Icarus' Fable - Chapter 6 - Revelations

Jul 19th, 2013
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  1. With the situation about Cream and her partner figured out for the moment, you could focus on making the two new ponies feel as at home as possible just as you had done with Archie and Ditz. Your cutie mark didn't define it about you, but you certainly seemed to have a knack for this.
  3. Before you had become a pony, you had acted quite different to how you act now. For the vast majority of the time, you were trying to either ostracize others that had talked to you or had tried to stay away from other groups all together.
  5. Every school has cliques. Whether it be Jocks, geeks, muso's, metal-heads, goths, cheerleaders, even "bronies" had become a clique over the last two years. Everything you could think of was a clique somewhere and nearly everyone belonged to one. But you? You didn't belong anywhere.
  7. It wasn't that you were antisocial, it wasn't that you were too smart, or too dumb, you just were average. You were so amazingly mediocre that they should name a baseball term after you. That's why you and Cogs (or Stephen, as he was called not too long ago) had gotten on so well. He was the exact same as you. A no body.
  9. Somewhere during your transformation into a pony, something had changed. It wasn't a physical change and as far as you could tell, it wasn't related to your switching hormones either, but suddenly, you had started to care.
  11. It's possible that now you finally had someone looking to you for help and guidance that had made you act such a way towards them. Maybe it was a similar thing to what had happened between you and Cogs and now that you were given the freedom to act differently, you had done exactly that.
  13. Perhaps you had wanted to be accepted and to accept others before but just didn't know exactly what being accepted felt like. You had no idea that accepting others would bring you all such joy.
  15. In fact, looking back on your life before your change, it had been a pretty sad one. A perfectly mediocre grade, a perfectly mediocre financial situation, and only one perfectly mediocre friend to share it with.
  17. Your transformation into a mare was probably the best thing that had ever happened to you. Your best friend had become your lover and partner, you finally had some friends who were important to you and you had some sort of purpose with your life, you had been given the privilege of being accepted and loved by those around you regardless of who you were or what gender you were before and it was your responsibility to make sure that you re-payed this kindness.
  19. Sure, Cream and Scribble were in a more problematic situation than the rest of you and this meant that it was going to be much harder to help them through this, but you weren't going to give up on her. You'd have help in whatever way you could.
  22. You showed Cream around your cabin, showing her the bathroom, the guest bedroom and had almost shown her your bedroom until you remembered that you hadn't cleaned up from last night yet and backed away from your door, smiling nervously. You decide to meet up with the other ponies outside and start taking her toward the door but before you opened it, Cream gave you a light tap on the shoulder and you turned around.
  24. "Uhh, hey Icarus..."
  26. "Yeah?"
  28. "Could you not mention our talk the others? I'd prefer it if they didn't know about it just yet."
  30. You smile and nod reassuringly. "Your wish is my command. I won't say a thing until you're completely ready."
  32. "Thanks. It means a lot to me."
  34. You open up the door for her and she walks through to the garden.
  37. When you get outside, you see Cogs showing Scribble the veggie patch, with the other two standing side by side and watching. Cream spied them doing this and smiled widely
  39. "Oh hey, I just remembered. Me and Scribble brought some coffee plants and beans with us! We used to keep them hydroponically, but now that you guys have a farm patch, we can plant them here, if that's OK with you?"
  41. "Sure! So you bought coffee beans with you? Maybe you could show us what that cutie mark is for, hmm?"
  43. Cream frowned and moved close to you. "You know that this cutie mark isn't rightfully mine..." she whispered harshly.
  45. "I know, but you could try it out at least. You never know, maybe you'll have undiscovered knack for it."
  47. "I dunno..."
  49. "Just give it a try. If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again."
  51. "Fine..." She sighed in mock defeat. "Let's go get the gear. We could probably use Cogs' help to carry all that heavy equipment in as well seeing as he has magic and all."
  54. Cogs agreed to help lift the coffee machine in and place it on the bench in the kitchen while you tied bags around your neck to carry the rest of the new ponies gear in along with their coffee beans and pack them away in the cupboards.
  56. It took a little bit of convincing, but the reluctant and nervous Scribble used his magic to lift the plants to the vegetable patch and he began to prepare the garden for planting them in with the rest of the vegetables.
