NERV Hawaii: Episode Seven - Boars and Girls

Oct 22nd, 2017
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  1. Darkling: Well, you're finally back in school. It's been a mostly boring day with the excitement of what had been going on lately. Right now you're about to start art class and you're just waiting on the teacher to prepare.
  2. Stella Lacroix: Stella has been back to her usual sullen and withdrawn self for most of the day. Art class has had her perk up a bit, though. Enough to impatiently tap a pen on a notebook while she stares ahead expectantly.
  3. Kaimana: Kai was busy yawning, quiet but quite animated. It would be a good guess to say the event with the giant robots fighting an alien invader were still weighing on her, prone to staring out the window in deep thought rather than napping or doodling.
  4. Darkling: Of course Adam had come to school with you today as well, though Astrid still got to stay at home.
  5. Adam Jenkins: Adam was wide awake. Had been since 5 AM. They'd yet to hear any complaints out of him but he didn't seem too excited to be in art class.
  6. Leon: Leon was neutral towards returning to class, not a bad thing, yet also not a good thing either. Just more time to pass like everything else.
  7. Stella Lacroix: After a while Stella seems to give up on the teacher and starts looking through her notebook. Whatever it is, it seems pretty engrossing to her.
  8. Darkling: Finally Mrs. Galindo got up from her desk. "Alright class, today you'll be learning some basic pottery skills." She starts going desk to desk and setting down those spinning potters tables with balls of clay and bowls of water for everyone. It takes a while but eventually everyone has a nice little setup.
  9. Darkling: "Work with the people beside you and see what you can make. This is just free form right now to get you used to the clay before we get into actual techniques."
  10. Darkling: As the teacher walks by Stella she notices the notebook and guffaws, snatching it from her. "Young lady! This is not proper school material."(edited)
  11. Stella Lacroix: "Gyaaa!" Stella flails and halfway jumps out of her seat. Not much longer after that her cheeks flush. "It's anatomical studies!"
  12. Darkling: "It's certainly not anatomically accurate!" She flips through some more pages.
  13. Kaimana: Kai looks back over her shoulder.
  14. Stella Lacroix: Stella gets more and more red, face planting into the desk. She mutters something in French.
  15. Darkling: She does a double take and casts a glance towards Seo. "You can have this back after class miss."
  16. Adam Jenkins: Adam looks up from next to Leon and over towards Stella a somewhat worried look on his face.
  17. Darkling: She trots away with the book and places it into a desk drawer.
  18. Stella Lacroix: Slowly Stella looks up and around, taking note of how many people might be staring in her general direction.
  19. Darkling: Most of the class. No correction, all of the class.
  20. Kaimana: Kai sighs and looks back to her lump of clay, thinking.
  21. Stella Lacroix: Thud. She face plants into the desk again.
  22. Darkling: That's a face full of clay.
  23. Leon: Or maybe the day was not going to be neutral, considering the random draw of his partner. At least Stella's incident was a distraction, for a while, anyways.
  24. Darkling: "Alright class, no more distractions, let's get started."
  25. Stella Lacroix: Stella lifts her head again, eyes narrowed at nothing in particular. She spends some time poking at the clay listlessly.
  26. Darkling: "You okay?" Ashley asks her.
  27. Kaimana: "Hrn." Kai gets her hands wet and smacks the lump of clay. "Adults are so full of it," she mutters, massaging the grey-brown lump.
  28. Darkling: "Right?" Kayla has been mostly ignoring the whole situation and already has made a decent bowl shape out of her clay.
  29. Stella Lacroix: "I'll live. At list a little longer." Stella says without lifting her eyes from the lump.
  30. Leon: Well, nothing else to do but get to it, and so Leon gets started on his attempt to make a bowl out of clay. A bowl shouldn't be too hard, after all.
  31. Kaimana: Kai starts working on what might be a vase, though it gets taller and more phallic, eventually drooping over and flopping around as the wheel spins. "You done this before?"
