(MLO) Pounding The Cake Family 1: Sweet Dreams

Mar 9th, 2013
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  1. Warning: Clop
  3. >Day 6210 in Equestria
  4. >You are Pound Cake
  5. >You are soaring through the sky, not a care in the world
  6. >The clouds pass by you, the wind in your hair, the sun on your wings
  7. >You weren’t the best flyer, but today you will try something you have never done before, something that will show those other Pegasus what’s what
  8. >A double backflip followed by a displacement roll and two stalling loops, finishing up with a high-g barrel roll.
  9. >There is nothing that can ruin thi-
  10. >”Wake up!”
  11. >You see your sister flying next to you. Without wings. In a bright blue sky. You are confused
  12. >Then you see her shove you off the bed
  13. “OMPHH!”
  14. >”Come on! We’re late again!”
  15. >She drags you up out of your pile of sheets and pillows and throws your backpack haphazardly on you
  16. >She then throws a half-eaten muffin at your face
  17. >”Eat and run! We gotta go!”
  18. “Alright alright”
  19. >You and your sibling rush out the door, eliciting a wayward comment from your parents and ‘aunt’ as they work in the bakery
  20. >Honestly Pinkie wasn’t really your aunt, at least not by blood, but she still seemed like she fit that role in your two’s life
  21. >You two run through the streets, widely dodging various other ponies that were out and about
  22. >”Why is it that I have to wake you up almost every day?”
  23. >You thought about what you did last night
  24. ---
  25. >Mom and dad went out for the night, along with Pinkie
  26. >Something about a party for a friend
  27. >Pumpkin said she was just going to read in her room
  28. >But an hour after mom and dad left you caught her leaving
  29. “Wait, we got chores! Where are you going?”
  30. >”Hanging out with Dinky. And you owe me for those chores”
  31. “What are you talking about?”
  32. >”Last week. Math Class. Dinky Doo.”
  33. >Despite my best efforts, you remembered what she was talking about
  34. “…yea, sure. But can I hang out with you after-“
  35. >”No, sorry, fillies only”
  36. >You were mildly peeved as you watched her leave you alone to clean
  38. >Scrub the counters
  39. >Clean the ovens
  40. >Soap up the pots and pans
  41. >Put away the wine
  42. >Mop the floor-
  43. >Wait, what was that last one?
  44. >You stood at the pantry and opened it back up
  45. >There, right where you put it, was a bottle of half-full dark red liquid that sloshed about
  46. >You thought Mom, Dad, and Pinkie looked a bit flush when the left an hour ago
  47. >You closed the pantry and went back to finishing the floor
  48. >What was the deal with wine anyways?
  49. >You remember when the local farmer let you have a glass of Cider for your 12th birthday
  50. >It tasted like bad apple juice
  51. >But you still liked how you felt afterwards
  52. >…
  53. >You put the broom away and start filling up the mop bucket
  54. >And slink over to the pantry
  55. >A few sips won’t hurt
  56. >And besides, they already finished a good part of the bottle, they won’t notice any missing
  58. >A few moments later
  59. >The record player was blaring in the background
  60. >You were off-key singing in the foreground
  61. “J-Just somebody that I USED TO KNOW!”
  62. >Another swig
  63. “SOMEBODY!”
  64. >The floor was covered with dirty soap water
  65. >The mop was in the sink, and the counter was covered with several attempts at making a sandwich
  66. >And for some reason you were wearing a pot as a helmet
  67. >You were a total lightweight
  68. “But you didn’t have to CUT ME OFF! Make-a-like-a-Mu-mu-we-were nothing!”
  69. >You continued to clean, for some definition of the word
  70. >Eventually, as you started to finish up, your mind started to wander
  71. >A book you read, that donut shop, school, the others you called your friends, the fillies
  72. >The flanks of those fillies…
  73. >…
  74. >You took a glance at the kitchen, declared it clean enough, and then went upstairs
  75. >Quickly reaching under your bed for the lingerie magazines you had stashed
  76. >”Page… Page 19… the mare with the black socks… ahh…”
  77. >Sitting in your bed you began to run a hoof up and down your length
  78. >Each pass felt divine, as your member began to grow
  79. >You begin to feel yourself pulse and ripple with each stroke
  80. >Closing your eyes you imagined being mounted by the pretty mare in the thigh-high socks
  81. >Her lips and hips closing to yours
  82. >Your member began leaking pre, but you didn’t care
  83. >Just a little more an-
  84. >*SLAM*
  85. >”Pound! I’m home!”