  58. Inside the cabin, you and Cream walk around the kitchen, preparing all of the milk and beans for Cream to make into coffee. You carry over a bag of Cream and Scribbles home made beans with your mouth and place them on table.
  60. "Pwah! So, what's next, Cream?"
  62. "Luckily for us, there isn't much to it in regards to making coffee. Scribble showed me how to do it many times before, so I know exactly what to do. Can you grab me the mortar and pestle? I need to crush the beans up to put them in the machine."
  64. You lift it out of the bag around your neck and place it on the bench in front of her.
  66. "Oh... Hehe, I think we have a little problem here" She shook her hoof in the air. "No hands anymore."
  68. "What are we gonna do? Maybe we could get Cogs to use them with magic or get-"
  70. "Wait, wait, wait, gimme a second here..."
  72. Cream poured the beans out in to the bench and lifted her hooves up. She pressed her hooves down on the beans and started to roll her hoof around. You could hear the cracking of the beans as she rolled her hoof on the beans and when she took it off the bench, they had been crushed into a fine brown powder.
  74. "Holy crap! I did not expect it to turn out that well. Good job, Cream." You exclaim to her, making her shy away a bit and blush noticeably.
  76. "So, master chef. What's next?"
  78. "Well, we need to fill up this" She lifted up a weird scoop thing between her hooves. "With some of our ground coffee, and put it in the machine. We this metal pot, fill it 75 percent of the way up and stick it under the nozzle. You hold it at a 30 degree angle and let the steam heat it up with the steam from the nozzle."
  80. You gawk at her, blinking in surprise.
  82. "You know a lot more than you're letting on, Cream. I think that you underestimate your abilities."
  84. "Well, it's not /that/ hard."
  86. "Still, you shouldn't put yourself down so much."
  88. "Let's just get back to making the coffee, OK?"
  91. Only ten minutes later, four mugs of steaming hot coffee sat, looking and smelling amazingly appetizing, on the kitchen bench in front of you. The light from the open window above the bench shone through the steam above and lit the mugs up, making them look even more delicious.
  93. "Oh Celestia, that looks incredible. I'll call the others in to drink these."
  95. You walk out back to where Cogs and the others were still working.
  97. "Hey guys! Come inside and take a break, Cream's made some coffee for us all!"
  99. Scribble looked up from his work, surprised at what you had said and dropping the trowel that he was lifting around with his magic.
  101. "D-did you say Cream made us some coffee?"
  103. "Yep! It smells pretty sweet right now, come inside and have some to perk you up."
  105. Cogs, Ditz and Archie walk inside smiling. Scribble stood where he was for a few seconds then shook his head and trailed hesitantly behind them.
  108. "So, every-pony. How do you like Creams coffee?"
  110. Three of the four ponies lapped away at the slightly cooler than before mugs of the dark, milky substance while Scribble also watched and waited for their reaction. Ditz managed to take a second to look up from his drink and proclaim "It's amazing!"
  112. Archie lifted his mug up with magic to take a sip as if he was holding it in his hand.
  114. "I agree with Ditz. In all my forty years, I’ve never had a coffee better than this."
  116. Cream stared at him.
  118. "Forty?"
  120. "I'll explain later."
  122. Scribble looked hesitantly down at his cup, biting his lip.
  124. "Well?" Cream asked nervously. You were pretty sure that she couldn't care less about the opinions of the other ponies, all she cared about at the moment was the approval of her "very special some-pony." That was what it was riding on.
  126. He lifted the mug slowly to his lips and took a short sip of the brew, then placed it down again.
  128. Abruptly, Scribble stood up in a hurry and galloped into the bedroom. Tears began to well up in Creams eyes and you gave her a tight hug to cheer her up.”
  129. “Shhh, it's alright Cream, don't be sad.”
  130. How cruel of Scribble! If he didn't like it, he could have just said it, not ran off in such a huff.
  132. "Cogs, you stay with Cream, I have to go have a word with Ink Scribble."
  135. You trotted into the spare bedroom in which Scribble had made his retreat and saw that he was sitting huddled in the corner of the room with his muzzle toward the wall. You close the door behind you and walk over behind him.
  137. "What was all that about? It was her first time making coffee! That's not cool, dude!"
  139. "I know..." he mutters lowly while still facing the wall.
  141. "Why did you run off? She's out there crying. You could have been a little nicer to her."
