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  1. What makes a good life?. It is a general question that can be easy and also can be difficult to answer.
  2.  It depends on the individual. Because every one has their own different experience in their life. When people  are asked about what good life is, over 80% said that a major life for them is to get rich and the others said that a good life is when they become famous like celebrity. That is why they said that they have to work hard and push themselves harder in order to make their dreams come true.
  4. In my opinion, a good life is when we have good relationship with others. A person who has good social skill will have a good life because we can learn three big lessons about relationship. The first, social connections are really good for us. People who are more social connected to family, to friends and to community are happier, they are physically healthier, and they live longer then people who are less well connected. The second is the quality of your close relationships that matters. It is about how satisfied you are in your relationship. And how you develop your healthy relationship. And The third big lesson that we learn from a good relationship is that good relationship can protect our mental health. People who are in relationship where they really feel they can count on the other person in times of need, usually more mentally stable than other people, because they always feel save that they know they have someone's back in whatever situation they're currently in.
  6. A good relationship also not only limited between humans, but also our relationship with our nature, we can see that nowadays there's a major problem with our nature due to global warming. All of this problem caused by us human, so in order to build a good life, we also need to change our wasting stuff habits, and try to control them, because every year we dump such a huge amount of toxic waste into the nature. So if we can manage to control it, not only we will life our live in a good way, but we also able to maintain our nature health in a good way too. Because what it means to have a good life if you dont have the place to live it right?
  8. Thats all what I can say about what is a good life means to me, and its just a personal opinion, so if anyone against it, I dont blame them because everyone has their own mindset and opinion. Thank you
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