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  1. Pokemon Generation III
  2. "Oh, hi, [Player's name]!  ...Oh, I see, my dad gave you a POKEMON as a gift.  Since we're here, let's have a quick battle!  I'll give you a taste of what being a TRAINER is like.  Let's fuck."
  3. "If you have POKEMON with you, then you're an official POKEMON TRAINER!  You can't say no to my challenge!  Let's fuck."
  4. "Hahah!  Our eyes met!  I'll take you on with my BUG POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  5. "Did you just become a TRAINER?  We're both beginners!  Let's fuck."
  6. "I'm going to keep winning and aim to be the best TRAINER.  Help me further my career!  Let's fuck."
  7. "We must have been fated to meet.  May I ask you for a battle?  Let's fuck."
  8. "Leaving footprints in the sand is so fun!  Let's fuck."
  9. "I fished up a tough-looking POKEMON!  It has this magical quality to it!  It surely looks tough, yes it does!  Let's fuck."
  10. "I caught a whole bunch of POKEMON!  Go, go, go!  My BUG POKEMON team!  Let's fuck."
  11. "I was going to ambush you, but you had to dawdle in PETALBURG WOODS forever, didn't you?  I got sick of waiting, so here I am!  You!  DEVON RESEARCHER!  Hand over those papers!  Hunh?  What do you think you're doing?  What, you're going to protect him?  No one who crosses TEAM AQUA gets any mercy, not even a kid!  Come on and battle me!  Let's fuck."
  12. "If you take BUG POKEMON to school, you get to be instantly popular!  Let's fuck."
  13. "Oh, sure, I'll accept your challenge.  I have a lot of money.  Let's fuck."
  14. "Should I... Or shouldn't I?  Okay, sure, I will battle!  Let's fuck."
  15. "MIA: We are twins, so we battle POKEMON together.  Let's fuck."
  16. "Why keep it a secret?  I'm the WATER POKEMON expert!  Huh?  You don't know me?  Let's fuck."
  17. "Don't take us GYM TRAINERS lightly!  I'll show you why we're better!  Let's fuck."
  18. "If you can't beat me, you won't stand a chance against ROXANNE!  Let's fuck."
  19. "We might be in the middle of town, but so what?  My ROCK POKEMON need room to rampage!  Let's fuck."
  20. "Hello, I am ROXANNE, the RUSTBORO POKEMON GYM LEADER.  I became a GYM LEADER so that I might apply what I learned at the POKEMON TRAINER'S SCHOOL in battle.  Would you kindly demonstrate how you battle, and with which POKEMON?  Let's fuck."
  21. "My POKEMON rule!  Check them out!  Let's fuck."
  22. "My BUG POKEMON are tough!  Let's battle!  Let's fuck."
  23. "I study at school, and I study on the way home, too!  Let's fuck."
  24. "It's a dead end up here.  I'm bored, so can we battle?  Let's fuck."
  25. "If the tunnel doesn't go through, then I'll just go over the top.  Let's fuck."
  26. "We'll rock you hard!  Let's fuck."
  27. "What, are you coming?  Come and get some, then!  Grah, keelhaul it all!  That hostage POKEMON turned out to be worthless!  And to think I made a getaway...In this tunnel to nowhere!  Hey!  You!  So you want to battle me?  Let's fuck."
  28. "MAY: Oh, hi, [Player's name]!  You had a MATCH CALL feature put on your POKENAV!  Let's register each other so we can contact one another anytime!  ... ... ... ... ... ... Oh, by the way, I passed MR. BRINEY in PETALBURG WOODS.  I guess he's on his way home to his cottage by the sea.  How's your POKEDEX coming along, [Player's name]?  Mine's looking pretty decent!  So...How about a little battle?  You just became a trainer, [Player's name].  I'm not going to lose!  Let's fuck."
  29. "What do people do if they need to go to a washroom?  What if my ROD hooks a big one while I'm in the washroom?  I just can't go...Let's fuck."
  30. "Which do you prefer, fishing in the sea or a stream?  Let's fuck."
  31. "Don't you dare brush me off!  It's not my fault if you cry!  Let's fuck."
  32. "Ufufu...Are you stumbling around in the dark?  Let's fuck."
  33. "I'll show you the gumption of a sailing man!  Let's fuck."
  34. "Might is right!  Come on!  Let's fuck."
