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Jul 21st, 2015
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  1. Any friends here who are graphic designers and are anti-Binay? Just an idea: instead of just of sharing stuff on social media, how about someone designs an easy to print flyer with quick bullet points that are easy to understand why he should not be supported? Then any of us anti-Binay middle class folks can print a few copies and give them to drivers or vendors or whatever other common people we encounter, or leave them behind in buses or carinderias. The flyers can have English and Tagalog versions, and we can leave copies somewhere on the internet (the flyer itself can have the link) and also encourage other people to design and distribute their own flyers
  3. Some bullet points I would include are:
  4. - supports political dynasties
  5. - wants to get rid of term limits
  6. - thinks he shouldnt be held liable for contracts he signs off on
  7. - encourages his supporters to defy the law (re: suspension of junjun)
  8. - wants us to give up our claim vs China
  9. etc
  11. maybe other people can suggest things that would have more impact on the masses. I would avoid anything outright libelous though (all of my examples above are from known articles)
  13. Sharing stuff on social media is easy, and it's great, but we really only reach the people who are already smart enough to be against Binay. The aim of this idea is to get a grassroots-type thing going that can reach even common people. What do you think? Is it doable? Is it a terrible idea?
  15. Share if you think it's a good idea
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