  143. "I know." he muttered a little louder than before.
  145. "Even if you didn't like it, you didn't have to rush off. You could have just said-"
  147. "I know!" he shouts with a mixture of frustration and sadness while turning around to reveal a face full of tears.
  148. "It wasn't bad and that's the point! It... was amazing." He slumped down and sobbed. "It was better than anything I'd ever made, and that's why I ran off. I know you may think it's really weird that I’d be so depressed at a thing like this, but I might as well tell you. Before all this,-"
  150. "Stop, Scribble, no need to tell me.” You sigh and smile softly “I know that you were Creams girlfriend before all of this."
  152. "How... How did you know?"
  154. "Cream told me. She made me promise not to tell anyone else until you were 100 percent ready to let them know. I'm sorry about acting so mean and stuff before. I should have realized when she told me that when she had become your pony instead of hers, you might be a little affronted by the fact that she was “taking your place” to put it bluntly."
  156. "I'm sorry too. I didn't think ahead, I didn't think that the way I had acted would make her cry, i... I just hate being in this body so much and now that Cream has my body *and* makes better coffee than I ever could it just... It almost makes me sick."
  158. "From what she's told me, she doesn't like how she is either. You need to realize though that your love is special. It's like mine and Cogs, it goes beyond just your appearance or gender. It's that special love that goes deep down to your bones and takes root. She still loves you even though you are a man, and I'm pretty sure that you love her too, right?"
  160. "Yes, of course I love her... You're right. I think I’m ready now."
  162. "To go back into the kitchen?"
  164. "Not just that. I think we should tell the rest about me and Cream. I suppose the best way to earn the trust and respect of others is to be as honest as possible, right?"
  166. "Exactly, dude. Let's go back and have some of your girlfriends coffee."
  168. You turn around to head into the kitchen but Scribble interrupts you.
  170. "Hey, Icarus?"
  172. "Yeah?”
  173. “I wanted to thank you. The others have been nice and all, but you truly care about us. You go beyond anything I expected. Thanks."
  175. "I'm just glad I could help."
  178. Scribble lifted the cup of freshly made coffee to his muzzle once more. He took a sip and Cream watched on expectantly for his reaction. He put the mug down, licked his lips and closes his eyes.
  180. "It's..." Scribble said softly as Cream stared on. "It's incredible, Cream. It's one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had."
  182. Cream squealed in happiness and rushed forward to give him a huge hug. Scribble sat still , surprised from her embrace for a couple of seconds before smiling and nuzzling the short little pony back.
  184. Cogs, who was standing next to you, lent over and nuzzled you himself.
  186. "Good job, Ic. You got a knack for this." He whispered in your ear.
  188. You look up at him and frown.
  190. "Ic? Did Ditz give you that idea?"
  192. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He chuckled. "I came up with that aaall on my own."
  194. You play shoved him and he nuzzled you back. It was nice to have Cream and Scribble getting along like a couple should be. For now, at least. There was probably going to be something that would make their relationship unstable again, but they'd burn that bridge when they got to it.
  196. "Everyone, me and Cream have something to tell you all. It's a little strange, but I hope you all understand and don't hate us for not telling you earlier. I mean you shouldn’t really hate us, it wouldn't be something that would make you hate us, but I just want to make sure that you're not weirded out by it, well, you probably will be but-"
  198. "Scribble?" Cream interrupted him. "You're rambling."
  200. "Err, right. Guys..." Scribble breathed in heavily. "Me and Cream... Are in the wrong bodies."
  202. "We're all in the wrong bodies, silly!" Said Ditz inquisitively.
  204. "No, no, it's not the same with us. When we were making the ponies with that pony creator, I made Creams pony for her and she made mine for me. I turned into Scribble, the pony I made for my boyfriend and he turned into Cream, the pony he- uh, she made for me.
  206. The room stood silent as Ditz, Cogs and Archie stared speechless at Cream and Scribble.
  208. "I knew that you guys would take it like this, I never should have told you, forget I said-"
  210. "No, It's not that at all." Ditz said.
  212. "He's right. It's not that at all, that's why we're surprised." Cogs added. "We're surprised because we have no idea why you thought we would judge you because of something so silly. Icarus used to be a man /and/ my best friend, but no one has a problem with that. Ditz used to be a woman and we treat him normally too, so why would we act any different towards you two?"