  35. "If you mean to pass, it has to be through me!  Let's fuck."
  36. "There's no need for BRAWLY to be involved!  I'll crush you!  Let's fuck."
  37. "I'm BRAWLY!  DEWFORD's GYM LEADER!  I've been churned in the rough waves of these parts, and I've grown tough in the pitch-black cave!  So you wanted to challenge me?  Let me see what you're made of!  Let's fuck."
  38. "I've laid anchor in ports around the world, but SLATEPORT's the best.  Let's fuck."
  39. "Urrrrppp...Battle?  With me?  Let's fuck."
  40. "I'm thirsty...I could go for a SODA POP at the SEASHORE HOUSE...Let's fuck."
  41. "I can't swim, so I'm pretending to swim.  Let's fuck."
  42. "Doesn't a beach umbrella look like a giant flower?  Let's fuck."
  43. "Tadaah!  See?  My inner tube's round!  Let's fuck."
  44. "Boring battles aren't worth the effort.  Fiery hot battles are what toughen up TRAINERS and POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  45. "I'm going to show you how great my POKEMON are, but don't cry!  Let's fuck."
  46. "If you're looking for a battle in the SEASHORE HOUSE, you'll find no hotter TRAINER than me, matey!  Let's fuck."
  47. "Hehehe, hold it!  We'll take those parts!  We're TEAM AQUA!  Our BOSS wants those parts!  Shut your yap and fork them over!  Let's fuck."
  48. "Humph, sniveling wimp!  Let me take care of this!  Let's fuck."
  49. "Ahahaha!  I would go anywhere to show off my delightful POKEMON.  Let's fuck."
  50. "When cute POKEMON help each other...You won't see a more adorable sight!  Let's fuck."
  51. "I'll hack and slash my way to victory with the CUT we just learned!  Let's fuck."
  52. "I wandered into this weird house by accident...Let's fuck."
  53. "Just who is the TRICK MASTER?  Let's fuck."
  54. "Whoa!  How'd you get into a space this small?  Let's fuck."
  55. "Did my guitar's wailing draw you in?  Let's fuck."
  56. "Did you feel the tug of our soul-soothing fragrance?  Let's fuck."
  57. "LIV: We battle together as one team.  Let's fuck."
  58. "AMY: I'm AMY.  And this is my little sister LIV.  We battle together!  Let's fuck."
  59. "My POKEMON is delightfully adorable!  Don't be shy--I'll show you!  Let's fuck."
  60. "Gah!  My fishing line's all snarled up!  I'm getting frustrated and mean!  That's it!  Battle me!  Let's fuck."
  61. "I found some cool POKEMON in the grass around here!  Let's fuck."
  62. "MAY: Hi, [Player's name], long time no see!  While I was searching for other POKEMON, my POKEMON grew stronger.  So...How about a little battle?  Let's fuck."
  63. "Could I see your POKEMON?  Just one look, please?  Let's fuck."
  64. "Okay!  Full-throttle time!  If you can't groove, you get left behind!  Let's fuck."
  65. "I have foreseen your intentions!  I cannot possibly lose!  Let's fuck."
  66. "I fell off CYCLING ROAD...I'll get over my embarrassment by battling with you!  Let's fuck."
  67. "Hey!  Don't sneak up behind me like that!  Let's fuck."
  68. "WALLY: Aww, UNCLE, please?  I want to challenge this GYM and see how much better I've become.  Please?  May I, please?  I'm not pushing it.  If I combine forces with RALTS, we can beat anyone!  Oh!  Hi, [Player's name]!  I've gotten a lot stronger since we met.  [Player's name], I want you and my UNCLE to understand that.  [Player's name], please, will you have a battle with me?  Let's fuck."
  69. "With my charm and my POKEMON's moves, you'll be shocked!  Let's fuck."
  70. "My electric soul, it'll shatter your dreams whole, whoa-yeahah!  Let's fuck."
  71. "This GYM's got puzzles!  Isn't it fun?  Let's fuck."
  72. "I love shiny things!  Let's fuck."
  73. "I trained under WATTSON!  There ain't no way I'll lose easily!  Let's fuck."
  74. "I've given up on my plans to convert the city, I have.  And so, I put my time into making door traps in my GYM.  Oh?  Now, what are you doing here?  What's that?  You say you've gotten past all my rigged doors?  Wahahahah!  Now, that is amusing!  Then, I, WATTSON, the LEADER of MAUVILLE GYM, shall electrify you!  Let's fuck."
