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  1. It's beginning to look a lot like fish-men
  2. Everywhere I go;
  3. From the minute I got to town
  4. And started to look around
  5. I thought these day-touched people's gillslits showed.
  6. I'm beginning to hear a lot of fish-men
  7. Right outside my door,
  8. As I try to escape in fright
  9. To the moonlit Anvil night
  10. I can hear some more.
  12. They speak with logical words, divinations absurd
  13. And proceed very rationally
  14. Their eyes never blink and quite frankly they stink
  15. Like a carcass washed up from the sea.
  17. I wish I'd paid attention to that crazy Highborn man.
  18. He tried to warn me all about the Spire's Merrow clan.
  20. It's beginning to look a lot like Fish-men
  21. Everywhere I go;
  22. They can set fire to Urizen,
  23. but that'll help noone,
  24. The taint of Day spreads further than they know.
  25. I'll continue to see a lot of fish-men
  26. That I guarantee.
  27. For the fish-man I really fear
  28. is the one who's in the mirror
  29. And he looks like me.
  30. He looks just like me.
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