Misadventures of Ruby

Dec 30th, 2020
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  1. >As the train pulls away from the station with a hiss of steam and screeching wheels you wince at the high pitched noise.
  2. >With a sigh you bend down and bite the strap of your small kit of supplies that was given to you.
  3. >Mentally cringing at the taste of beaten worn cloth you lift up with your head and swing the bag around to rest against your side, the strap falling into place against your neck.
  4. >Stumbling from the plaza you slowly grow accustomed to the hobbling two step method of walking you had figured out.
  5. >’Damn hooves, why the hell couldn’t it have been a ravioli or something cool? Why a horse?!’
  6. >You hear one of the few humans in town yell out to the crowd of new arrivals to check in at the town hall for registry and assignment of homes.
  7. >Well can’t be to terrible, right?
  9. >You were wrong.
  10. >Oh so very wrong.
  11. >First you had to give up your God given name for this stupid new form thanks to some bullshit law of the UN, then you get told you’re given ration cards at the end of the week as well as being assigned some shitty construction job, and on top of that you’re given some shitty one room shanty shack as a home!
  12. >There is so much wrong with that you don’t even know where to begin!
  13. >You had thought that maybe using Anon as a joke for the name would be funny, but when the pony secretary they had cheerfully denied it on account of so many different people using that name you knew you were fucked.
  14. >Still if nothing else the air head was of some use, didn’t have to make some shitty OC name for yourself…
  15. >Though having a name like Ruby Swirl, ugh you can just feel the saccharine of it…
  16. >That secretary must have named you on account of the color of your mane, swirls of red that ran through your mane.
  17. >Shaking your head to break yourself from your thoughts you look over the basic shack before you.
  19. >The set up is sound, on first glance at least, it’s a simple white and green painted shed, a small overhang with two pillars holding up the small amount of shade for the front door.
  20. >A pair of windows sit on opposite sides from each other letting in the fading light of the lazy afternoon.
  21. >You can just make out a small smoke stack poking out from the back of the roof, all together a basic one room cabin.
  22. >Though you think you could at least do better than this.
  23. >Nosing the door open with a squeak of newly installed hinges you peer inside to see a few spartan articles of furniture.
  24. >A counter top that hides the corner to your left while on the right is a small five stove that lays cold.
  25. >No chairs, no furniture, not even a damn bed.
  26. >Who the fuck designed this shit hole?
  27. >Grumbling under your breath you bring your meager few belongings and stash them behind the counter top.
  28. >Right, first things first, you need firewood for the stove, probably make some furniture as well, maybe make something to lock the damn door at least.
  29. >You noticed that the door was a simple push and pull door, pulling inside that is, you could at least fashion some form of lock with some sticks or something.
  30. >Checking over the things in your kit you find that you weren’t given any tools of your own to boot.
  31. >Well this is great.
  32. >A snort of hot air comes from your snout as you head out from the house, if the government wants to make things harder for you, then fine and dandy you’ll just make some basic tools for yourself!
  33. >You remember the basic bits of what that fellow from youtube had used for his research in primitive tech.
  34. >Was neat to watch, let’s hope you remember…
  36. >First things first, finding a decent sized stick that you can use to begin with.
  37. >A majority of the twigs you find are just that, twigs.
  38. >How hard is it to find a decent am-
  39. >You trip.
  40. >Landing on your chin you clasp your snout and jaw letting out a small muttered curse.
  41. >Feeling around with your tongue you taste the copper of blood, must have bit your tongue
  42. >You can feel your eyes start to water from the pain before you pull away your hooves.
  43. >No blood, so your nose is fine at least.
  44. >”Hey there!”
  46. >Whipping about you turn nearly bowling over a small mare with a lavender coat, mane of white that is wild as the wind as the mare backs away with a flutter of wings.
  47. >You notice that she is also carrying her bag around her back as her wings move.
  48. >Eyes the color slate widen in shock at your reaction as she slowly takes a step forward, “Are you alright? You took a nasty spill there…”
  49. >Spitting out some bloody spit you wipe your mouth with your fetlock.
  50. “I’m fine, just fell…”
  51. >”You sure? I mean we could go the hospital, it’s not all the way fixed up but they do have painkillers…”
  52. “Really, I’m fine. Why were you following me exactly?”