  86. >Damnit, not now Pumpkin!
  87. >Rather hurriedly, you throw the magazine under your bed and jump under the covers
  88. >Clutching the pillow in front of you to hide your arousal
  89. >Seconds later Pumpkin sticks her head in your room
  90. >”Hey, sorry about leaving you with the chores, but this was sort of important.”
  91. “Oh, yea, don’t worry about it…”
  92. >She smiles and leaves back toward her room
  93. >”Also, Dinky says Hi” She quips before closing her own door
  94. >Damnit
  95. >Knowing there’s no way you would be able to get release without Pumpkin over hearing, you decide to just drift off to sleep instead
  97. >The floor was clean
  98. >Depending on how you would define ‘clean’
  99. >By your eyes it was good, but according to mom it wasn’t
  100. >Pinkie Pie was watching you, making sure you cleaned it properly this time
  101. >After getting another bucket you started to get the areas where dried soap and flour caked
  102. >You sigh and start to stand up, using your forelegs to work the mop
  103. >Unicorns don’t have to deal with this crap
  104. >In fact, Pumpkin could probably take care of thi-
  105. >You slip and fall
  106. >”Pound!”
  107. “I’m fine, I’m fine”
  108. >”Don’tcha know how to mop?”
  109. “Yea.. it’s just…”
  110. >”Here! Let auntie Pinkie Pie show you how it’s done!”
  111. >She grabs the mop from you, stands on her back hooves, and starts moping
  112. >Her body swaying to and fro as she cleans
  113. >You notice her flanks bounce ever so slightly with each swing of the mop
  114. >How they sway with an almost pendulum like quality
  115. >And how your member seems to like the view also
  116. >”What’s the matter?”
  117. “N-Nothing.”
  118. >She leans in
  119. >”Okay here!”
  120. >She grabs you and pulls your body right up behind hers, with your forelegs on the mop
  121. >”Just grab the mop and move like I do, just like we were dancing. It’s easy!”
  122. >The two of you begin to sway back and forth
  123. >Like a slow dance
  124. >Except you have a mop
  125. >And your groin is nestled right in her flanks
  126. >And you are also poking her down there
  127. >After another sway she stops and presses her flanks into your groin a bit
  128. >”Pound…” she says as she starts to caress your length
  129. “Auntie Pinkie…”
  130. >You begin humping into her thighs
  131. >They surround your shaft like a soft fleshy hotdog bun
  132. >Pinkie begins to pant
  133. >”You really shouldn’t be doing this… what would Mr and Mrs Cake say?”
  134. >You don’t care
  135. >You can feel yourself pulsing, leaking pre into her soft round cheeks as you try to sleeve as much of your length as you can
  136. >”Ohh… Pound…”
  137. >She turns her head and leans in for a kiss
  138. >As your lips lock, you can feel the tightness in your groin as orgasm approaches
  139. >Then, with a sudden flail, you look into her eyes as the first spasm unleashes your pent up desire
  140. >And you quickly wake up
  142. >You find yourself humping your pillow
  143. >As you unleash a half-dozen or so loads of semen into it
  144. >As you come down from your orgasm you take note of your surroundings
  145. >Still early, too early
  146. >Sheets and pillow soaked
  147. >And you were wide awake right now
  148. >Getting back to sleep would be a hassle
  149. >You had a wet dream
  150. >A VERY wet dream
  151. >And it was about Auntie Pinkie
  152. >…
  153. >Struggling to get back to sleep your mind wanders
  154. >Eventually, right before you close your eyes, you come to two conclusions
  155. >One: It was just a drunken dream
  156. >Yea, just a drunken dream you got from not finishing yourself before you went to sleep
  157. >Two: It’s not like you actually wanted to fuck your aunt
  158. >I mean, yea, she isn’t the sister of one of your parents
  159. >But she raised you from when you were babies
  160. >And that still counts
  161. >…
  162. >And you are also going to ignore how hard you’re getting thinking about that dream again…
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