  214. Scribble sighed in relief and gave another short nuzzle to an also relieved Cream.
  216. "Thank god. Er, Celestia. Maybe? I dunno, what we're even supposed to say anymore, Because there's no way that us changing is a work of god. It's gotta be some sort of magic, right? We've seen first hand that it's possible, I mean, I can levitate stuff! I'm pretty sure that I couldn't do that before."
  218. Cogs laughed "No, me neither. Although I wouldn't worry about this stuff just yet, we should just settle in and get used to living. In the long run, all we need to do is make sure we're all happy, right?"
  220. Cream nodded. "Right. Now, is anyone still thirsty?"
  222. A resounding "Yes!" came from everyone in the room and she went off to prepare more cups of coffee.
  225. The cups of delicious coffee had been drunk and all of the unicorns had gone outside to do more gardening, leaving you, Cream and Ditz inside to clean up from before and prepare the dinner for tonight.
  227. You busied yourself by flying around the kitchen and lifting various ingredients about for a vegetable feast of Ditz's imagining. You were going to make three courses, an entree of butternut pumpkin soup and cream with coriander, a main of a Caesar salad with chopped almonds and crunchy pasta, and finally, a homemade mint and coffee ice cream, using the coffee beans that Cream bought and some mint leaves.
  229. You had discovered that flying around to complete tasks was a lot easier than moving around with your hooves and even gave you two extra limbs to carry things with instead of bearing the load in your mouth. Why walk? Walking was out-dated.
  231. Coffee Cream looked at the recipe for ice cream that Ditz had written up and scratched her head with her hoof.
  232. "OK, so it says we need... No, that can't be right... Oh wait, never mind, let's see... Ah! Perfect."
  234. Ditz looked over at Cream who was busy pouring milk, water and sugar into a bowl. She poured three espresso shots into the mix for the coffee flavor and then mixed in some ground mint leaves that Ditz had brought with him and had been ground in a similar fashion to how the coffee beans had.
  236. Meanwhile, you had started to cook the pumpkin in the oven in preparation for the soup.
  237. While working away, your mind wandered and you started thinking about the night before and how you still hadn't cleaned up you bedroom... Wait, bedrooms. Where was Coffee Cream and Ink Scribble going to sleep tonight? The two rooms in this cabin already had been filled up for the time being and even though there was the couch, it wasn't the most comfortable one in the world.
  239. "So, Cream? I was getting to thinking about where you wanted to stay?"
  241. "Oh." Said Cream blankly while she worked. "I hadn't even really thought about that. I suppose we could take up residence in one of the other cabins. There's enough cabins here for two ponies per cabin at the least."
  243. "Well, if you wanted to stay here tonight and move all your stuff over tomorrow, you're free to stay. Unfortunately, you may have to share the couch with Ink. Archie and Ditz are already sharing the single bed in the spare room and Cogs and I have the double bed. I guess if you really want, you could share the large bed with us."
  245. "No, no, we won't intrude on your privacy. For tonight, I don't mind taking the couch with Scribble. As uncomfortable as it may be, I’m sure it's a lot better than the back seat of my car."
  247. "I'm sure it is." You giggle. "Luckily, tomorrow you can have a cabin all to yourselves."
  249. "Thanks a lot, Ic."
  251. You frown at her.
  253. "Did they get you in on it too? Celestia, help me, I’ll never loose that terrible nickname!"
  255. The kitchen was alight with laughter for a short while then it was straight back into cooking.
  258. The room practically emitted a wondrous aroma of beautiful smelling dishes. Your soup had turned out a lot better than you had expected, seeing that you hadn't cooked once in your entire life, and was quite the attractive shade of orange, steaming in the pot.
  260. The dishes that Ditz and Cream had prepared looked amazing too and they all sat, complete and perfect, on the table The three of you stood there and admired your handiwork, both with eyes and noses.
  262. "Wow..." Said Ditz with a glazed look in his eye.
  264. "Sure is something." Cream added. "Good work, girls. Uh, girls and guy."
  266. Ditz chuckled.
  268. "We should call in the others now" He said "It's gonna get dark soon."
  270. You walk outside and call out to the unicorns standing in the field.
  272. "Hey guys! Soups up!"
