Mystcraft IMC

Oct 15th, 2014
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  1. blacklistfluid - ItemStack form of block of fluid
  2. blacklistfluid - String fluidname for FluidRegistry.getFluid
  3. blacklist - String symbol identifier to blacklist
  4. fluidsymboldata - NBT
  5. String fluidname for FluidRegistry.getFluid
  6. OR
  7. Integer fluidid for FluidRegistry.getFluid
  8. opt Boolean seabanned
  9. opt Float rarity (item treasure weight)
  10. opt Float grammar (grammar rule weight)
  11. opt Float factor1 (accessibility factor for instability)
  12. opt Float factor2 (flatrate factor for instability)
  13. (Reference: http://pastebin.com/9v8eeRCy)
  15. register - String method (including classpath) which takes an instance of MystAPI as it's only parameter
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