Bunch of .pw domains pointing to my website

Jul 4th, 2020
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  1. Bunch of .pw domains pointing to my website
  2. There are dozens of .pw domains referring to my website.
  3. And there are also many p0rn domains PBN trying to neg seo impact me.
  4. ++++++++++++++
  5. list of top cheapest host http://Listfreetop.pw
  7. Top 200 best traffic exchange sites http://Listfreetop.pw
  9. free link exchange sites list http://Listfreetop.pw
  10. list of top ptc sites
  11. list of top ptp sites
  12. Listfreetop.pw
  13. Listfreetop.pw
  14. +++++++++++++++
  15. Adding those domains to disavow is enough? What would you do against a neg seo attack?
  16. Disavow is the only immediate thing you can do.
  17. Otherwise if your link profile is strong with legit links you can probably just ignore those.
  18. Cloud Backup and Recovery Platform Provider OwnBackup Receives $23 Million Investment
  19. Cloud backup and recovery platform provider OwnBackup has received an investment of more than $23 million. OwnBackup, which has headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey, United
  21. States, operates under the slogan “no company operating in the cloud should ever lose data”. The company offers a range of cloud backup services which include automated ‘Cloud
  23. -to-Cloud’ backups of SaaS and PaaS data. They also include backup services for Salesforce, ServiceNow and Slack. The company’s investment was received as a Series C round.
  25. OwnBackup’s $23.25 million investment was financed by Insight Venture Partners and Vertex Ventures. Current investors Innovation Endeavors, Oryzn Capital and Salesforce Ventures
  27. also contributed. OwnBackup currently caters to 1,000 businesses globally and alongside growing its customer base the money will be used to onboard new executives. News of the
  29. investment comes against the backdrop of the company announcing the general availability of ‘OwnBackup Archiver’ - a regulatory compliance tool designed for SaaS platform users
  31. which automatically archives data and attachments.
  33. Publishers buying the "speed" narrative are failing themselves. The Guardian has 11 people working on AMP integration. And what is Google doing about speed? Google shut down
  35. Google Instant search results, often displays a screen or two full of ads which mobile users have to scroll past to find the organic search results AND is testing auto-playing
  37. videos in the search results.
  38. Facebook is also promoting fast loading & mobile-friendly pages.
  39. To keep bleeding clicks out of the "organic" ecosystem they don't even need to have explicit malicious intent. They can run a thousand different tests every month (new vertical
  41. sitelink formats, swipable sitelinks, showing 8 sitelinks on tiny mobile devices, MOAR sitelinks, message extensions, extensions on call-only ads, price discount labels, frame 3rd
  43. party content inline, dramatically ramp up featured snippets +QnA listings, more related searches, more features in ad units, larger ad units, ad units that replace websites &
  45. charge advertisers for sending clicks from Google to Google, launch a meta-search service where they over-promote select listings, test dropping URLs from listings, put ads in the
  47. local pack, change color of source links or other elements, pop ups of search results inside search results, etc.) & keep moving toward whatever layout drives more ad clicks,
  49. keeps users on Google longer & forces businesses to buy ads for exposure, claiming they are optimizing the user experience the whole time.
  50. They can hard-code any data type or feature, price it at free to de-fund adjacent businesses, consolidate market power, then increase rents after they have a monopoly position in
  52. the adjacent market.
  53. And they can fund research on how to remove watermarks from images.
  54. Why not make hosting free, get people to publish into a proprietary format & try to shift news reading onto the Google app. With enough attention & market coverage they can
  56. further extort publishers into accepting perpetually worse deals. And free analytics & business plugins which are widely adopted can have key features get pushed into the paid
  58. version. Just look at Google Analytics - its free or $150,000+/yr.
  59. Bunch of .pw domains pointing to my website
  60. The above sorts of moves can be done in isolation, or in a combinatorial approach. Publishers aloof of the ecosystem shifts may use microformats to structure their content.
  62. They'll then find it is integrated in Google's new image search layout, where Google copies the content wholesale &
  63. shows it near other third party images framed by Google.
  64. How about some visually striking, yet irrelevant listings for competing brands on branded searches to force the brand ad buy. And, of course rounded card corners to eat a few more
  66. pixels, along with faint ad labeling on ads coupled with vibrant colored dots on the organic results to confuse end users into thinking the organic results are the ads.
  67. While Google turns their search results into an adspam farm, they invite you to test showing fewer ads on your site to improve user experience. Google knows best - let them
  69. automate your ad load & ad placement.
  70. What is the real risk of AI? Bias.
  71. "It's important that we be transparent about the training data that we are using, and are looking for hidden biases in it, otherwise we are building biased systems," Giannandrea
  73. added. "If someone is trying to sell you a black box system for medical decision support, and you don't know how it works or what data was used to train it, then I wouldn't trust
  75. it."
  77. bookmarkgroups.com
  78. bloggingfusion.com
  79. elclasificado.com
  80. healthpromo.eu
  81. 9 ways to make money with youtube
  82. sagasciousmarketing.com
  83. how to make money from home
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