Counter-Blackmail Anon Ch 2: Hotel to Hospital

May 22nd, 2014
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  1. Counter-Blackmail Anon Chapter 2: From the Hotel to the Hospital
  2. By Tumultuous
  3. Posted Thursday 22nd May 2014 >>17881431
  5. >Be Trixie.
  7. >You're starting to comprehend just how incredibly stupid the stunt you pulled was.
  8. >Walking down the carpeted corridors and into the elevator is giving you some time to reflect on some of the flaws of your brilliant plan.
  9. >Trying to blackmail someone who's travelling with royalty?
  10. >Someone who you've seen being very *intimate* with said royalty?
  11. >There was also the musician, but she was just a small part of the orchestra.
  12. >She had no importance to you beyond that.
  13. >The royalty wouldn't like that, and it's a really bad idea to piss off someone who has effectively unlimited authority and incredible magical powers.
  15. >To top it all off, you bucked him in the stomach pretty hard.
  16. >You're not that well versed in human anatomy, but coughing up blood can't be a good sign.
  17. >Walking down the halls towards the room he's sharing, you can't help but notice the faint smell of cleaning sprays on the service carts you pass by.
  18. >This strange moment of business-as-usual going on around you makes you glance at Anon, who is limping along steadily, the strain clear on his face.
  19. >The occasional cough from him leads you to think his injuries are going to get worse before they get better.
  20. >Now, he was injured /before/ you spoke to him (and kicked him), because of what him and Princess Cadence last night, but you're pretty sure adding that kick didn't help.
  21. >Those bruises on his face and neck are surprisingly well hidden, though.
  22. >You'd have thought they'd have swollen up a lot more by now.
  24. >This is not the best defense to use when you start plead- *negotiating* with Princess Cadence to do something other than make you disappear.
  25. >In the stories, castles always have deep dungeons.
  26. >You'd rather not find out first-hoof if that's the case in reality.
  30. >Be Anon.
  32. >Trixie's been pretty quiet on this short trip back to your room.
  33. >Suits you just fine.
  34. >Gasping for air and coughing blood every now and then is not fun.
  35. >It's taking most of your concentration to just stand and walk upright.
  36. >This'll be an interesting thing to explain to Tavi and Cadence.
  37. >You'd spend more time on your internal monologue, but you'd probably fall down and hurt yourself even more.
  38. >Also, you're nearing your room.
  40. >After you enter, you suddenly hear the sounds of arguing.
  41. >"...and what were you *thinking* when you were slapping him around!?"
  42. >That would be Octavia.
  43. >"I wasn't- I- I don't know!"
  44. >Aaand there's Cadence.
  45. >The moment you move past the threshhold and close the door behind you and Trixie, they stop and look at you.
  46. >It seems they were trying to clean the room from yesterday's... exploits to minimize the time hotel staff had to spend in there and therefore reduce the odds of a rumour starting.
  47. >They seemed to be trying to use face towels from the bathroom as rags to soak up the bodily fluids that coated almost everything.
  48. >The smell was already, well... not as good as new, but better, at least.
  50. "Hi ladies. Ugh. There's been a development", you say, gesturing to a meek and uncomfortable looking Trixie.
  51. >Cadence and Octavia immediately drop what they were doing and rush over to you, asking if you were okay.
  52. "Hold on. Let me tell you the short version."
  53. >You do so, being very concise and very informative at the same time.
  54. >So concise and informative, in fact, that the explanation itself was barely longer than this description of the explanation.
  55. >Aside from a few glares directed at Trixie, who whines slightly under her breath, the explanation of the blackmail and subsequent counter-blackmail goes smoothly.
  56. >"Alright, so we'll have to figure out how we'll deal with Trixie, but first things first: Anon, are you okay? You're bleeding from the mouth!", Octavia interjects.
  57. "Oh, that?" You say, as you stumble a bit, prompting Octavia to take a step towards you before Cadence supports you in her magic field to prevent you from falling over.
  58. "That's from Trixie over there. It happened just before I explained the new terms. And not really."
  60. >Trixie, busy trying to make herself as easy to ignore as possible for once in her life, shrinks ever further at these words as both Cadence and Octavia glare at her.