  53. >Tilting her head at you the mare takes a seat with a small thump of her rump on the forest floor, “Well I saw you wandering around looking like you had a purpose, so I figured I’d follow you and see if you knew something the rest of us didn’t.”
  54. “...Are you for real?”
  55. >”Huh?”
  56. “That’s a shitty reason to follow someone off into the woods! I could have been a psycho or something crazy like that!”
  57. >”O-oh…”
  58. >Rolling your eyes at the quiet note of surprise you start to get back to your search for a proper sized stick when you’re interrupted once more, “Are you?”
  59. >Pausing at one stick you carefully wrap a leg around it to lift and test the durability.
  60. “Am I what?”
  61. >”A psycho.”
  62. “Of course not!”
  63. >”Well then I had nothing to worry about then!” The mare replies to you with a cheery smile in response.
  64. “...Were you dropped on your head a lot?”
  65. >”Only the once!”
  66. “Suddenly things start to make more sense.”
  67. >”Hey! I’m not dumb!”
  68. >Despite yourself you can’t help a chuckle at the… you suppose it’s innocence, of the mare before you.
  69. >”I’m serious!”
  70. “Right, look what’s your name kid?”
  71. >”It’s Sweetie Drops, and I’m not a kid! I’m nineteen! Anyway, what are you doing out in the woods then?”
  72. “Curious one aren’t ya?”
  73. >”My mom said it was going to be the death of me, but it hasn’t yet!” Sweetie replies with a cheerful grin.
  74. >You simply stare at her as her smile slowly fades away, “You don’t laugh much do you?”
  75. “Not much to laugh at, unless you’re talking about yourself.”
  76. >”Well I was, you don’t need to be a dick about it…”
  77. “If you must know I’m looking for materials to make me an axe to cut firewood for my stove.”
  78. >”Don’t they provide that for us?”
  79. >You freeze in place frowning before looking over at the mare
  80. “Really now?”
  81. >”Yeah I heard from some officials that work the warehouse they ration out the wood along with the food.”
  82. “Oh well in that case.”
  83. >You continue to look for a stick before coming across a good sturdy one about the length of your foreleg.
  84. “Here we go…”
  85. >”Thought you weren’t going to gather more?”
  86. “You’re still here?”
  87. >Seeing her nod you gingerly test your tongue feeling the blood well up and it sting in retaliation.
  88. >Frowning you leverage the stick behind your neck and begin to walk three legged as you start to head back.
  89. “I’ve also heard that they give out ration cards at the end of every week, which isn’t until tomorrow, I’d rather not freeze my ass off either. So if it’s any consolation I’m going to work on getting my own resources and at least a freaking lock on my door if nothing else.”
  90. >Following behind you, you can hear Sweetie Drop hum in response, “Well, it would be nice to have a fire going for the night, it is pretty brisk out.”
  91. “Brisk? Hun it’s something like eighteen degrees out, there is snow on the ground, what do you consider /cold/?”
  92. >”Well I’ve lived in Canada all my life, so this is pretty mild to be honest.”
  93. “Oh my god, you’re a freakin’ hat. Great.”
  94. >”Wow, someone’s salty. Not my fault that you can’t handle the cold.” Sweetie takes the moment to trot up beside you as she uses a wing to pat her chest, “I got a all natural fur coat to deal with the cold.”
  95. >You eye the thick tufts of fur that her hoof just sinks into feeling a bit jealous at how much she has.
  96. >Fuck it’s like staring at a wool coat.
  97. “Then you won’t be needing your share of the firewood then, thanks.”
  98. >”What! Hey just because I can stand it doesn’t mean I want to!”
  99. “Fine, fine...but if you’re wanting some firewood I’m gonna want something in return.”
  100. >A frown mars Sweetie’s face as she glances at you, “I’m not going to sleep with you if that’s what you have in mind.”
  101. >You nearly trip again.
  102. “Whoa! Where the fuck did that come from?!”
  103. >”What? I saw the way you were looking at my chest.”
  104. “Yeah the chest that is bare of anything good to look at!”
  105. >A faint blush covers Sweetie’s face at that comment, “Look what do you want in return?”