  32. Darkling: "Just when I was a kid, playing with clay in the yard." She eyes the clay shaft you've been forming. "Though, never made anything like that."(edited)
  33. Darkling: Ashley pokes Stella. "Don't worry, at least she didn't share your book with the class."
  34. Kaimana: "Only time I'd ever bother touching one," she says with a grin before mashing it back down into a lumpy blob. "So you're good with surfing and with your hands."
  35. Adam Jenkins: Adam looks at his own lump of clay, then over at Leon. "You know what you're doing? Cuz I'm lost."
  36. Stella Lacroix: Stella's work on the clay is pretty halfhearted. She jumps a bit at the poke, her face taking on an almost panicked expression. "You optimist." she says in a nervous but obviously joking tone.
  37. Leon: "No, I'm just going on instinct and watching the people who look like they know what they're doing."
  38. Darkling: Most people in the class just seem to be wasting time but managing to make half competent bowl shapes.
  39. Adam Jenkins: Adam looked around the room and then at Leon. "Looks like you're the only one who actually knows what you're doing."(edited)
  40. Kaimana: Kai gets a bit of clay on her finger and waters down before experimenting with drawing on her skin with it.
  41. Darkling: Mrs. Galindo gets up from her desk and starts walking around slowly to watch different people.
  42. Darkling: "Well ya know, I don't mind getting dirty." Kayla smirks. "So I guess things like this kind of come natural."
  43. Kaimana: "Yeah?" She grins again, quite mischievous this time, and presses a clay-covered hand to the girl's cheek.
  44. Stella Lacroix: After a while Stella seems to put forth a bit more effort. Maybe she's started to regard her notebook as a hostage. "Have you ever done this before?"
  45. Darkling: She jerks away. "Hey!" You managed to leave a perfect hand imprint of wet clay on her.
  46. Darkling: "Naw. We didn't really do much more than farm back home."
  47. Kaimana: "Lookin' good. How's this?" She uses her fingers to run lines of clay down her own face.
  48. Darkling: You hear a cough behind you Kai.
  49. Stella Lacroix: "I might have found myself playing in the mud more on a farm... imagining little mud people, having them stab each other with little pitchforks made from twigs."
  50. Kaimana: She turns very slowly, pretty sure she knows what to expect.
  51. Darkling: "Keep the clay on the table please." Mrs. Galindo glowers.(edited)
  52. Leon: "They're also probably trying for harder shapes than a bowl."
  53. Darkling: Ashley leans over to Stella and whispers something.
  54. Darkling: "Sorry miss." Kayla says.
  55. Kaimana: "It's cool, I'm doing art. Art's just messy sometimes. Or crude. C'mon, I bet you've done some crazy things for art. Maybe let Mister Galindo draw you like one of his French girls?" She grins, elbowing the woman and waggling her eyebrows.
  56. Stella Lacroix: Stella cracks a small smile at whatever was whispered. And giggles.
  57. Adam Jenkins: Adam frowned and shook his head. "I'm not sure they're trying at all..." Then he looked back at his own lump of clay. "Might as well do something, I guess." He began working on the clay before he overheard Kai and nearly dropped it all.
  58. Darkling: She glowers even further. "Thank you for that enlightening thought. It has earned you detention over the lunch hour."
  59. Darkling: "Oh come on!" Kayla protests. "We're just playing like you said."
  60. Darkling: "And you can join her."
  61. Adam Jenkins: Adam gritted his teeth and turned back to his work.
  62. Darkling: The teacher heads back up to her desk in a huff.
  63. Darkling: Ashley whispers something again.
  64. Stella Lacroix: Stella whispers back, smirking.
  65. Darkling: Ashley snickers and goes back to her clay. She's making something bowl shaped, but more flowery than anything.
  66. Leon: "It isn't like they gave us any directions anyways." Leon said as he looked over his bowl. It was bowl shaped, anyways.
  67. Darkling: Kayla seems happy with what she's done, and sets it aside moving her chair over to Kai. "Here, let me help you with that." She reaches around and guides her hands in the clay.
