Present for Dad

Apr 8th, 2018
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  1. =======================================
  3. Present for Dad
  5. =======================================
  7. >"Alright, Honey. We're almost there. You remember what we're looking for?"
  8. >Your Mom chides in from behind you.
  9. >You can see the department store in the distance.
  10. >Dad's birthday is coming up, and Mom recruited you to help her out on a super-secret mission.
  11. >Operation: Sparkling Surprise. You named it. Obviously.
  12. >So excited you think you might explode, you hop around your slowpoke-mare of a mother over and over again. Unable to contain your own laughter as you answer.
  13. "Of course I do, Silly. But we'll never get there if you don't go faster!"
  14. >Bouncing along, you reach the front of the store and look inside.
  15. >All sorts of shiny stuff hangs from the walls. You can see necklaces, bracelets, rings, hoof rings, and a few others fancy ones that you can't remember the name of right now.
  16. >There's one in there that looks like a fancier version of the bracelet you're wearing!
  17. "Eeeeeeeeee!" You squeal with delight and turn back to your mother.
  18. >Strangely, she's stopped a good distance behind you, and she looks a bit sick.
  19. >She won't stop looking around and at the big scary human near the front of the store.
  20. >She's also fidgeting on her hooves.
  21. >Maybe she has to pee?
  22. "C'mon, Mom! It's so cool!"
  23. >Biting her lip and lowering her head, she waves you back towards her with a hoof.
  24. >"S-Something's come up dear... I can't go with you"
  25. >You tilt your head.
  26. "What do you mean, Mom? The store's right there! You can go later."
  27. >"Just... Go inside and grab the thing we want. Okay, Sweetie? You've still got the money right?"
  28. >Bending your neck around, you unclasp the cover of the saddlebag on your back. Inside, there's still the large assortment of the green paper that Mom put in there this morning.
  29. "Duh, I'm a very responsible pony. Now, C'mon! Let's go!"
  31. >You walk over to her as she starts fidgeting more.
  32. >It's almost like there's a super-secret line she can't cross.
  33. >"Sweetie, please! Stop!"
  34. "I don't get it!" You yell as you move behind her and start pushing her from behind.
  35. >She scrambles with her hooves and tries to push back.
  36. >You push harder, letting out a giggle as her shaking back legs fail to stop you.
  37. "See, it's not so hard!"
  38. >Triumphantly, you move around to her front and pat her on the head.
  39. >But something's wrong.
  40. >Mom's shaking.
  41. >Why won't she stop shaking?
  42. >And why does she keep staring up at that man?
  43. >"Excuse me."
  44. >Nearly yelping at the sudden, deep voice; you turn and face the big human who's now nearly leaning over you and mommy.
  45. >With a large hand, he slowing taps the sign next to him.
  46. >It reads: No oontended? No untended slahvehs? No untended eslahv-eees?
  47. >What on Earth is an eslahvee? You think you've heard the word before, but you can't remember where.
  48. >Anyway, it says 'No untended eslahvees alloowehd.'
  49. >No. Wait. Allowed! Haha! Daddy would be so proud. You should tell him later. But wait! That would ruin the surprise!
  50. >Speaking of, why does Mom look so sad?
  51. >Why won't she look at you?
  52. >Is she one of those eslahvees?
  53. >Does she think he won't let her in?
  54. >Well you've got Daddy's magic bracelet. It can get you in anywhere the humans that aren't Daddy's friends say you can't go.
  55. "Hey, Mister! Stop scaring my Mom!" You say as strongly as you can, holding out your foreleg with Daddy's bracelet on it.
  56. >The man lifts an eyebrow, before giving a small nod.
  57. >"Alright, but you're responsible for her. She disobeys you, I'll have to forcibly remove her. Understood?"
  58. >You're confused.
  59. >Why are you responsible for your own Mom?
  60. >Her lips are trembling.
  61. >She looks like she's about to cry.
  62. >But she still won't look at you.
  63. >Instead, she just walks forward with her head held low, and gives you a little nudge to get you moving.
  64. >"Let’s go, Pumpkin..." She whispers under her breath.
  66. >You have so many questions you want to ask, but Mom nudges you again. And you feel like this isn't a good time to annoy her.
  67. >Thankfully, it only takes a few moments for you to find what you're looking for.
  68. >A silver wrist thingy that tells the time.
  69. >A, uh, a watch! That's it! To replace Daddy's old one.
  70. >But it's too high up for either of you.
  71. >Mom tries getting a store lady to help us get it down, but the rude lady ignores her. In fact, she tells her she's not allowed to help her kind.
  72. >What's that supposed to mean?
  73. >You decide you'll get her attention with the help of Daddy's bracelet.
  74. >The woman begins turning away, but once she notices the golden ring around your foreleg, her eyes go wide.
  75. >She looks back and forth between you and your Mom -- who won't stop looking at the stupid floor -- before she sighs and gets the watch for you.
  76. >Beaming you turn to Mom, but she won't even smile back at you.
  77. >She looks too sad, like someone just took something away from her that she loved very much.
  78. >This place isn't a good place.
  79. >This evil place is bad for good ponies like Mommy.
  80. >You're only protected by Daddy's magic bracelet.
  81. >You need to get the watch and get her out of here as soon as possible.
  82. >Quick as you can, you drag your Mom over to the counter and spit the watch in front of another lady running it.
  83. >She asks for money, and you swiftly pull out all the green papers and spit them out on the counter for her.
  84. >Her face goes sour, but she daintily picks through the notes before taking a bunch from the pile and handing the rest back.
  85. >This other rude lady wishes you a good day, but you just glare at her until she hands the watch back to you.
  86. >Head held high, move alongside your mom and wrap your tail around her rear.
  87. "Let's go, Mom. This place isn't for good ponies like us. I'm just lucky I have Dad's bracelet to protect me!"
  88. >Again, Mom looks at you like she's about to cry. Though this time, she nuzzles your cheek and tries her best to smile.
  90. >"You're right. Let's go home, Sweetie."
  91. >The whole way out of the store, that big scary human watches your Mom like a hawk. But you stick your tongue out at him and he stops looking.
  92. >Nobody's allowed to be mean to my Mom.
  94. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  96. >With that, you and your awesome Mom finished your super-secret mission to obtain the sparkling silver watch for Dad.
  97. >But for some reason, even though Daddy loved the watch, Mom forbid you from telling him how you got it.
  98. >Daddy didn't ask either.
  99. >He just gave her ear a scratch, and thanked her, and said he loved her with all his heart.
  100. >Even if you don't understand a lot of thing, you know Mommy and Daddy love each other, and they love you, and that's all that matters.
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