Best place to buy auction/expired domains?

Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. Best place to buy auction/expired domains?
  2. What places to buy auction/expired domains for a PBN network or affiliate money sites?
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  14. rising technical costs in implementing independent websites (responsive design, HTTPS, AMP, etc.) "Closed platforms increase the chunk size of competition & increase the cost of
  16. market entry, so people who have good ideas, it is a lot more expensive for their productivity to be monetized. They also don't like standardization ... it looks like rent seeking
  18. behaviors on top of friction" - Gabe Newell
  19. harder to break into markets with brand-biased relevancy algorithms (increased chunk size of competition)
  20. less value in trying to build a brand on a generic name, which struggles to rank in a landscape of brand-biased algorithms (inability to differentiate while being generically
  22. descriptive)
  23. decline in PPC park page ad revenues
  24. for many years Yahoo! hid the deterioration in their core business by relying heavily on partners for ad click volumes, but after they switched to leveraging Bing search,
  26. Microsoft was far more interested with click quality vs click quantity
  27. absent the competitive bid from Yahoo!, Google drastically reduced partner payouts
  28. most web browsers have replaced web address bars with dual function search boxes, drastically reducing direct navigation traffic
  29. All the above are the mechanics of "why" prices have been dropping, but it is also worth noting many of the leading portfolios have been sold.
  30. If the domain aftermarket is as vibrant as some people claim, there's no way the Marchex portfolio of 200,000+ domains would have sold for only $28.1 million a couple years ago.
  31. RegistrarStats shows .com registrations have stopped growing & other extensions like .net, .org, .biz & .info are now shrinking.
  32. Both aftermarket domain prices & the pool of registered domains on established gTLDs are dropping.
  34. I know I've dropped hundreds & hundreds of domains over the past year. That might be due to my cynical views of the market, but I did hold many names for a decade or more.
  36. That same sort of re-ranking concept is being better understood across the industry. There are ranking signals that earn some base level ranking, and then results get re-ranked
  38. based on other factors like how well a result matches the user intent.
  39. Here are a couple images from the above research paper.
  41. Best place to buy auction/expired domains?
  42. For those who hate the idea of reading research papers or patent applications, Martinibuster also wrote about the technology here. About the only part of his post I would debate
  44. is this one:
  45. "Does this mean publishers should use more synonyms? Adding synonyms has always seemed to me to be a variation of keyword spamming. I have always considered it a naive suggestion.
  47. The purpose of Google understanding synonyms is simply to understand the context and meaning of a page. Communicating clearly and consistently is, in my opinion, more important
  49. than spamming a page with keywords and synonyms."
  50. I think one should always consider user experience over other factors, however a person could still use variations throughout the copy & pick up a bit more traffic without coming
  52. across as spammy. Danny Sullivan mentioned the super synonym concept was impacting 30% of search queries, so there are still a lot which may only be available to those who use a
  54. specific phrase on their page.
  55. Martinibuster also wrote another blog post tying more research papers & patents to the above. You could probably spend a month reading all the related patents & research papers.
  56. The above sort of language modeling & end user click feedback compliment links-based ranking signals in a way that makes it much harder to luck one's way into any form of success
  58. by being a terrible speller or just bombing away at link manipulation without much concern toward any other aspect of the user experience or market you operate in.
  59. Pre-penalized Shortcuts
  61. Google was even issued a patent for predicting site quality based upon the N-grams used on the site & comparing those against the N-grams used on other established site where
  63. quality has already been scored via other methods: "The phrase model can be used to predict a site quality score for a new site; in particular, this can be done in the absence of
  65. other information. The goal is to predict a score that is comparable to the baseline site quality scores of the previously-scored sites."
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  67. domain vs kingdom
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  69. fashionista.com
  70. a hostile
  71. magazine3.com
  72. ebesucher.ru
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