  68. Adam Jenkins: Adam's was looking a bit like a cup. Or maybe a ball. "Some direction would be nice."
  69. Stella Lacroix: Stella's is a bowl with a few embellishments. She adds some squiggly lines in places, or ridges here and there.
  70. Darkling: "You've got another ten minutes before we move onto techniques."
  71. Darkling: "Hey new kid." Someone was talking to you Adam. "Welcome to the class." If you recalled when you were introduced to the class, this was Isiah, and his fist was planted right in the middle of your clay with enough force to smash whatever it was you had into a pancake.
  72. Kaimana: "Should start sharing this with her one lump at a time," she mutters, mischief in her eyes again.
  73. Adam Jenkins: Adam looked down at his smashed clay. He stared for a long second before looking directly into Isiah's eyes. "Thanks for the warm welcome."
  74. Darkling: "Yeah whatever." He was already back sitting down. Somehow this didn't get the teachers attention of course.
  75. Darkling: "Well, since we're already in detention. We might as well have some fun." Kayla says as she places clay handprints on Kai's chest.
  76. Darkling: "Nice work." Ashley says to Stella. Art seems to be your thing.
  77. Adam Jenkins: Adam reformed his clay into a lump and started over.
  78. Stella Lacroix: "Oh? Thank you. Really not one of my best. I like yours. It makes me think of a flower."
  79. Kaimana: Kai looks down at her shirt, "Welp, this one was destined for the garbage anyway." She grins and turns around, giving Kayla's chest the same treatment.
  80. Darkling: "Alright alright. We're going to move on now, get back to your desks." Mrs. Galindo sighs and gets up again.
  81. Darkling: She starts gathering up everyone's creations and lining them up at the back of the room before putting down new balls of clay in front of everyone.
  82. Adam Jenkins: She didn't get much more than a lump from Adam.
  83. Leon: "Ah, so more playing with Clay..."
  84. Darkling: It eventually turns into a full on lesson how wet to keep the clay, speeds on which to turn it, the way to hold your hands. Much less fun than just playing around.
  85. Adam Jenkins: Adam was as bored as a person could be. More than once he caught himself staring at the stuff hanging on the walls or out windows and he'd have to drag his attention back to the teacher.
  86. Kaimana: Kai, like life, finds a way. While she managed to keep up the bare minimum in terms of lesson cooperation her particular creation looks suspiciously tiki-like.
  87. Stella Lacroix: Stella pays attention for the most part, though periodically she seems distracted. More than once she starts to look in Seo's direction but always averts her eyes at the last minute.
  88. Darkling: Most of the class seems to feel the same way, except Satoshi who is very affixed to the teacher.
  89. Kaimana: Kai decides to raise her hand.
  90. Darkling: You swear the teacher rolled her eyes and sighed. "Yes Kaimana?"(edited)
  91. Leon: Leon listens to the directions, but otherwise is rather bored like the rest of the class. What use would he have for clay sculpting, after all?
  92. Kaimana: "What did you do before getting stuck...here?" She motions around the classroom. "Like the rest of us. Was this a choice or did you do something else first? Do you have art hanging somewhere, or a statue roped off for people to admire? I mean, you're an art teacher but the art came first right?"
  93. Darkling: "What is your fascination with my life? This has nothing to do with what I am trying to teach you."
  94. Kaimana: "It has a lot to do with it!" She rests her hands on her hips, chest thrust out. "As a student of this school I want to know how passionate my educator is on the subject she's teaching! C'mon. I for one sing. Kayla here used to play with clay like this. Leon's art is his bow and arrow, and Stella draws the things that make her life suck less. What about you? What was...what IS your art?"
  95. Darkling: Her face scrunches up and she looks about ready to scold Kai like she's never been scolded before, but instead she bursts into tears and runs out of the room.