  106. >Don’tsaysleepwithme
  107. >Don’tsaysleepwithme.
  108. “Want to help me chop firewood?”
  109. >Sweetie tilts her head to the side as you walk nibbling on her lip in idle thought, “Mm I don’t have much else to bargain with, so you’ve got a deal!”
  110. >Shit maybe you should have leveraged for some extra food, could have traded some tools or something…
  111. >Oh well.
  112. >You both slowly exit the outskirts of the forest and soon reach your home.
  113. >Laying the stick down you push into your house and look for you bag
  114. >It’s when you turn the corner do you realize mistakes were made.
  115. >Some chuckle fuck ran off with your shit!
  118. >Running a hoof over your face you let out a small growl
  119. >”Is everything alright?”
  120. “Nnng, some chuckle fuck decided to run off with my stuff!”
  121. >”What!?” Running into your house as well Sweetie looks over your countertop finding what you said was true, “Aw man that sucks! Didn’t you lock your door?”
  122. “With what exactly? It’s a freaking simple latch!”
  123. >”Okay, okay well relax a bit, still maybe we could find out who took it? Someone must have seen something right?”
  124. >You grind your teeth a bit at having to ask for help from complete strangers, but considering that Sweetie Drop here was not much better, well can’t hurt right?
  126. >”I’m sorry, but I don’t know who would have done it.” The mare behind her door says ears flat against her head hidden from sight in the messy mass of golden curls.
  127. “Are you sure you didn’t see anything off around here then?”
  128. >”We really would appreciate if you had any information.” Sweetie adds in with a smile.
  129. >”No, I, I haven't. Sorry.” With that the door is closed in front of you both.
  130. “Damn it all, this is the fifth one already.”
  131. >”What's weird is how quiet they are about it, it's almost like they are afraid of something.” Sweetie says following after you as you follow the dirt road.
  132. “But what?”
  133. >”Wouldn't you like to know.”
  134. >That voice came from the alleyway formed by two houses close together.
  135. >From here you can make out a hooded figure as they smile at you.
  136. “Who are you?”
  137. >Stepping out into view you can make out a striped muzzle, “Think of me as a guy who keeps his ear to the ground, the question is what can you do for me?”
  138. >Sweetie comes alongside you and whispers, “I don't trust this guy we should go…”
  139. “Lemme handle it,” You reply before talking louder, “I don't have much to offer, what do you know that would be worth anything?”
  140. >”Hrm… well how about a favor? To be called in at a later date?”
  141. “A favor? What kind?”
  142. >”I really don’t think this is a good idea…”
  143. >Waving her off with a flick of your tail you simply hold the gaze of the stranger
  144. “Fine, what can you tell me about who stole my stuff?”
  145. >A chuckle runs through the hooded pony, it couldn’t be anything else with that body shape, “Your goods were taken in by one of the street rats that work the neighborhood, you’ll not get it back now.”
  146. “I need that stuff, why wouldn’t I be able to?”
  147. >At the question he simply shrugs at you, “Mostly because it belongs to Gan Green, you don’t want to make him angry, trust me on that.”
  148. >Frowning you start to talk before Sweetie grabs you by the side, “Well thanks for the help Mr. Creepy Guy so we’re going to go now, thanks bye!”
  149. >For such a small mare she’s got a surprisingly strong grip dragging you away from the chuckling pony as he steps back into the shadows.
  151. >You pull away with a jerk of your withers.
  152. “What the hell is your problem?”
  153. >”What’s yours? Are trying to get yourself killed? I don’t know about you, but a bag of stuff isn’t worth getting involved with a freaking gang for one.” Sweetie adds in her wings flaring up behind her in agitation.
  154. “It’s my stuff that got stolen damn it, if I let these jerks walk over me then I’ll never hear the end of it.”
  155. >”Or they track you down and beat you to an inch of your life, maybe you should use that thing between your ears and actually think!”
  156. >Rolling your eyes you start to walk back to your house sullenly
  157. “What do you care anyway? Far as I’m concerned you’re doing just freaking fine.”
  158. >At that comment you feel a whack to your head much like a pillow smacking you from a three hundred pound sumo wrestler
  159. >You of course crash into the ground, for the second time that day.
