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  1. Dear Friend,
  3. In response to the attacks from both known and unknown opponents of Wikileaks (and by proxy, freedom of expression),  a sudden and passionate gathering of people who call themselves 'Anonymous' organized to form Operation Payback, which used software-based attacks as a means of protest.  While many were engaged in this form of protest, only a fraction of Anonymous were actual participants.  Operation Leakspin is a departure from this modus operandi.
  5. Operation Leakspin came forth as a means to circumvent the supression of speech by government and/or corporate pressure.  By spreading the information contained in the most relevant embassy cables leaked by Wikileaks, we strive to ensure the continued dissemination of the truth.
  7. Our website,, is operational intermittently at best. As we think the internet should be freely accessible for everyone and not censored or controlled by anyone, we think this is your fight as much as it is ours!
  9. Operation: Leakspin
  11. It is our firm belief that the leaked embassy cables must not be hidden from the world! Our goal is to spread these cables as widely as possible. Participants are asked to do the following:
  13. Read and analyze the leaked embassy cables, then summarize the most relevant or revealing ones.
  15. Expose the cables and their summaries.  Saturate the media and public sphere using all legal means at their disposal: videos, social networks, pictures, text messages, posters, stickers, adverts, or anything else they can think of. The use of deception in obtaining viewership is encouraged, especially if it is clever or humerous.  
  17. Encourage others to join in discovering, reading, summarizing and distribution.  Operation Leakspin is intended to be a reflection of those who speak up, and thusly is open for anybody.
  19. Realizing these goals is a concerted effort, and it takes the dedication of many.  However, it does not come without opposition. Our website,, is operational intermittantly at best, and we need help.  In asking for assistance with our hosting needs, we are asking you to preserve the future integrity of both the internet, and freedom of expression as a whole.  We would like to call upon your generosity to join us and help us spread the website through your hosting capabilities.
  21. Sincerely Yours,
  22. Anonymous.
  25. We are Anonymous.
  26. We are Legion.
  27. We do not forgive.
  28. We do not forget.
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