Stepping Down as a KH mod

Jul 4th, 2020
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  1. Hello everybody, this is difficult for me to write, but as of today I will be stepping down as a KH BBS/0.2 mod. Some information was recently brought to my attention, and for the purposes of respecting the person who came forward with it, I will not state who or what it concerns. All I can say is that it is not something regarding danger for anyone in the community so please don’t feel scared or concerned. As I am currently the supermod for 0.2, I would appreciate if Jordan replaced me as he appears to be someone truly committed to grinding and caring for the game (but as I’m stepping down I can understand if the other mods chose to overwrite this decision).
  3. I first joined the speedrunning community through Kingdom Hearts in late 2014. Getting into BBS speedrunning was an important moment in my life as in 2015 my parents and I immigrated halfway across the world and KH speedrunning (and speedrunning as a whole) helped me keep calm and move forward. While I always had minor problems as to how the LBs were run with the old mod team, this community always felt warm and welcoming to me. By the time I started seeing problems with certain individuals, I already had made so many friends through this community that I brushed it off. At the same time, I always wanted to become and LB mod as I thought it would be the best way to help the community I cared for so much.
  5. Fast forward to the restructure of the LBs and I did it. I became a mod, and hoped to this way have a positive effect on this community (and I hope I did). Honestly, while I didn’t like everybody, the majority of the community still seemed like the positive, healthy community that I had first been introduced to. I’m not sure if I convey this with words, but being in this position truly meant a lot to me.
  7. Earlier today I was provided with information regarding certain individuals in this community. Once again, at the request of the person who provided this information that is all I will say. Also, once again this information does not reveal some imminent form of danger/threat to the physical well-being of people in the community. However, it made me see this community that AI have loved and participated in through a different lens. While I already had suspicions for the true character of certain individuals, the situation was finally clear to me.
  9. I think it is best for my mental well-being to disassociate myself from this community, simply because of how much it has meant for me in the past and realizing certain things just hurts me a lot. At this point all I want to say is thank you to the people who made me feel at home, and to those who welcomed me with open arms all those years ago. I wish you the best. As to the terrible people within this community, I hope you realize how seriously words can hurt other individuals.
  11. There are also some people who I consider good friends, beyond just the realm of speedrunning. I would gladly keep talking to you, and I hope this isn’t goodbye for us.
  13. Thank you for reading everyone, sorry if grammar isn’t the best, English isn’t my first language. And thank you once again for these past 6 years to those who made them amazing. I hope I managed to make your experience as amazing as you made mine.
  15. - Game Brain
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