  160. “The fuck?!”
  161. >”Oh relax you big baby, if you’re so sore about losing your things you can use mine.”
  162. >You see her offer a wing to you to help you up which you regard with suspicion.
  163. “First you smack me around, then you’re offering to just help me, what’s up with that?”
  164. >Now it’s Sweeties turn to roll her eyes as she explains, “Still have that deal with you to fix up my house after all, besides it’s not what you have that I’m interested in, it’s all the neat ideas you got locked up here.”
  165. >Tapping your head with the joint of her wing Sweetie pulls back still offering her wing, “So you wanna get out of the mud and start making some work or what?”
  166. >Despite your concerns, of which there are many, you can’t help but let out a small huff of amusement.
  167. >You got nothing else to lose after all.
  168. >Reaching out with your hoof you grab onto her wing.
  169. “Hey I never told you my name did I?”
  170. >”Mmm? Oh yeah you didn’t!”
  171. >With a grunt and some leverage you stand on your four hooves.
  172. “Ruby, Ruby Swirl.”
  173. >”...Snrk.”
  174. “Don’t you fucking ruin this you bitch.”
  175. >Sweetie sniffs wiping at her eye with a wing as she shakes her head, “I didn’t say a thing.”
  177. >Ignoring the way your heart twitches at the sound of her sniffing you busy yourself with the firewood
  178. >Alongside you is Sweetie as she heft up a few logs over for you to break down.
  179. >You meanwhile get to work on getting a fire started with the flint and steel that Sweetie loaned you
  180. >Only problem you were having was trying to get your hooves to wrap around the dexterous tools.
  181. “Come on…”
  182. >The flint slips out of your hooves once more clattering on the ground.
  183. “Damn it all!”
  184. >”What’s wrong?”
  185. “These freaking tools! Did they even design them to be used by ponies to begin with!?”
  186. >Coming around into view Sweetie hums before holding out a hoof, “Want me to give it a try?”
  187. “Sure whatever I’ll just work on arranging the firewood or something, not like I’m going to be useful.”
  188. “Aw don’t be like that, you know tons of stuff I don’t. Just gimme some tips on what to do.”
  189. >You glance over at Sweetie before letting out a sigh.
  190. “Fine, you need to use the flint to strike a spark and get some tinder on fire, after that you add a bit more fuel making sure that the fire is fed enough to add thicker sticks.”
  191. >Blinking at you slowly Sweetie coughs into her hoof, “Oh wow, you know your stuff don’t you?”
  192. “Nope, never started a fire in my life.”
  193. >”B-but, how did you?”
  194. “I get bored and watched a bunch of videos about survival in the woods, never got a chance to actually go out in the woods that often.”
  195. >As you explain you watch as Sweetie forgos using her hooves instead reaching down with a wing.
  196. >Surely she doesn’t mean to.
  197. >You can only watch with a frown as her wing scoops up the flint.
  198. >Oh come on, there isn’t-
  199. >You can only watch in awe as she easily holds the flint and steel with her wings!
  200. >Not only does she hold the tools with ease you find that she does a small twirl with the flint smiling softly at the metal.
  201. >Pegasi OP please nerf.
  204. >It takes Sweetie a couple of tries to get the sparks to hit the tinder just right, but then she drops the tool and excitedly bounces in place, “I did it! I did it!”
  205. >The small flame then dies out, the tinder fully consumed.
  206. >Stopping in place Sweetie scrunches her snout glaring at the small charred block that used to be your tinder.
  207. >”What the hell, why’d it go out?”
  208. “I told you, you need to feed it more fuel once you start.”
  209. >”Oh, well why didn’t you?”
  210. >You shrug in response.
  211. “Didn’t think you manage to get it down so well.”
  212. >Sweetie simple sticks her tongue out at you in response. “Meanie.”
  213. “Just get the flint.”
  214. >”Fine fine Mr. Grumpy pants.” Sweetie says tail swishing as she grabs the tools aagain and starts to striek sparks once more.
  215. >You’re on the case as you watch her with a critical eye, soon a small lick of flame starts to bloom.
  216. >Quickly you add more tinder and kneel down to gently blow down adding more air to the flame watching as it flares up at the fuel.