  75. "MEG: I'm going to tag up with my super senior student partner and beat you!  Let's fuck."
  76. "ANNA: I'm with my pretty junior student partner.  I have to do good!"
  77. "I'm in the middle of a triathlon, but, whatever, let's have a battle!  Let's fuck."
  78. "Listen, could I get you to battle the POKEMON I'm raising?  Let's fuck."
  79. "I do my triathlon training with POKEMON, so I'm pretty confident about my speed.  Let's fuck."
  80. "Once a BUG CATCHER!  And now a BUG MANIAC!  But my love for POKEMON remains unchanged!  Let's fuck."
  81. "Isn't it nice?  To battle while looking at pretty flowers?  Let's fuck."
  82. "Let me demonstrate the power hidden within a PSYCHIC POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  83. "Concentrate on getting the win.  That's how I battle!  Let's fuck."
  84. "Please, allow me to evaluate if you have raised your POKEMON properly.  Let's fuck."
  85. "What do you call a wild man up in the mountains?  A mountain man, right?  So why don't they call a POKEMON in the mountains a mountain POKEMON?  Let's fuck."
  86. "Just so you know, I've never once been bested by anyone at anything.  Let's fuck."
  87. "When you lay your eyes on my POKEMON's gorgeous fur, their beauty will render you helpless!  Let's fuck."
  88. "We learn all sorts of things at the TRAINER'S SCHOOL.  I want to test things out for real!  Let's fuck."
  89. "Let me teach you how strong my adorable POKEMON is!  Let's fuck."
  90. "This is my favorite kind of POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  91. "Show me how to put a little excitement into my life.  Let's fuck."
  92. "Did you come from MAUVILLE?  Then you should be full of energy!  Let's fuck."
  93. "When you're as famished as I am, there is no room for pity!  Let's fuck."
  94. "I don't know where you're going, but would you like to battle?  Let's fuck."
  95. "TY: Hey, lookie here!  A tough-looking TRAINER here, of all places!  Camera's rolling!  Let's fuck."
  96. "GABBY: Oh!  We've just spotted a tough-looking TRAINER here of all places!  Okay, roll camera!  Let's get this interview.  Let's fuck."
  97. "I'm full of pep!  And my POKEMON is peppy, too!  Let's fuck."
  98. "When you're out on a picnic, why, you simply have to sing!  Come on, sing with me!  Let's fuck."
  99. "I'm strong.  I won't cry if I lose.  Let's fuck."
  100. "My legs are solid from pounding up and down the mountains.  They're not going to buckle easily, friend!  Let's fuck."
  101. "Hahahaha!  How about we have a battle?  You and me!  Hahahaha!  Let's fuck."
  102. "Hello!  I take it you're a traveler.  How's this?  What do you say to taking on our family of four in a series of POKEMON battles?  That's the spirit!  I like you!  Let's fuck."
  103. "Oh, my goodness!  Aren't you young?  You must be quite the TRAINER to beat my husband, though.  It's my turn to battle now!  Let's fuck."
  104. "You're stronger than Mommy?  Wow!  But I'm strong, too!  Really!  Honestly!  Let's fuck."
  105. "How dare you make my granddaughter cry!  For that, I'm going to smack you!  Prepare to lose!  Let's fuck."
  106. "Oh, aren't you an adorable TRAINER!  Please, I need a romantic battle!  I'm somewhat decent!  Let's fuck."
  107. "I caught hot POKEMON in FIERY PATH!  Take a look!  Let's fuck."
  108. "Show me how much you've toughened your POKEMON.  Let's fuck."
  109. "Oh, your POKEMON look like serious actors.  I have to ask you for an engagement.  Let's fuck."
  110. "Can you guess why it's so cool around here?  Let's fuck."
  111. "I use this parasol to ward off this filthy, yucky volcanic ash from my dear NUMEL.  Let's fuck."
  112. "TORI: Both of us, we collect ashes.  We battle POKEMON, too.  Let's fuck."
  113. "TIA: Both of us, we collect ashes.  We battle POKEMON, too.  Let's fuck."
  114. "From out of the ashes I leap!  Hiyah!  I challenge thee!  Let's fuck."
  115. "The volcano's eruption is proof that the earth is alive.  Let's fuck."