  96. Darkling: "Well holy shit." Rhys says.
  97. Leon: "Wow..."
  98. Adam Jenkins: "What..."
  99. Kaimana: Kaimana's face drops. "I uh...I didn't expect that."
  100. Stella Lacroix: Stella is awestruck.
  101. Darkling: "Damn." Kayla nudges Kai. "You hit a nerve."
  102. Leon: "Well, I guess that answers one of your first question then. It definitely wasn't by choice that she's here."
  103. Adam Jenkins: "Well. That makes none of us, then."
  104. Kaimana: "Oh my god I must look like such an asshole right now."
  105. Darkling: "So, is class over?" Rhys asks.
  106. Leon: "Well, if we leave the classroom we'll probably be questioned. So if we want a break I'd wager we should stay in here until they send someone."
  107. Stella Lacroix: Stella nods in agreement.
  108. Kaimana: "Uuugh." Kai rolls her eyes and marches to the front of class, opening the desk draw and taking out Stella's notebook.
  109. Kaimana: She marches over to Stella and holds it out to her, though it’s plain on her face how guilty she feels.
  110. Adam Jenkins: Adam leaned back in his chair a bit, frowning. He debated getting a teacher or something but decided against it.
  111. Stella Lacroix: Stella flashes a smile and takes the notebook. Then she hugs Kai.
  112. Darkling: Moments later your principal, Mrs. Shakleford pops in the room. "Well, I am to inform you you're all having an early lunch due to... circumstances. Be back here at the normal time for your next class." She then excuses herself.
  113. Leon: "Well, break period it is then. I also bet your detentions get forgotten too."
  114. Darkling: "It'd seem so." Kayla agrees.
  115. Adam Jenkins: "That covers that I guess." Adam grabbed his bag and stood.
  116. Kaimana: "I uh, I'm gonna stay here for a bit." Kai stiffly moves back over to her desk, pottery wheel starting up.
  117. Darkling: Most the rest of the class has already got up and started to clean off and head out.
  118. Leon: "... Are you going to be alright? It's not really your fault she reacted that way." Leon says as he walks over to Kai's desk.
  119. Kaimana: "I know I can be a pain but I've never made an adult cry before. Kinda surreal. I'm sure she doesn't care now but I'm just gonna...finish this pot."
  120. Darkling: Kayla sat back down beside Kai. "Want some company?"
  121. Kaimana: "It was very not Aloha Spirit of me." Kayla gets a thumbs-up, no objections from Kai.
  122. Leon: "Alright, but just remember that it wasn't only because of what you said. Your questions were just the final small weights that pushed the floodgates open. Everyone hides things. Everyone pretends. It's just that some people get burdens they can't handle along the way."
  123. Adam Jenkins: Adam shifted his bag over one shoulder and left, headed for the lunch room.
  124. Stella Lacroix: Stella cleans up as well, keeping a tight grasp of her notebook. She lingers near the door for a while before she goes off to lunch.
  125. Kaimana: Kai sighs quite heavily once she and Kayla are alone. "Adults are...hard to deal with."
  126. Leon: With everything he decided to say said, Leon left the classroom to start his early lunchbreak.
  127. Darkling: Kayla gives her head a pat and brushes a hand through her hair a bit. "Don't worry hun. Leon was right. You have no idea what caused her to do that."
  128. Kaimana: "I didn't need to get on her case either." Another heavy sigh and she renews her work on the pot. "Thanks for stickin' around."
  129. Darkling: "Of course hun." She nudges Kai with her shoulder.
  130. Darkling: Seo plops down beside Stella at the lunch table wearing what appears to make her look like a fox today.
  131. Stella Lacroix: Stella gives Seo a nervous smile. "Hello, foxy."
  132. Darkling: She pounces on Stella giving her a hug. "I missed you!"(edited)
  133. Darkling: She then eyes Leon and Adam mischievously.
  134. Leon: "Hi Seo, how are you doing today?"
  135. Stella Lacroix: All of a sudden Stella is relieved, eagerly returning the hug. "I missed you, too. But other than the lack of me did you enjoy the time off from school?"
