Facenama Iranian Facebook copy hacked

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  1. Iranian Copy of Facebook ( Hacked, 116k User Accounts Leaked
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  4. Some years ago a website called was announced to play Facebook(ish) roll in Iranian Society while we heard that it's been hacked by an anonymous group.
  5. the hackers published a photo and mentioned that "we hacked this site because of its low security  and putting 2 Million Iranian users at risk! and its stupid Owner! we will publish the whole Database next days. the users passwords will be published next days so try to change your passwords if you are using them in other websites or in facebook or anywhere else."
  6. hackers uploaded users' Email adresses and usernames and passwords hashed by MD5 in 3 upload sites. it's an 8 MB Text file that can be downloaded by anyone but we didn't reveal the upload links to respect users' privacy!
  7. some notable things in Facenama website are:
  8. 1- there have been some passwords made with 5 characters while the standard passwords should contain more than 6 or 8 characters!
  9. 2- about 3% of passwords are 123456 (very simple password)
  10. 3-about 1.5% of all passwords are 123456789 (simple passwords)
  11. 4- some other easy passwords are: 000000 and 111111 and 12345678 and some other easy passwords that a website with 2 Million users should have more security and never let users select that kind of passwords!
  12. 5- about 165 accounts were made by one same email Address " Rezi.hacker" so it means that Facenama doesn't send Activation Email to confirm the Username and Password so each person can make thousands of usernames with just one Email address!
  13. 6- the hacker's  Email Address Domain is "" and is given by a Russian Email service so it might mean something and give us a clue where the hacker came from! The hacker published an image writing something in it (I'll attach it) in Persian so it means that hacker either is Persian or knows how to write Persian.
  15. Thanks in advance.
  16. Vahid Haghkhah
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