  274. Cogs looked up at you from the field and smiled. He firmly planted the shovel he was levitating in the ground and trotted towards you. Archie beamed happily and followed behind him.
  276. As Cogs and Archie passed you by, you looked over at the field where Scribble was still standing still in the middle of the garden patch, the setting sun illuminating half of his face. His face was blank for a while but he began to smile and let a tear roll down his face.
  278. You walk up to him and stand about three feet away from him. The orange light of the setting sun shone across his face and he smiled. It must have been the way that the light was at this time of day, but every single feature was defined.
  280. "Icarus... I really wanted to thank you for all of this."
  282. "It's fine, really. You don't have to-"
  284. "Just... Let me do it, OK? Before Cream and I got here, we had no idea if there was any hope for us. It could have been a joke and there was no-one here. We could have had to find somewhere else, and that would have been a risk. I don't know if I could ever forgive myself if something happened to Cream. She's my life, you know that?"
  286. You nodded at him and stood still in silence. You turn and face the tree line, watching as the sun dropped slowly bellow the horizon.
  288. "Cream... I was gonna propose to her. Well, you know, when she was still a him. I'd prepared everything. The ring, the date, the place. I've even still got the ring with me. If it wasn't for this... small hiccup, we'd be at a restaurant right now. I wanted to bring out the cake with the ring on a sweet little platter on top of the cake. He was always a little slow to take action, and I just couldn't wait for him to propose to me... But now that we're ponies and in the opposite positions, I don't know what I’m gonna do."
  290. You scratched your head and he pawed the ground nervously.
  292. "How about... How about you still propose?"
  294. "Pardon?"
  296. "What's stopping you from proposing to her? If she truly loves you, which I know she does, she'll say yes."
  298. "I dunno, I'm not sure if I’m ready to be married while I’m like this."
  300. "Who says that anything's gonna change if you change back? I know that me and Cogs would stay strong if we were somehow to change back to how we were."
  302. "Really? So... You think I could do it? You think I could propose to her?"
  304. "Yes. She loves you so damn much, and honestly, I think she's probably /waiting/ for you to propose."
  305. "Oh Celestia, thanks so much Icarus. I need to ask a few more favors from you. I need your help to propose to her."
  307. "How can I help?"
  309. "Well, I want to set up the cabin just like a restaurant, with candles, music, food, all that. I can't do this alone and you're the best person- Hehe, pony to ask."
  311. "Count me in. Oh my gosh, this is gonna be fuckin sweet!” You jump into the air and flutter around. “The first two ponies to ever get married! Or at least, the first two that we know of."
  313. You land back on the ground, still grinning widely at Scribble.
  315. "Thanks Icarus. Not just for the help, but for everything."
  317. You heard the door behind you open and you spun around to see Archie standing at the door frame.
  319. "Hey guys, come in! The soup's getting cold!"
  321. You smile at Scribble again and walk inside with him.
  324. Dinner was absolutely incredible. The six of you sat around the table and talked as much as you could between bites of the great food. Archie had finally been able to learn to control his magic and was lifting the spoon up to his mouth like Scribble and Cogs while the rest of you sipped the soup by putting your muzzles down and lapping it up.
  326. Your dinner was filled with stories from all of the different ponies. Archie told everyone about how his mother tried to stop him from crushing and eating garden snails when he was two, Cream told about how Scribble and her had met at school and gotten to know each-other by cheating off of each others test papers.
  328. Although the other two had heard it, you told Cream and Scribble about how you had hated My Little Pony but surprised yourself when you grew to love it. Ditz kept quiet throughout most of the stories, but eventually opened up and told you all the embarrassing story about how he had accidentally tripped the entire schools power by spilling his slushy into the power plug.
  331. Finally, the time for desert had arrived. Cogs and you walked into the kitchen and he lifted the punnet out of the freezer and placed it on the bench with six bowls. He scooped out an adequate amount for all and then lifted them into the living room where the others were waiting patiently.
  333. "Ooh, it looks great, Cream! Good job" Scribble said and rubbed his hooves together as he took the bowl from Cogs.
  335. He laid down the five other bowls down on the table and everyone dove straight in.
  337. By the time all of you had finished eating your desserts, the sun had passed completely below the horizon and the sky had become dark. Archie and Ditz were the first ones to head to bed, followed not too soon after by a very tired looking Cream and Scribble.