  136. Darkling: Seo shrugs. "We didn't get to do much."
  137. Stella Lacroix: "It was pretty uneventful for me, too. Except we got a new roommate, Adam..." She gestures to him. "And we ran into some weird saxophone player."
  138. Darkling: "Nice to meet you." She bows her head slightly to Adam.
  139. Adam Jenkins: "Hey, back at you. Uh, Seo, right?"
  140. Darkling: She nods and opens her lunch up to a bunch of vegetarian sushi rolls and pops on in her mouth.
  141. Stella Lacroix: "That's supreme fox spirit Seo to you."
  142. Adam Jenkins: "I'm uh. I'm not saying that." He said with an awkward smile.
  143. Darkling: Seo's eyes go wide. "He must be from the savage boar clans of the east."
  144. Darkling: She then turns to Leon. "You're not with him right? You would bow fealty to the fox supreme?"
  145. Leon: "Of course I'm not. Who would side with a boar when you have a supreme fox spirit in your midst, right?" Leon says with a neutral expression to Seo.
  146. Darkling: Seo turns back to Adam raising an eyebrow.
  147. Stella Lacroix: "You're outnumbered." Stella says to Adam.
  148. Adam Jenkins: Adam blinked. "I guess I am. Though I've always been the sort to side with the underdogs. Long live the savage boar clans."
  149. Darkling: Seo pops another roll into her mouth and chews it slowly, not breaking eye contact.
  150. Stella Lacroix: Stella stares.
  151. Leon: "Poor, poor boar. Don't forget what happens to the underdogs, typically." Leon says before starting his lunch.
  152. Stella Lacroix: "Bacon for the fox nation!"
  153. Adam Jenkins: Adam returned to his lunch like nothing had happened. "Depends. If this were a movie, I just set everything in motion for the boars to win at the last moment."
  154. Darkling: "Silly boars couldn't do anything like that. They can't think!"
  155. Stella Lacroix: "We don't use the Hollywood formula around here anyway."
  156. Adam Jenkins: "That the royal ‘we’?" He asked with a grin on his face. “Everything about this seems like a movie to me."(edited)
  157. Darkling: Seo snuffs her fox nose up in the air with a huff.
  158. Leon: "Oh boy, now you've displeased the Supreme Fox Spirit. Bad move Savage Boar."
  159. Stella Lacroix: Stella nods in agreement. "The royal consort agrees."
  160. Adam Jenkins: "It's too bad you gave me the coolest name. It makes me so hard to feel sorry about it."
  161. Stella Lacroix: "You can be a loyal minion and still have a cool name."
  162. Darkling: "Anything is cooler than a smelly boar."
  163. Adam Jenkins: "No no. It's Savage Boar."
  164. Stella Lacroix: "Savage is in reference to the scent."
  165. Darkling: "Savage like sewage."
  166. Leon: "Remember, as a savage you don't know civilization. Therefore, smelly and unintelligent go along with it. But you have the option of learning to becoming civilized by serving the Fox."
  167. Adam Jenkins: "I prefer to believe we're savage like the Native Americans were to the settlers. Makes you guys seem a lot more like the bad guys then."
  168. Darkling: A gasp from Seo. "Such an uneducated point of view!"
  169. Stella Lacroix: "I know the director. We'll be presented as heroes."
  170. Leon: "Well he is a savage, so it fits in a way. Such a pity, yes?"
  171. Adam Jenkins: "Gonna make for a bad movie, trying to show the clear bad guys in a good light." He paused. "Then again..."
  172. Darkling: "We're not trying to show the boars in a good light. They're clearly smelly and gross and bad!"
  173. Stella Lacroix: "And they probably eat babies!"
  174. Leon: "Likely their own babies."
  175. Darkling: "Not babies!" Seo feints into Stella.
  176. Adam Jenkins: "No way the population would support eating our own babies. We reserve that for the foxes."
  177. Stella Lacroix: Stella catches Seo. "She's clearly haunted deeply by the time our offspring was eaten by a wild boar. Both of us are."