  217. >Adding a few thing sticks you watch as they slowly begin to burn and soon your adding more to get the fire going.
  218. >Leaning back after adding a few well sized branches you glance over at Sweetie and nod.
  219. “Not bad.”
  220. >”Heh, thanks. Sides I told you, you’ve got plenty of know how in that noggin’ of yours after all!’
  221. >Simply grunting in her direction you soon start to bring over some rocks one about the size of your hoof, the other the size of your head with a rough texture on its side.
  222. >”So, how is this going to work?”
  223. “You worry about the fire, keep it going for the most part and in the meantime take this stone and make a hole in the top of this branch here.”
  224. >Motioning to the branch in question Sweetie tilts her head before doing as you say.
  225. >Meanwhile you focus on running the rock over the rough portion of your grinder.
  226. >”What am I supposed to do with the rock?”
  227. “Make a hole.”
  228. >”Okay, but how.”
  229. >For the love of…
  230. “Just take the stone and hack at the end of it and grind down to make a hole for it.”
  231. >”Why?”
  232. “It’s to work open the slot for the ax head.”
  233. >”Oh...well alright.”
  236. >Silence begins to stretch out aside from the grinding of stone on stone and stone upon wood.
  237. >It’s almost soothing in a way as you continue to work over the rock as it slowly begins to take a rounded edge.
  238. >There are a few times when you scuff your hooves over the rough stone and it grates on your skin, but you ignore it getting back to work.
  239. >”So Ruby, where did you use to live?”
  240. “Huh, oh I lived up in the US, in the midwest for the most part. Moved a lot.”
  241. >”So you were a drifter then?”
  242. >Moving the stone over the rock once more you simply gurnt in the affirmative.
  243. >”How’d you get found out then?”
  244. >You clench your teeth and shove a bit harder on the stone than you meant to making it skitter across the rock.
  245. “I don’t wanna talk about it.’
  246. >”Really? Come on Ruby it couldn’t have been that bad, I mean my family found me like this one morning and we went to the hospital to figure out what happened.”
  247. >Seizing the topic change slight as it might be you go with it.
  248. “Yeah? How’d they all take it?”
  249. >With another chop into the wood Sweetie shrugs, “My parents were freaked out, but they tried to get me the best help they could. After that we heard the government was trying to figure something out so they sent us out.”
  250. >Sounds rather familiar to a lot of stories out here…
  251. >”What about you?”
  252. “I said I don’t want to talk about it.”
  253. >”What were you in an embarrassing moment or something?”
  254. “No, now drop it.”
  255. >Finally after all the hints you dropped Sweetie seems to relent.
  256. >Only for her to follow up with, “Yanno botteling things up like that isn’t healthy, sharing might help a bit.”
  257. “Fuck off fam, I don’t psych eval thank you very much.”
  258. >”I’m just saying-”
  259. “Thanks, but no. You done with the handle yet?”
  260. >Blinking at the reminder the mare looks at the handle and holds it up for you to inspect.
  261. >Leaning over you notice that the hole is wide enough and now you just need to char it.
  262. “It’s good, now take a piece of coal using some branches to put it in the hole, wait for it to turn black on the inside and dump it out.”
  263. >Watching in envy as you continue to grind down the head of the ax, Sweetie continues to work over the handle.
  264. >Soon enough the shaft is ready and you think you’re good enough for the ax head, you’re tired of using the damn grinder, maybe you could cobble together with a round stone or something…
  265. >You bring over a few of the more green branches from your firewood and begin to split off small strands of thin streamers of wood to work as rope.
  266. >It’s harder than you though to get the strands off using your teeth instead of hands, but it’s doable.
  267. >Now begins the assembly, you reach over and begin to slam the head into the branch to lodge it into place.
  268. >You had just reached for the twig twine when you hear a voice, “Hey! What are you two doing?”
  270. >Looking up you find a pair of humans with light green helmets and military fatigues with the word MP emblazoned across.
  271. >The tanned one comes closer, “Don’t you two know you’re supposed to report to your work site?”
  272. “Work site? They just said construction and sent me off with out a time or place, Sweetie do you know of anything like that?”
  273. >You look over to Sweetie who simply shrugs at you in return before you both look at the officers.