  339. That left you and Cogs sitting alone at the table. He smiled at you with bags under his eyes and you both decided that it was definitely time to hit the hay.
  341. You let Cogs lift up the duvet and slipped underneath it. He followed soon after and let the blanket fall over you two. He moved closer to you and held you in his hooves. With a small peck on the nose, he leaned over and turned the beside lamp off.
  343. You rolled over to let him hold you from behind and felt a familiar feeling on your back.
  345. "Oh, Cogs? I see you're a little excited?"
  347. "Not tonight, Icarus. If it was any other night, I’d say yes but I’ve been working, I’m tired, let's go to sleep and I promise you that we can do something tomorrow night, OK?"
  349. "Oh, no fair. Now I’m all riled up..."
  351. It was gonna be a lot harder to sleep now. You suppose you could satisfy yourself with your hoof, but it felt a little strange to be doing that while lying right next to Cogs. Hmm... Maybe you could...
  352. It was a little strange to be thinking of what you were thinking of doing, but it didn't weird you out enough to stop. It would give you an opportunity to satisfy yourself without him needing to do anything at all. You would never had imagined you'd ever have a dick in your mouth at all, let alone /wanting/ it but oh well, might as well try it once in your life.
  354. "Hey Cogs." You nudge him with your elbow.
  356. "Yeah"
  358. "I've got an idea..." You place your hoof on his cock "It's a little strange... But do you think I could...?"
  360. "Yess...?"
  362. "I wanna try giving you a blow job."
  364. Cogs rolled over on to his back and jokingly scratched his chin while looking off thoughtfully
  366. "Hmm... Hmmm..."
  368. "Just shut up already." You laugh and thrown the covers off from around his groin, revealing his huge cock. It was kind of silly looking on him, during the day, you nearly didn't notice it there at all, yet it was so damn large and in-your-face when be was excited.
  370. As you slowly bow down, eying his penis, he puts his hoof down in front of it.
  372. "Look, I know that you want this, and I have no problems with you doing it, but are you absolutely sure you wanna do this?"
  374. "Cogs, I love you. All I want is for our relationship to be strong and healthy. I know not all couples do this either, but... The answer is yes. I really want this."
  376. "Well, if you're sure..." He said and removed his hoof from in front of his member.
  378. You eyed the dick as your head lowered down toward it, slowly parting your lips as you lower and closing your mouth around the fleshy mass. He moaned in pleasure as you started to lick the head, your tongue dancing around it, feeling the texture and tasting him.
  380. One of your hooves you used to help hold it up and with the other, you started to rub in between your groin and pleasure yourself.
  382. As long as you lived, you would still not be 100% used to the strange but amazing pleasure that came with having a vagina, but it was yours now anyway. You pushed your head down a little more and you audibly moaned with your lips still pressed around his manhood.
  384. You rubbed vigorously between your legs, egging on the building pressure inside of you and picking up the speed of your sucking. You could feel the pressure rising in your abdomen and removed his penis from your mouth for a second to moan before diving straight back in and resuming.
  386. As great as this was, you weren't feeling that great by just using your hoof, and by his face, you could tell that he wasn't feeling it either.
  388. You removed his cock from your mouth and put your legs over him.
  390. "How about I just sit on top of you. You can just sit there, and I’ll do all the work. How does that sound?"
  392. Cogs smiled and you leaned forward to receive a passionate kiss on the lips. You sat back and tried to position him with your hooves, but you weren't getting anywhere fast. Not having hands really made having sex in this position a hassle. His horn glowed and he moved his penis in line with his magic, letting the tip prod against you. You squinted your eyes and sat down on him, welcoming the incredible filling feeling of him inside of you. With the added force of your weight helping you, you manage to hilt him in the first thrust, and moaned in pleasure. Cogs quickly put his hoof to your muzzle, making you pause for a second.
  394. "Let's try not to wake our new neighbors. It might be a little uncomfortable for them to have to sleep through us having sex."
  396. You nod and start slowly moving up and down his shaft, feeling the grinding of him inside of you and biting your lip to avoid moaning out loud again. Your hips almost felt like they had to move to accommodate him inside of you and a familiar throbbing feeling pulsed within you as his dick hit what you were pretty sure was your uterus.
  398. "I'm pretty close, Icarus... Maybe we should stop and finish off like we were before?"