  61. >Octavia continues taking steps until she is between Trixie and the door.
  62. >Then, without warning, she bucks Trixie into the center of the room.
  63. >You swear you saw Trixie flinch and try to put up a shield, but 'Tavi just kicked right through it.
  64. >Octavia tries to continue, jumping to where Trixie came to a stop while yelling something about never kicking her coltfriend again, but she's caught in mid-air by Cadence's magic.
  65. >Whoah. Earth ponies are fucking hardcore.
  66. >"Hold on for a second, Octavia," commands the suddenly all-business Princess Cadence. "Focus on the priority."
  67. >She turns her attention back to you, still propped into a standing position by her magic field.
  68. >"First things first. We're getting you some medical attention, then we deal with Trixie."
  69. "Mm-mmm." You shake your head to say no.
  70. "First deal with the blackmail. I'm the only one who's hurt, but the blackmail is bad for everyone here. Deal with that first."
  71. >You gasp in pain.
  72. "But I'd appreciate it if you could deal with it fast."
  73. >Looking a little hesitant, Cadence relents.
  74. >"... Okay. Octavia, grab the photos from the bundle Trixie brought in."
  75. >With one last spit in Trixie's direction, Octavia goes and grabs the small stack of photographs.
  76. >After all, the sooner they finished with the blackmail, the sooner they could get their stallion, er, man, to agree to some medical attention.
  78. >Without delay, Octavia, Cadence, and yourself all quickly flipp through all the blackmail photographs.
  79. >You having sex with Octavia, Cadence having sex with... well... raping you, complete with screaming at you, smacking you across the face with her hooves, and strangling you.
  80. >Man, those pictures would look /really/ bad if the tabloids ever got a hold of them.
  81. >Octavia's eyes widen again at the photographs that show what Cadence was doing with/to Anon, but she holds her tongue.
  82. >It won't helpt to start another argument now.
  83. >There aren't any pictures of what happened in the theatre.
  84. >Thank goodness for small mercies.
  85. >You suppose that's when Trixie decided to go get the camera.
  87. >After the last of the photographs have been scanned, Octavia turns to Trixie, who's been busy concentrating on not gaining anyone's ire for the last few minutes, and asks "Trixie. Is this all the blackmail you have?"
  88. >A quick nod from Trixie is all the sign needed for Cadence to gather up the photographs and Anon's ruined sweater, and burn it all with magical fire.
  89. >The ashes get dumped in the plastic wastebasket.
  90. >Octavia keeps glaring at Trixie.
  91. >"One last thing before we leave. The camera. Hoof it over."
  92. >Trixie, wanting this whole ordeal to be over ten minutes ago, points to her cloak which was sitting on the table next to the incriminating package of photos and Anon's shirt until just a moment ago.
  93. >Octavia rooted through the pockets of the cloak and draws out a camera.
  94. >It's a fairly compact camera that prints out photos as they're taken.
  95. >"Does this camera have a memory in it?"
  96. >"N-No. That kind of camera is expensive, and I was in a rush to get a camera to get some dirt to use against you.
  97. >I only had the time and money on hoof to find a cheap tourist camera from the first store I saw."
  98. >Hmm... she could be telling the truth. Then again, you couldn't take the chance that she was lying.
  99. >One moment of consideration later, Octavia holds the offending item out to the side.
  100. >"Cadence. If you would, please."
  101. >Equestria now has one less camera in it's world.
  103. "Okay, now that that's over with for now, I'd like some medical attention please", you announce as your legs start to give out.
  104. >With a look of alarm, Octavia rushes to your side to support you and put you on her back to carry you, while Cadence uses her magic to help keep you on your back.
  105. >Every tiny bit of movement is causing waves of agony to flow through you.
  106. >"Trixie, you stay here and keep cleaning up. It's your job to help make sure the cleaning staff don't have to do too much to get this room back into perfect condition. Remember what Anon said about making ponies disappear? I've never actually done that, but right now, I'm considering it." Cadence coldly commands Trixie, who can only shiver and nod in compliance.
  107. >Octavia hangs a "do not disturb" sign on the outside doorknob just before all three of you dash out the door to leave the building.
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