  178. Darkling: Your table was getting a few weird looks from some of the others, but that was normal when Seo was around.
  179. Adam Jenkins: "It's a good way to strike fear in the hearts of our enemies." He grinned and gestured to the fainted Seo. "It's pretty effective."
  180. Darkling: Seo sobs into Stella's chest. "The babies!" She muffled cries.
  181. Stella Lacroix: Stella pats Seo on the back of the head. "The babies!"
  182. Leon: "Such a tragedy. And not even a hint of remorse from the Boar."
  183. Adam Jenkins: "We live, we fight, and we die, with no regrets!"
  184. Stella Lacroix: "Maybe we'll get Kaimana to be our token stereotype-defying boar."
  185. Darkling: "Kaimana is definitely redeemable and welcome into the fox fold."
  186. Darkling: ~~~~~~~~~~~
  187. Darkling: Eventually you had to head back to class which passed by normally and soon enough you ended up in Phys ed again. It had been a few weeks wince you had to play dodgeball, but it looks like it was back for the day.
  188. Darkling: "Alright you sniveling little maggots! Today we're having a battle of the sexes!" Mr. Jones already had a sweat going and his face was flushed red. "Split up into your groups now!"
  189. Adam Jenkins: Finally something to get the blood pumping! He joined the other guys. Kaimana was going down.
  190. Stella Lacroix: Stella goes over to the feminine side. She looks over the opposition, eyes narrowed as she prioritized the targets.
  191. Leon: Joy. It took great effort for Leon to contain his great enthusiasm and appear rather disinterested as he went to join the guys. Or wait, it actually took almost no effort really.
  192. Kaimana: Kai goes through some stretches.
  193. Darkling: It is a slightly uneven number for the match, the ladies having one extra player, but as Jones pointed out. "The women need that handicap to win. Make sure you plow em good with those balls boys!"
  194. Kaimana: "Language coach!"
  195. Darkling: "Shut your trap and get your hands on those balls!" He blows his whistle to start the match.
  196. Kaimana: It was clear to Kaimana that the key for victory here would be taking out Adam first. He and a few of the other boys posed a clear threat. She rushed in for a ball and threw!
  197. Adam Jenkins: Adam knew that would be coming. He span around the ball as it came in and picked one up. He targeted his throw right back!
  198. Kaimana: Kai grinned, scratching her cheek with her middle finger. As soon as she had another ball it was coming right for Adam.
  199. Darkling: The others exchanged ball, a few getting knocked out here or there.
  200. Stella Lacroix: "I'll shield you, your majesty! Or failing that, avenge you!"
  201. Darkling: Seo hides behind Stella, clinging to her.
  202. Adam Jenkins: Adam and Kaimana exchanged throws without getting anywhere.
  203. Kaimana: Here comes another from Kaimana!
  204. Leon: Leon mostly focuses on defense and avoidance, albeit taking shots when a good opportunity arises.
  205. Adam Jenkins: Adam overstepped a dodge and felt his leg get thrown out from under him by the force of one of Kaimana's throws. He landed with a huff.
  206. Darkling: Jones looks like he's edging hard on the verge of blowing a vein out of his neck. "That was the best game of dodgeball I've ever witnessed thus far!"
  207. Stella Lacroix: Stella seems content to shield Seo for now. "The smelly boar has been vanquished, my liege."
  208. Darkling: Everyone still playing kind of stopped confused.(edited)
  209. Darkling: "Excellent." Seo said peeking over Stella's shoulder.
  210. Darkling: Boff. Kai gets hit by a stray ball.
  211. Darkling: "We're still playing here!" Rhys shouts at her.
  212. Kaimana: "Crap."
  213. Darkling: Stella is left with Seo and Ashley against Leon and Rhys.
  214. Leon: "Huh, the numbers dwindled rather fast."(edited)
  215. Darkling: Ashley whips a ball at Rhys, nailing him in the junk.
  216. Stella Lacroix: "Good job, but be careful. Leon is dangerous."
  217. Darkling: "That's a foul miss! Get on the bench!" Jones yells at her and she slinks off, Rhys limping to the sidelines.
