea
  36. - Tonkotsu Ramen
  37. - Silence
  38. - Cherry Blossoms
  39. dislikes:
  40. - Disturbance
  41. - Procrastination
  42. - Too Much Noise
  43. - Stubborness
  44. - Liars
  45. trivia:
  46. - She has 139 Plushies, 14 with her and 125 at home in Japan.
  47. - She's fluent in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French. Planning to learn more languages.
  48. - She's secretly a big fan of GOT7 and Stray Kids, especially Yugyeom and Jisung :1
  49. - Her hobbies are listening to music, sketching, reading with a cup of tea and working.
  50. - She has a husky puppy called Yeoko and a calico kitten called Huang.
  51. - She learnt Taekwondo, Archery, Darts and Gymnastics as a child so she's rather strong physically.
  52. - She's in early bird who gets up before dawn and doesn't actually sleep much. The most she's slept is 4 hours in one night.
  54. strengths:
  55. - intelligence
  56. - focus
  57. - always alert
  58. - Fluent no multiple Languages
  59. weaknesses:
  60. - Plushies
  61. - Loved Ones
  62. fears:
  63. - Death
  64. - Failure
  65. choice of weaponry: "Ninja Stars" :P
  67. SMOKE
  68. slot: Beautiful
  69. backup slot: Meant To Be Yours
  71. face claim: @gini_s2_
  72. backup face claim: Elkie (CLC)
  74. love interest: Zhong Chenle
  75. backup love interest: Lee Haechan
  77. SLATE
  78. any specific way you want your relationship to go?: not really, I just want it to go well.
  79. any additional information: Hanako has Vasovagal Syncope, but she never told anyone because she feels that's it would make her seem weak.
  81. requested scenes with L/I: -
  82. requested scenes with the girls: -
  84. message to society: Thank you for accepting me in to the society and I promise not to let you down.
  85. message to chai: hello ilysm Unnie don't forget to DM me!!1! <3 Also, sorry for any errors or Low quality!!
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