Day At The Spa [Finished]

Jun 5th, 2016
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  1. I awoke to Twilight prodding me with one of her hooves with a concerned look on her face. It had been months since I arrived in Equestria and despite Twilight’s efforts I was no closer to returning home. So I began obsessively pouring through the books in her library myself, sure I didn’t understand most of the concepts of Equestrian magic and I realized if the solution was here, she would have likely found it already, but I was trying anyways. This was the fourth night this week I had stayed up looking through the books for some kind of answer or solution and my lack of sleep had finally caught up to me.
  3. “Even I think this is excessive, Mark.” Twilight worried. “I really hate to say it, but I just don’t think it’s possible. I’ve been through every piece of information available on the subject and I still don’t even know how you got here, never mind finding a way to send you home.”
  5. I sighed in a mix of tiredness and frustration, laying my head and arms on the table in front of me. “I can’t just give up, Twi.”
  7. She shook her head. “Well it’s clearly destroying you, you’re a mess!” Twilight paused a moment to think, quickly looking me over. “And you’re very obviously stressed. Maybe a day at the spa will help clear your mind a bit?” she suggested.
  9. All I could respond with was a look of skepticism.
  11. “Oh it’s not as bad as you’d think, Mark. I recommend the full treatment, I swear you’ll feel like a whole new pony afterwards!” Twilight realized her habitual mistake “Oops, I meant person. You’ll feel like a whole new person afterwards.” She smiled awkwardly.
  13. I sighed again. “Fine, I’ll go I guess.” On my way out I grumbled a bit, but I suppose it couldn’t hurt to relax for a while. After all, it would only be a couple hours at most, it wasn’t a permanent delay from finding a way home. A little bit of time to relax wouldn’t make or break returning to Earth.
  15. Only once I had reached the spa had I realized just how badly I looked when I saw myself in a mirror. Bloodshot eyes, my hair was a tangled mess and I hadn’t shaven in days. I reached the desk and ordered the full treatment, paying with some Bits Twilight had given me before I left. I was lead out of the waiting room by Aloe as Lotus changed the sign on the door to say they were closed. I assumed they would be busy with me for a while.
  17. Luckily the spa was empty at this hour; the two ponies lead me to a shower area and ordered me to strip down. I was bashful about doing it even though they didn’t care as ponies don’t typically wear clothes. The water was refreshing after spending days locked in the library and I admit it was already making me feel better. One of the sisters went off to make preparations for later as the other took me to the sauna.
  19. It was unlike any sauna I had ever been in before, I felt more comfortable than I had in a long time and it even felt as though the steam had softened my skin. It was a bizarre sensation. Eventually the sisters had retrieved me from the sauna and brought me to a specialized hot tub made specifically for washing ponies, it was already bubbling away from the massaging jets within. The sisters quickly got to work gently rubbing and scrubbing my body with various tools I couldn’t even name.
  21. Aloe worked on my ears, washing behind them while gently grabbing and pulling at them as she did. Again it was a strange sensation, especially once she was done; I couldn’t help but feel as though my ears were different somehow. When I tried to reach a hand up to feel them, Aloe stopped me and told me to just relax. They continued and I couldn’t help but let out the occasional groan of content satisfaction, though I did feel one of my ears twitch a few times through the process.
  23. Lotus had one of those puffy shower scrubber things on a stick that she had been working on my legs with and she eventually reached my crotch. Despite their gentleness so far, I had worries about ponies anywhere near my junk and instinctively jumped slightly once I felt the scrubber there. I tried to say something but Aloe just shushed me and gave a reassuring look. I realized I felt something slightly pressing against my head near my ears, once I noticed it and got curious though, the feeling went away. Aloe motioned for me to ignore it and just relax again.
  25. Lotus continued on with gently cleaning my crotch with the scrubber, after a minute or two, it began to feel strangely amazing. The more she rubbed, the more it felt sensitive, I found myself unconsciously fidgeting in place and moaning slightly as she rubbed. My moaning only seemed to spur her on as well until I shuddered and raised a hand to my mouth to prevent from making any noise. I was actually stunned for a moment when I realized she had just given me a happy ending and we weren’t even done our session yet.
  27. The two mares giggled slightly and gotten back to work. I couldn’t place what it was, but that felt extremely different than anything I had felt before. While I had been distracted by that, Aloe had been massaging my scalp, what I didn’t notice is that my hair was longer. Before it had only gone halfway down my neck, but now it was far longer, draping into the water. They had me lay back in the tub with Lotus working on my arms next and Aloe working on my neck and torso. I felt my legs rub against each other and they felt strangely smooth against one another. They felt softer than before too, almost dainty.