  218. Leon: Well, better throw while she's distracted. And so Leon lobs a ball at Ashley after she nails Rhys.
  219. Darkling: As she's walking away to the bench she doesn't see the ball coming and it pings her in the back making her face plant.
  220. Darkling: A resounding "OOooh." Comes from most everyone who saw.
  221. Leon: "Shoot... Sorry, wasn't expecting him to bench you..."
  222. Stella Lacroix: Stella goes over to Ashley, offering a hand up.
  223. Darkling: She takes it, a bit of blood dribbling out of her nose. "Oow." Seo comes over to help as well.
  224. Stella Lacroix: "I'll murder him on your behalf or be vanquished trying." Stella then takes the ball, and...
  225. Stella Lacroix: tosses it toward Leon, not quite hitting the mark.
  226. Leon: "I'm fairly certain I'm out for that anyways... so I'd say it's her win."
  227. Darkling: "The boys concede defeat! Unheard of! All of you maggot losers drop down and give me twenty pushups!"
  228. Darkling: "We won?" Seo starts bouncing up and down and making Ashley and Stella do so with her. "Weeee! Winners!"
  229. Stella Lacroix: Stella bounces along. "Victory!"
  230. Adam Jenkins: Adam drops down for pushups without complaint.
  231. Darkling: "Victory to the supreme fox!"
  232. Leon: "Right, right." Leon says before eventually joining the other boys for pushups.
  233. Darkling: The rest of the guys groan and complain how you blew it Leon. Regardless they start doing the pushups.(edited)
  234. Darkling: Ashley’s nosebleed seems to be getting noticeably worse as she bounces up and down with Seo and Stella.
  235. Stella Lacroix: "Nurse!" Stella calls out.
  236. Darkling: "I'll take her to the nurse." Seo says.
  237. Stella Lacroix: "Okay. I'll give Leon a good scolding later. And maybe make sure he gets a weird smoothie..." Stella pats Ashley on the shoulder lightly.
  238. Darkling: Seo takes her off and out of the room, coming back a few minutes later alone.
  239. Darkling: The rest of Gym proceeds with just some general exercise and eventually ends, the students heading to the change room and showers.(edited)
  240. Leon: With gym done, showered, and back in uniform, Leon used the final bits of their remaining school time to head towards the Nurse's Office. While an accident, Leon felt guilty about it, so he decided to visit Ashley before school ended. And thus into the Nurse's Office he went. "Hello?"
  241. Darkling: Ashley was sitting on a cot with red stained cotton balls up her nose. "Hi."
  242. Leon: "Ah, Ashley. So... how are you feeling?" Leon says as he moves closer into the room.
  243. Darkling: "Hrm okay." She says, sounding a little funny with her nose clogged. "Ih've had wuorse bahk home."(edited)
  244. Adam Jenkins: Adam sought out Kai after he'd taken a shower.
  245. Leon: "Ah, well I'm glad to hear it isn't so bad... I do feel bad about hitting you from behind like that right after he benched you."
  246. Kaimana: He'd find her talking with Kayla, shirt still stained with clay handprints over her breasts.
  247. Darkling: "Don whorry abouht it." She waves a hand at the air. "Ih'm shure you'll find ah whay to mahke it hup toh meh."(edited)
  248. Adam Jenkins: He approached "Hey, uh Kai."
  249. Kaimana: "Hm? Sup?" She gives him the shaka as he approaches.
  250. Darkling: Kayla is busy braiding Kai's long hair, she gives Adam a nod.
  251. Adam Jenkins: "Great game. You're something else."
  252. Kaimana: She shrugs, "The way you were moving I'd say it was a lucky throw."
  253. Leon: "Right, I'm sure hoping Stella's Vengence isn't how I do it." He says with a slight chuckle, albeit a serious expression. "So, how have things been since I got transferred away?"