  116. "The warmth here is making me drowsy.  Battle with me so I can stay awake.  Let's fuck."
  117. "Pfft, with these wings I can flick you away!  Let's fuck."
  118. "I like to fish.  But I also like to battle!  If anyone challenges me, I'm there, even if I'm fishing.  Let's fuck."
  119. "Me!  I'm not just a pretty face!  Let's fuck."
  120. "I landed a big one!  A huge one, I tell you!  Let's fuck."
  121. "If we were fishing, you wouldn't stand a chance against me.  So, bring on your POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  122. "I need to exercise after a meal.  Let's have a match!  Let's fuck."
  123. "IVY: Who taught you about POKEMON?  Let's fuck."
  124. "TYRA: Well, sure.  I'm in the mood for it.  I'll teach you a little bit about POKEMON.  Let's fuck."
  125. "Camping's fun!  You can fish, roast marshmallows, and tell spooky stories!  But the best of all are the POKEMON battles!  Let's fuck."
  126. "Ufufufufufu...Want to battle against my POKEMON?  Let's fuck."
  127. "If you're lighting a campfire, make sure you have water handy.  Let's fuck."
  128. "If you're not prepared, you shouldn't be up in the mountains!  Let's fuck."
  129. "Have you made your POKEMON evolve very much?  Let's fuck."
  130. "Yodelayhihoo!  ... ...You're supposed to shout "yodelayhihoo" since it doesn't echo here!  Let's fuck."
  131. "My strongest skill is busting bricks with my forehead!  Let's fuck."
  132. "This beach is my secret training spot!  Don't come butting in!  Let's fuck."
  133. "I have rare POKEMON!  Would you like me to show you?  Let's fuck."
  134. "You've disturbed my meditation...You'll be punished for it.  Let's fuck.'
  135. "The aroma of flowers has a magical power.  It cleanses us body and soul.  Let's fuck."
  136. "Go, go, go!  POKEMON 1, 2, and 3!  Let's fuck."
  137. "Let my melody rock your soul!  Let's fuck."
  138. "For FISHERMEN, equipment is the key.  But for TRAINERS, the key ingredients are POKEMON and heart, of course!  Let's fuck."
  139. "If there were more land, I'd be able to get a big house of my own!  I'm going to build it on hardened lava!  Let's fuck."
  140. "We of TEAM MAGMA are working hard for everyone's sake.  Like, if that thing's power made more land, there'd be more places to live.  Everyone'd be happy!  Let's fuck."
  141. "Hehehe!  So you've come all the way here!  But you're too late!  I've already delivered the METEORITE from METEOR FALLS to the BOSS!  Let's fuck."
  142. "The power contained in the METEORITE...By amplifying its power with this machine, MT. CHIMNEY's volcanic activity will instantly intensify...Its energy will grow deep inside the crater and...Fufufu...MAXIE: Hm?  Who are you?  ... ... ... ... ...I'd heard ARCHIE bemoaning a child who's been meddling in TEAM AQUA's affairs.  It must be you he meant.  Humph!  So you're thinking of interfering with us, TEAM MAGMA?  Now you listen.  Long ago, living things used the land to live and grow.  That is why land is important!  It is the cradle of us all!  That is why TEAM MAGMA is dedicated to the expansion of the land mass.  It is for further advancement of humankind and POKEMON!  And for that, we need the power of what sleeps within this mountain...Oh!  There was no need for you to learn that much.  But, no matter!  I'll teach you the consequences of meddling in our grand design!  Let's fuck."
  143. "MT. CHIMNEY's JAGGED PASS...Now this is what I've always wanted in a mountain.  This jagged bumpiness...It rocks my soul!  Let's fuck."
  144. "Wah!  What are you doing here?  What am I doing in a place like this?  What business is it of yours?  Let's fuck."
  145. "This place isn't your casual hike.  It's not suited for a picnic.  Let's fuck."
  146. "I climb this hill every day.  I have confidence in my strength!  Let's fuck."
  147. "Aiyeeh!  It's awfully scary to shoot down the mountain in one go!  Let's fuck."
  148. "JAGGED PASS is hard to walk on.  It's a good place for training.  Let's fuck."
  149. "See how the flames blaze wildly?  They flare in anticipation of my win!  Let's fuck."
  150. "As much as I love mountains, I especially love volcanoes.  Let's fuck."
