Violent Coercion (Majesty ••, Vigor •)

Jan 3rd, 2015
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  1. Violent Coercion
  2. (Majesty ••, Vigor •)
  3. With this strange Devotion, your character can add a twist to the normal convincing effects of her Majesty powers. She instills the blood with a hint of her Vigor, and gives an ultimatum: Do this thing, or I will hurt you. If the victim complies, he's fine. If he refuses, he is hurt as if your character hit him.
  4. Cost: 1 Vitae
  5. Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Majesty, vs Composure + Blood Potency
  6. Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive
  7. The demand must be for an action the character is reasonably capable of taking, without realistically risking death or torpor. The task must take no more than one hour after the command, and must have a clear term for completion. If successful, the victim gains the Coerced Condition.
  8. This Devotion costs one Experience to learn.
  10. New Condition: Coerced
  11. Your character has been coerced by a character with the Violent Coercion Devotion. He's tasked to do one specific thing. If he doesn't, he knows he will be hurt.
  12. Possible Sources: The Violent Coercion Devotion
  13. Resolution: Do the commanded action, or refuse the commanded action. If the action is refused (or simply ignored for an hour), your character takes lethal damage equal to the vampire's Vigor Discipline.
  14. Beat: N/A
  15. Note: He may only be subject to one instance of Coerced from a given character at a time. However, he may be subject to different Coerced Conditions from multiple characters. Two Coerced Conditions cannot be used to contradict each other.
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