  254. Adam Jenkins: He shook his head. "I had too many close calls to call that luck. You're more'n a match for me."
  255. Stella Lacroix: Stella lingers near the group, looking a bit of a mess. The day seems to have taken a toll on her that's starting to show now in her post-shower state.
  256. Kaimana: "I just like sports, you put up a good fight yourself. Maybe grow a little more hair though, I'll hit you sooner without the reflection." She smirks and holds a fist out.
  257. Darkling: "Oh noht bahd. There wahs thaht whole thing whith the fish mohnster. I heard ah rumohr it wahs a movie, but thaht cahn't be reahl."
  258. Darkling: Seo hops her way over to Stella and rests her face on her shoulder from behind.
  259. Leon: "Yeah, that was a strange day, wasn't it? The news report, the storm, and they even cancelled school for a while."
  260. Adam Jenkins: He tapped her knuckles and laughed. "Aw man but I like the ol crome dome."
  261. Stella Lacroix: "And so the day ended in victory for the fox nation." A little smile from Stella.
  262. Darkling: "Yah. Reahlly weird." She shrugs.
  263. Kaimana: "Fox nation?"
  264. Stella Lacroix: "The designated name for the territories ruled by Her Supreme Foxiness." Stella says matter of factly despite her fatigue.
  265. Darkling: Seo squirms her nose in pleasure.
  266. Leon: "It's in the past though at least, and the break was nice. Did you get to do anything nice during your break?"
  267. Kaimana: Kai makes a 'W' with her hand, "Clan wereshark."
  268. Darkling: "Meh ahnd Ju just hung out at the pool a lot."
  269. Darkling: "At least the weresharks aren't a smelly lot."
  270. Adam Jenkins: "Weresharks sounds even cooler than savage boars."
  271. Stella Lacroix: "You could have been a wereshark ally, but you chose the path of the smelly boar."
  272. Leon: Leon chuckles. "You two really like hanging around the pool, don't you? We have one as well, but no real archery range. I might need to think about a new hobby or something else to pass the time with."
  273. Darkling: Another shrug. "Not much else toh doh."
  274. Kaimana: "If you can surf you can be a wereshark, like Kayla and I."
  275. Leon: "Yeah... Do they at least let you go out every now and then?"
  276. Darkling: "We haven’t been out at all. You?"
  277. Darkling: Kayla makes chomping motions with her teeth towards Kai's neck.
  278. Leon: "Aside from testing, they've taken us out twice now, to the beach."
  279. Darkling: "Ih'd love to goh toh the beahch."
  280. Leon: "It was nice to get out, aside from the surfing mishap. Though that's kinda a blur still."
  281. Darkling: "Mishahp?"
  282. Leon: "Evidently I wiped out and got stung by Jellyfish. I assume it wasn't too bad, but whatever they gave me made the day a blur."
  283. Darkling: "Oh ehw.” She squirms in her seat.
  284. Adam Jenkins: "Haven't had much chance to surf. I wouldn't mind trying it though."
  285. Leon: "Yeah... It doesn't really quite make me want to try it again." He says with a slight chuckle.
  286. Stella Lacroix: "Just beware the giant flaming cancer ball in the sky."
  287. Adam Jenkins: "Never much had to worry about it." He said gesturing to his dark skin.
  288. Darkling: "Mayhbe thehy'll tahke us ahll."
  289. Darkling: "Ih'd like to see the beahch ahgain."
  290. Leon: "Yeah, though they rarely seem to focus on what we'd like, unfortunately."
  291. Darkling: That made her frown a bit. "Well one cahn hope."
  292. Leon: "True, and who knows? I certainly wasn't expecting it, so maybe they'll start taking everyone on trips in the near future?"
  293. Stella Lacroix: "It's creating a false sense of security."
  294. Darkling: "Silly boars don't think about consequences."
  295. Kaimana: "Did you know hammerhead sharks tan?"
  296. Darkling: ============END===========
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