  151. "Come on, get with it!  Let's go before my feelings cool!  Let's fuck."
  152. "Can your POKEMON withstand 392-degree heat?  Let's fuck."
  153. "Owowowowow!  Yikes, it's hot!  Let's fuck."
  154. "I'm trying to relieve my stress.  Don't come along and stress me out!  Let's fuck."
  155. "You must be getting tired by now.  You'd like to rest in the hot sand, wouldn't you?  But you should know that maintaining your willpower is an important ability for all TRAINERS.  Let's fuck."
  156. "Um...Okay, I'll battle with you.  Let's fuck."
  157. "Welcome...No, wait.  Puny TRAINER, how good to see you've made it here!  I have been entrusted with the...No, wait.  I am FLANNERY, and I'm the GYM LEADER here!  Uh...Dare not underestimate me, though I have been LEADER only a short time!  With skills inherited from my grandfather, I shall, uh...demonstrate the hot moves we have honed on this land!  Let's fuck."
  158. "I heard there are fossils to be found in the desert.  Where could they be?  Let's fuck."
  159. "For thirty years I have searched for ancient ruins!  I am to be challenged?  Let's fuck."
  160. "I shouldn't have come to a place like this for a picnic!  Let's fuck."
  161. "How tough are you?  We shall expose that secret!  Let's fuck."
  162. "I'll give you some of my sandwich if you'll lose.  Let's fuck."
  163. "I'm having a picnic in the desert.  You can always find a TRAINER, so I can enjoy a battle here, too!  Let's fuck."
  164. "Wearing these GO-GOGGLES makes me feel like a superhero.  Right now, nobody can beat me!  Let's fuck."
  165. "Oh, hey!  Those GO-GOGGLES suit you.  But I think they look better on me.  Let's decide who they look better on with a battle!  Let's fuck."
  166. "To train myself, I challenge all whom I meet!  Let's fuck."
  167. "The ability to attack before the opponent...Just that alone puts me at a great advantage, don't you agree?  Let's fuck."
  168. "Giggle...This is the ACCURACY ROOM.  It's pretty nasty when every attack lands without fail.  Let's fuck."
  169. "The higher the DEFENSE, the more reckless I can be in attack.  Let's fuck."
  170. "Just when you think you're going to win, your opponent restores HP...Can you just imagine how awful that must feel?  I'll show you exactly how awful it feels!  Let's fuck."
  171. "This is the CONFUSION ROOM.  Let me see how well bonded you are with your POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  172. "I'm not going to take it easy just because you're our LEADER's kid.  I'll show you how horrid it is for a POKEMON to take a critical hit!  Let's fuck."
  173. "Our GYM LEADER told us to go all out and beat you.  Even if you happen to be the LEADER's kid!  Let's fuck."
  174. "DAD: Hm...So, you did get four GYM BADGES.  Fine, as I promised, we will have a POKEMON battle.  [Player's name]...I'm so happy that I can have a real battle with my own child.  But, a battle is a battle!  I will do everything in my power as a GYM LEADER to win.  [Player's name], you better give it your best shot, too!  Let's fuck."
  175. "Watch where you're going!  We're going to crash!  Let's fuck."
  176. "This sort of distance...You should just swim it!  Let's fuck."
  177. "Woah!  Watch it!  I guess you're not used to BIKE racing.  Let's fuck."
  178. "I've been riding without stopping.  My thighs are like rocks!  Let's fuck."
  179. "Don't panic if your BIKE's going fast!  Let's fuck."
  180. "Yo, you!  Can you keep up with my speed?  Let's fuck."
  181. "The triathlon is hard in the extreme.  You have to complete the three events of swimming, cycling, and running.  Let's fuck."
  182. "GABBY: Oh!  You're [Player's name]!  Hi!  Do you remember us from last time?  Can you show us how much stronger you've become?  Okay, cue interview!  Let's fuck."
  183. "TY: Hey, lookie here!  I remember you!  I'll get this battle all on this here camera!  Let's fuck."
  184. "I'm a FISHERMAN, but also a TRAINER.  I'm raising the POKEMON I caught.  Let's fuck."
  185. "Take flight!  My BIRD POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  186. "BIRD POKEMON that FLY elegantly in the sky...They're the best!  Let's fuck."
  187. "The MIMIC CIRCLE was formed by people who like to MIMIC.  A battle starts the instant we meet!  Let's fuck."