  29. After gently rubbing my neck, back and front, Aloe instructed me to lay my head back and just close my eyes rather than watch what they’re doing, she said it was so I could enjoy it more. It turned out that it actually was more enjoyable. She dropped a moist facecloth onto my face and began rubbing it all over. Once Lotus had finished with my right arm, she dropped it back into the water. As I felt her working on my other arm and Aloe had moved on to rubbing along the curves of my body, I unconsciously moved my hand towards my crotch and began to rub myself, not fully picking up on the feminine moan that escaped my lips as I did so.
  31. Lotus dropped my left arm back into the water as Aloe began to work on my upper chest while I continued to gently rub at my lower lips, moaning pleasurably as I did so. After a while of Aloe working on my chest, I reached my free hand up to grope one of my breasts.
  33. Wait, what the fuck? I felt my heart skip a beat at the realization and I jumped up and tried to get out of the hot tub, only for the two spa ponies to hold me down. They tried talking me down but I just shouted over them, my own voice sounding alien to me now as it was the voice of a woman. The spa ponies managed to eventually get me pinned down and each began whispering into my ears. I don’t know what they were saying, but my struggling died down until they could let me go. I couldn’t even remember why I had begun struggling in the first place. I apologized and they told me it wasn’t an issue and finished happily washing my body, though there wasn’t much left at that point. They got me out of the hot tub and dried me off with an incredibly soft towel, head to toe. I noticed my hair was blonde with a few white streaks and was half way down my back, I don’t know why that detail stuck out to me, something about it seemed strange to me but I couldn’t place it.
  35. Next was a full body massage, once at the table I lay on my chest as they worked up and down my back, legs and arms, most of which was preparation. They used specialized massaging oil made to help loosen muscles, anywhere they massaged with it instantly felt a bit warmer. When done they moved onto my feet, rubbing out the tensed muscles and each of my toes. I can’t explain what it was, but after a few moments it felt like I had a slight buzz, as if I were just slightly drunk. Maybe the smell of the oil was clouding my mind.
  37. Once they were done with my hind hooves, they moved farther up to my legs. Part of my mind tried to question why I called them hooves, but hooves sounded right somehow. My legs felt different too, when they were done with them. Different, but right. I tried to ignore it as it was probably just the feeling of the stress literally being rubbed away as they rubbed away at my body.
  39. As they massaged my backside, being gentler around my nether region, the part of my mind telling me something was wrong continued to build. When they reached my lower back, I felt what was almost like a pulling sensation from the base of my spine. As soon as I tried to raise my head up to turn around and look, Lotus stopped me and began to rub my shoulders and neck instead. When I felt the very bones within my shoulder shifting and reforming I realized what was happening, even as Aloe finished pulling the appendage that was my new tail and brushed the long tail hair out that matched my mane.
  41. I tried to struggle, to get up and run to escape, but I found the relaxation and pleasure too much and simply lay there as they continued their transformative massage. The pair rubbed at my hips, being far less subtle about what they were doing now they knew I couldn’t escape. My whole lower half was that of a pony now, as well as my shoulders and presumably my ears from earlier. The sisters began massaging each side of my torso, reforming it into the barrel of a pony and had me lay on my side so they could work my back and chest. Though I was already powerless to escape, I now felt my internal resistance to the changes slipping away as well. The two spa ponies began working on my upper back, I felt each one pulling at something, two more new appendages that would be my wings.
  43. Once both wings were fully grown in, the sisters stretched them both out and rubbed along them too, less to cause any change since there was nothing to change in my wings, but for the sake of the full body massage that was part of the treatment. There wasn’t much left for them to change, I could feel them rubbing my arms now, kneading away my fingers and hands into fore hooves and making the rest of my arms thicker. Finally they got to my head, rubbing all along it and gently massaging my face again as they pulled and stretched until I had a muzzle. I could even feel my teeth had changed even though the sisters never touched them.
  45. They were finally finished changing me and walked me over to a mirror to get a good look at myself. I felt strangely excited looking upon myself, turning to see all that I had changed. I had a beautifully flowing blonde mane, a soft and welcoming face with white freckles, two red eyes contrasting with my light blue coat and a pair of beautifully soft looking wings. I turned to look at my rump and saw I already had a cutie mark, it was a music bar with golden horse shoes instead of music notes.
  47. Aloe and Lotus lead me to another room for additional spa treatment, though the changes were complete, I had paid for full treatment and they had more of that to fulfill. When all was done, they thanked me and were glad I was happy with my new form. I told them they could expect me to be a regular customer as well, much to their joy. All thoughts of returning to Earth had slipped away, I realized Equestria was a pretty nice place after all and I had already made friends I wouldn’t want to leave behind. Equestria was my home now and I was perfectly fine with that. Twilight was right; I really did feel like a whole new pony.
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