  274. >At that the two humans look at each other before the other a darker skinned fellow clicked his radio on muttering into it.
  275. >After hearing something back he nods to his companion.
  276. >You of course had already went back to trying to get the head of the ax to stay in place.
  277. >When suddenly arms wrap around your middle and heft you up like a sack of rice.
  278. “Hey! What the fuck!?”
  279. >”You need to report to work sir, so come on.”
  280. “This is abuse! Police brutality! Help! Abuse!”
  281. >As you squirm and wiggle trying to get free you glance over to Sweetie to find any help, only to find your so called friend is being petted by the other human cooing softly as her ear is scratched.
  282. “Sweetie! Move! Do something! Why are you just sitting there?!”
  283. >Sweetie simple shrugs at you, “Might as well figure out where we gotta work right? Sides this feels /so/ good!” With that the mare wiggles deeper into the human's grasp rubbing her head against his chest.
  284. >”Jeez, will you hold still and be more like your friend?” Your ‘handler’ complains as he shifts you around as you continue to struggle the whole trip.
  285. >”Guess I got the nice one, eh Jim?” Sweeties handler asks with a far too wide grin.
  286. >”Ah shove it up your arse.”
  287. “I’ll shove my hoof up your ass if you don’t put me down!”
  288. >”Bloody Americans…” Jim mutters under his breath as he hauls you off.
  291. >The whole way there you continued to curse and threaten before arriving at the workplace.
  292. >A skeleton of the building was already in place and being worked over by ponies of all races with a few human foremen directing them all.
  293. >After your arrival you’re given over to one of the various foremen there, you hadn’t caught his name before being sent off to carry things between the supplies and workers.
  294. >Soon you ‘graduate’ to using a hammer and told to bang in nails for part of the support beams.
  295. >You found out how normal ponies are able to actually use anything, the wonder of velcro is an amazing thing really.
  296. >Casting your gaze over the work site you try to find Sweetie Drop, but you can’t see her near your work group.
  297. >This would be a lot easier on your mind if the only ally you had here hadn’t been carted off like a pack mule or something.
  298. >Hopefully you’ll meet back up at your house…
  299. >As for what you’re building you think it’s a hospital proper, both from the basic layout and the fact that there was a large medical tent set up nearby.
  300. >A lot of humans kept going in and out of it with ponies as well.
  301. >Shaking off the unease you felt you continued back to work.
  304. >Hearing the whistle ring out across the work zone you found ponies leaving their posts and heading towards the entrance.
  305. >Looks like work is done and over with…
  306. >In that case, you look to the hammer and velcro strap, you could use this…
  307. >As you walk with the others in line to drop off the tools you simply reattached the band around your thigh and use your belly to hide the tool.
  308. >Briskly walking by as the line progresses you’re just about to the residential area when you feel a tug on your tail!
  309. >Whipping your head back you find another human holding your tail tight before looking at a clipboard, “Ruby Swirl? You’re required at the medical tent for check up.”
  310. “Ah, sorry officer, but you have the wrong pony. I’m Cinnamon Swirl, I think that Ruby you’re looking for already went that way.”
  311. >Pointing towards the other way you start to make a quick walk of it only for the bastard to keep hold of your tail!
  312. >Slowly turning your gaze back onto the human you glare, at seeing your glare the human simply chuckles before flipping the clipboard back to show your own glaring visage, “Sorry, but you look an awful lot like this Ruby Swirl, you could almost be his twin!”
  313. “I bet.”
  314. >”Now come on, you need to get your check up.”
  315. “You’re not sticking any needles in my butt damn it!”
  316. >At the protest a small crowd starts to form around you, before the human simply sighes muttering under his breath.
  317. >You start to think you’ve got some kind of movement started, only for the human to let your tail go, tuck his clipboard in his side and simply lift you up like an ill behaved dog.
  318. “H-hey! Stop doing that!”
  319. >”Please stop making things difficult sir, we’re already got many more behind you that need their check up as well.”
  320. “Fuck off! I wanna go home already!”
  321. >Despite your rather well reasoned approach the human ignores you simply striding into the tent.
  322. >The way is barred by a guard as he says, “Alright sir, you know the drill, standard pat down for contraband.”