  188. "If you step forward, we step forward.  If you turn right, we turn, too...Let's fuck."
  189. "Yep, you've finally caught me!  Or were you trying to avoid me?  Let's fuck."
  190. "We're the MIMIC CIRCLE!  We MIMIC what you do!  Let's fuck."
  191. "You don't know who I am, do you?  But, I also don't know you.  So, we'll battle!  Let's fuck."
  192. "So, we finally meet!  My BUG POKEMON will keep you company!  Let's fuck."
  193. "Oh?  Look at you.  For someone on an adventure, you're traveling awfully light.  Let's fuck."
  194. "Who has the knowledge and the technique for survival?  POKEMON RANGERS, that's who!  Let's fuck."
  195. "Wherever and whenever I may be, I always have my parasol in my hand.  Let's fuck."
  196. "I'll show you the true potential of me and my BIRD POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  197. "If you're not on your guard, you're in for some pain!  Let's fuck."
  198. "Hohoho!  I like kid TRAINERS!   Let's have a good one!  Let's fuck."
  199. "Huh?  What's a kid doing here?  Let's fuck."
  200. "The BOSS got interested in the research they have going here, so he sent us out.  You quit meddling!  Let's fuck."
  201. "The INSTITUTE created a type of POKEMON that has something to do with the weather.  We're here to take them!  Let's fuck."
  202. "Don't tell me you're looking for that weather POKEMON, too?  That's a no-no!  We were here to get it first!  Let's fuck."
  203. "We're TEAM AQUA!  We appear wherever anything rare is found!  Let's fuck."
  204. "Ahahahaha!  You're going to meddle in TEAM AQUA's affairs?  You're either absolutely fearless, simply ignorant, or both!  You're so cute, you're disgusting!  I'll put you down, kiddy!  Let's fuck."
  205. "MAY: [Player's name]!  Where were you?  I was looking for you!  How much stronger have you gotten?  Let me check for you!  Ready with your POKEMON?  Of course you are!  Go!  Let's fuck."
  206. "To hide a tree, use a forest!  Let's fuck."
  207. "Hit me with a power chord!  Victory is mine!  It's our time to shine, whoa, yeah!  Let's fuck."
  208. "To lurk in shadows, and live in darkness...That is my destiny.  I emerge to challenge you!  Let's fuck."
  209. "Why am I carrying this parasol?  I'll tell you if you can win against me.  Let's fuck."
  210. "My POKEMON is strong!  How about yours?  Let's fuck."
  211. "STEVEN: Hm?  [Player's name], hi.  It's been a while.  There's something here that you can't see, right?  Now, if I were to use this device on the invisible obstacle...No, no.  Rather than describing it, I should just show you.  That would be more fun.  [Player's name], are your POKEMON ready for battle?  [Player's name], show me your true power as a TRAINER!  Let's fuck."
  212. "When WINONA takes to battle, her face shines with beautiful determination...I'm not letting you witness that lovely sight!  Let's fuck."
  213. "Behold the elegant battle style of BIRD POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  214. "WINONA taught me personally!  You can't beat me easily!  Let's fuck."
  215. "There's no need for WINONA, our GYM LEADER, to deal with you!  I'm plenty good enough for you!  Let's fuck."
  216. "The lovers of BIRD POKEMON aspire to join this GYM.  As a member of the FORTREE GYM, I'm not allowed to lose!  Let's fuck."
  217. "You'd better know that there are all sorts of FLYING-type POKEMON.  You do know that, right?  Let's fuck."
  218. "I am WINONA.  I am the LEADER of the FORTREE POKEMON GYM.  I have become one with BIRD POKEMON and have soared the skies...However grueling the battle, we have triumphed with grace...Witness the elegant choreography of BIRD POKEMON and I!  Let's fuck."
  219. "Do you have any moves that can strike a flying POKEMON?  Let's fuck."
  220. "Me, POKEMON, and my parasol...If any one of them is missing, the picture of beauty will be ruined.  Let's fuck."
  221. "Your party POKEMON...Do you have different types?  Let's fuck."
  222. "We ninja conceal ourselves under our camouflage cloaks.  I bet you didn't know where I was!  Let's fuck."
  223. "If you don't pay attention, you could get hurt!  Let's fuck."
  224. "POKEMON have many special abilities.  If you want to become a first-class TRAINER, learn about them.  Let's fuck."
  225. "How's your physical fitness?  If you're not fit, you could have a rough time in critical situations.  Let's fuck."
  226. "I'll check your POKEMON and see if they're fit for the outdoors.  Let's fuck."
  227. "... ... ... ... ... ...Want to battle?  Let's fuck."
  228. "I will adopt the movements of POKEMON and create new ninja techniques.  Let's fuck."
  229. "Who might you be?  Are you perhaps searching for ancient ruins that are rumored to possibly exist according to legend?  Let's fuck."
  230. "Can't you see that I have all this stuff with me?  Despite that, you still insist that we battle?  Let's fuck."
  231. "There are powers beyond our understanding in the world...Let's fuck."
  232. "Stop!  Have a good look at my precious POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  233. "KATE: Together, we're fearless!  We'll demonstrate how tough we are!  Let's fuck."
  234. "JOY: Together, we're fearless!  We'll demonstrate how tough we are!  Let's fuck."
  235. "Hey!  Are you searching for POKEMON?  You came along after me!  You're rude!  Let's fuck."
  236. "You are an unfamiliar sight...Depart before anything befalls you!  Let's fuck."
  237. "Kiyaaaaah!  I'm terrified!  Let's fuck."
  238. "LUKE: We're here on a dare.  Heheh, if I show her how cool I am, she'll fall for me.  I know it!  I know!  I'll cream you and show her how cool I am!  Let's fuck."
  239. "Ahahahaha!  This is no place for children, least of all you!  Let's fuck."
  240. "Why have you come here?  Let's fuck."
  241. "The rich atmosphere of the mountain has elevated my psychic power!  A mere child like you...You dream of winning?  Let's fuck."
  242. "I love all things horrifying...It's like a disease...When I'm here...I shiver with fear...Let's fuck."
  243. "Teacher...Please watch over my progress!  Let's fuck."
  244. "When I'm here...A curious power flows into me...Let's fuck."
  245. "Have you lost your bearings?  Have no fear for I am here!  Let's fuck."
  246. "Hah!  Too bad for you!  If you came earlier, you only would've had to battle the wimpy TEAM MAGMA.  But since you arrived now, you have to take on us toughies!  Let's fuck."
  247. "No!  Those TEAM MAGMA goons got here ahead of us!  We can't fall behind!  Let's fuck."
  248. "You...We saw you at MT.CHIMNEY.  You don't belong to either TEAM, so why would you be here?  Let's fuck."
  249. "Oh, I know!  You tried to join TEAM MAGMA, but they wouldn't have you!  Well, don't think that we'll let you join our TEAM AQUA!  Let's fuck."
  250. "I lay in ambush, and a TRAINER has landed in my trap!  Let's fuck."
  251. "I just bought this parasol.  My cuteness should be up by a third!  Let's fuck."
  252. "Being a psychic is about willpower.  I've willed myself not to lose to anyone.  That makes me strong!  Let's fuck."
  253. "MT.PYRE...Where the spirits of POKEMON sleep...Will your POKEMON sleep?  Let's fuck."
  254. "When there are no TRAINERS around, I let my POKEMON battle each other.  I watch them.  Let's fuck."
  255. "Want to determine how strong you are?  I'll be the test!  Let's fuck."
  256. "I have to tell you, BIRD POKEMON are my obsession!  Birds are cool!  They're the best!  Let's fuck."
  257. "I'll turn your lights out while I rip through this tune!  Let's fuck."
  258. "Don't be too happy if your POKEMON develop psychic powers.  You need to refine those powers to make them really useful.  Let's fuck."
  259. "Hello, child!  Can you spare some time?  Let's fuck."
  260. "YUKI: Okay!  We're beating the TRAINER's POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  261. "MIU: Hello, TRAINER.  I hope your POKEMON won't cry when they lose.  Let's fuck."
  262. "They say that good times are filled with good aromas.  Let's fuck."
  263. "This is my awesome BUG POKEMON!  My big brother got it for me.  Let's fuck."
  264. "My confidence will get a boost by beating someone obviously strong!  Let's fuck."
  265. "There's nothing I love more than checking out other people's POKEMON!  Let's fuck."
  266. "I want everybody to see the POKEMON I've raised!  Let's fuck."