  323. “Pat down?!”
  324. >Shit, they’ll find-
  325. >Already hands are quickly patting parts of your body making sure to stay away from your sheath before your eyes close as they find the velcro strap.
  326. >”Well, well someone has some sticky hooves, huh?”
  327. “O-oh that? M-must have forgotten it, just got off work after all.”
  328. >Buy it…
  329. >You don’t really want to see what pony jail looks like.
  330. >”Right, we’ll be confiscating this and returning it to the worksite you took it from then, this is a warning.”
  331. >You know better to open your mouth at that point simply nodding towards the stern faced human, “Hey relax kid, it’s just a physical that’s all.”
  332. “I’m sure that’s what you told the aliens from Roswell that as well.”
  333. >”Somebody got a dark sense of humor, now come on then.”
  334. >Before you can protest your gently pushed and guides to a privacy screen before lifted up once more to your annoyance.
  335. “Would you stop doing that!”
  336. >Ignoring you, the human sets you down on the examination bed and simply points at you, “Now stay and sit.”
  337. “I’m not a dog asshole.”
  338. >”Your right, a dog would listen better.”
  339. >You at that point try to flip him off, only to realize you have no fingers so instead you thrust your foreleg up and put the other in the crease of your elbow.
  340. “Up yours!”
  343. >Grumbling to yourself you sit up and look around.
  344. >It's a rather sparse environment you find yourself in.
  345. >A small mobile tray on the rough ground, a bed that you sit upon and some curtains are all that is really with you.
  346. >You start to get the idea of just sneaking out before the curtain is drawn open and a woman walks in.
  347. >As your eyes adjust from the brightness from outside you feel your jar gape slightly
  348. >Standing at five foot two the chestnut colored woman stares at you with a flat expression with icy blue eyes that take your whole form in.
  349. >You imagine if she ever smiled it would send a man to his knees to keep that smile, still that glare...
  352. >You almost feel like a bug about to be pulled apart to see its insides
  353. >Shivering you muster your nerve and ask, “So you're the nurse or something then?bl”
  354. >Instead of answering the nurse brings to bear her clipboard and with a click in answer starts to fill out paperwork
  355. >You crane your head to try seeing what she is writing G only for the woman to tilt you chin up, “Please follow the light.”
  356. >Despite wanting to tell her off, you find your eyes drawn to the penlight she shines in your eyes as it goes where she directs it.
  357. >”Good, the ocular systems seem in order, now for nervous control. Stand up.”
  358. >You refuse to budge simply crossing your forelegs together in annoyance, “Lady, your bedside manner could use some work yanno?”
  359. >Pausing the nurse brings up her clipboard before writing as she speaks aloud, “Subject uses humor and aggression to hide crippling self anxiety.”
  360. “Hey! I do not!”
  361. >”Also appears to become agitated when called out on it.” The nurse remarks with a smirk at you.
  362. >You simply huff and look away from the woman.
  363. >Only to quickly look back again as you feel cold metal placed against your chest!
  364. >It’s cold!
  365. >”Even breaths, I need to hear inside.” The nurse explains simply, you keep still simply breathing trying to get another glance at the paperwork she’d set aside.
  366. >You can just make out the top part, it looks to be holding basic information like name, coat and eye color.
  367. >The nurse moves away and begins to write down more things on the paper before she continues on with the physical.
  368. >”Stand, leg’s apart.”
  369. >Slowly you do so, but not before hearing the snap of plastic gloves
  370. “Why do y-EEP!”
  371. >Pleased as punch the woman reaches down and feels your balls!
  372. >You don’t know if you should be aroused or outraged.
  373. >She simply holds them there and then feels the base before quickly withdrawing.
  374. >Acting casually she simply continues to write down more things as you turn to face her
  375. “The hell was that all about?!”
  376. >Silence is all that greets you and you’d admit at seeing a flash of red cross your vision with how frustrated you are.
  377. >Instead the nurse simply walks out of the room with her paper and a guard shortly walks in to escort you out of the medical tent.
  378. >This place is so fucked up.
  379. >Tired and slightly aroused you decided to head back to home, maybe Sweeties had already managed to make something for you both to eat?
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