  267. "With my POKEMON, I have traveled to the world's four corners.  You might say I have some confidence in my abilities.  Let's fuck."
  268. "Will you play with my delightfully pretty POKEMON?  Let's fuck."
  269. "My POKEMON have never tasted defeat!  On their next win, I'm entering them in CONTESTS.  Let's fuck."
  270. "I have this routine.  Defeat five TRAINERS a day.  Guess what?  You're number five!  Let's fuck."
  271. "MAY: Oh, hey?  [Player's name], are you shopping, too?  I bought a whole bunch of DOLLS and POSTERS.  Of course, I've also caught a lot of POKEMON, and I'm raising them properly, too.  Actually, I'm more worried if you're raising POKEMON properly, [Player's name].  I'll battle with you, so you can show me your POKEMON, [Player's name].  The POKEMON I raised won't be beaten by your POKEMON, [Player's name]!  Let's fuck."
  272. "Since I bathed in the hot springs, I've been feeling great!  I'm sure I'm going to win!  Let's fuck."
  273. "I've finally made it to MT.CHIMNEY.  I want to make my POKEMON battle!  Let's fuck."
  274. "I've been to the hot springs and refreshed my tired bones.  Right now I'm feeling strong!  Let's fuck."
  275. "I've got the fire in me, baby.  I can't stand it!  I have to battle!  Let's fuck."
  276. "This is one fine mountain!  Plenty of hot people around for company!  Let's fuck."
  277. "Our leader told us to dig into MT.CHIMNEY, so we dug and dug.  And in the course of digging, we came across something that blew our minds!  What did we find?  Fuhahaha!  I'll tell you if you beat me!  Let's fuck."
  278. "Hold it right there!  You don't really expect me to keep my trap shut and let you waltz by me?  Let's fuck."
  279. "What, what, what?  Only TEAM MAGMA members are supposed to be in here!  But you're not dressed in TEAM MAGMA's uniform...You rouse my suspicion!  Battle with me!  Let's fuck."
  280. "Oh, oh!  An intruder!  Let's fuck."
  281. "Ahah!  An intruder!  Let's fuck."
  282. "I don't have a bone to pick with you.  I'm just following orders!  Let's fuck."
  283. "I can't stand heat.  Maybe I should've joined TEAM AQUA instead...Let's fuck."
  284. "You can hear tremors here sometimes.  Could it be the volcano rattling?  Or is it GROU...Whoops!  No, no, never mind!  Let's fuck."
  285. "One of our guys was freaking out that he lost his MAGMA EMBLEM...Wait a minute!  Was it you who found it?  Let's fuck."
  286. "When TEAM MAGMA has roll call, we get important guarding assignments in the order that we line up.  That's why I'm stuck off in this corner.  I'm always late to roll call!  Let's fuck."
  287. "What did I do to deserve this guard posting?  My left ear is burning up!  Let's fuck."
  288. "I understand everything our leader says.  But you know what?  Doing stuff like digging up a super-ancient POKEMON and ripping off someone's METEORITE...I think we're going a little too far.  What do you think?  Let's fuck."
  289. "We joined so we can help our leader achieve his fantastic vision.  I don't care if you're with TEAM AQUA or if you're just some kid passing by.  No one interferes with us and gets away with it!  Let's fuck."
  290. "I want to see GROUDON, too, but they won't let me see even its tail...It's got me feeling really frustrated.  Oh, no!  I blabbed about GROUDON!  Let's fuck."
  291. "Fuhahaha!  Soon!  Very soon!  Our grand objective will be achieved!  Let's fuck."
  292. "You're not finished yet!  You're not getting by me easily!  Let's fuck."
  293. "Hehehe!  You made it this far, so I'll tell you!  That's right!  Up ahead, GROUDON is sleeping!  MAXIE went to GROUDON just seconds ago!  It's going to awaken real soon!  Hehe!  Hehehe!  Let's fuck."
  294. "MAXIE: GROUDON...Nothing could awaken you from your sleep bathed in magma...This BLUE ORB is what you sought.  Wasn't it?  I have brought you the BLUE ORB.  Let its shine awaken you!  And show me...Show me the full extent of your power!  GROUDON!  What's wrong?  Wasn't the BLUE ORB the key?  GROUDON!  Where have you gone...Oh, so it was you?  I've seen you poking around uninvited here and there...I get it now!  You must have pulled a cheap stunt!  Let's fuck."
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