  400. You continue to move up and down but smile at him.
  402. "What for?"
  404. "Well, we have no idea how much of a woman you are. What if you get pregnant?"
  406. You lean forward and plant your lips to his.
  408. "It would be my honor."
  410. Cogs looked at you in a mix of confusion and pleasure.
  412. "You're serious? You really want that?"
  414. "Well it's not anything that I’ve really planned for, but yes. If it happened, I would have no problem with bearing your child."
  416. "Oh Celestia, Icarus, I love you so much."
  418. You pick up your pace, feeling that both you and Cogs were reaching your limit. You fall over on him and hug him while pushing your lips against his and kissing him. His penis flared and you braced yourself for what was to come next.
  420. You bit on to the pillow that Cogs was resting his head on and as his seed fills you up, you orgasm with an unstoppable force, double of what you had felt last night. It was remarkable that you didn't scream in pleasure, it was that good.
  422. You relax your muscles and press your body against his, while panting and still feeling the pleasure of him inside of you. You could feel his penis pulsing, slowly releasing more and more.
  424. You groan a little in satisfaction and stand up, letting his huge penis slide out of you and fall heavily to his chest, spilling a little on to his stomach.
  426. "Oh no, we can't let you stay so dirty." You whisper lewdly and begin to lick his seed up off of his belly and swallow it. It dawned on you now that this was the first time you had actually tasted semen before and you licked your lips. The taste was not beyond what you had expected and not disgusting, but it wasn't too nice either. Not something that you looked forward to tasting too often, but you'd do it if Cogs asked. You'd do anything for him.
  428. You sit back down and clean off the mess that you had made on his now semi flaccid penis with your tongue and you looked up at him with a satisfied look on your face.
  430. "Hey, dude. I'm expecting you to clean me up as well, you know, although I’m a little more... Wet than you." You grin slyly and swish your tail back and forth, inviting him forward for a taste.
  432. "If you insist." He replied, and took a hold of your rump with his magic.
  434. "Oof!" He pulled your towards him and planted your bottom on his face where he proceeded to lick up your juices which had spilled over your belly and vagina. His tongue massaged your equine clitoris and you felt a little jolt of pleasure travel up your spine as he licked you.
  436. It certainly was a good life you were living.
  439. After you had cleaned up, you both finally decided that it was time to sleep and almost as soon as the light was turned off, Cogs began to snore loudly. You giggle at him and pulled him close.
  440. Feeling comfortable, satisfied and warm in Cogs' embrace, your eyes began to feel heavy and you welcomed sleep.
  443. You found yourself in a field filled with poppies and other bright and colorful flowers. Bees buzzed lazily around you and small birds fluttered around the meadow, chirping lightly. The sun was shining brightly above and yet a crescent moon shone equally as brightly beside it.
  445. You walked through the meadow for a while, feeling the tall grass brush past your legs and as you bent down, the blades flicked and flowed between your fingers. Something was very strange about all of this and it wasn't the fact that you were here. It was something about the way that you felt.
  447. You brought your hands up and looked at them. The hands had five fingers, which was normal. They had nails, which was normal. They were long and slender, which was normal. They were attached to *your* arms. That's not normal.
  449. Oh no, you had arms! and legs! And feet! No, no, no, no, this was all wrong, all so very, very wrong! You were a human! How did you turn into a human? This was the worst thing that could ever possibly happen!
  451. Suddenly you stopped. You finally realized.
  453. You were you.
  454. Human you.
  455. Normal you.
  458. Why did you resent... You?
  459. You though hard for a few seconds, but the answer had always been there, staring you in the face. Ever since you had changed, you had felt this way.
  461. It was because you loved being a pony. You had finally found somewhere where you belonged. You finally found someone who loved you for you, and the thought of losing him made your heart drop like a stone.
  463. You raised your head to the sky and screamed. A mans scream. Not a mare. You were now a man, and a human.
  465. The wind in the field picked up and started to blow vigorously. It pulled up flowers and released petals to the wind. It began to flow in a spiral around you and before you knew it, you were blinded by the flowers. When the flowers had settled, you looked down at yourself and sighed in relief.
  467. You were a mare again. A beautiful, slender and lithe Pegasus mare. You wouldn't have it any different.
  469. As you looked across the hills around, you spied something strange. Although the sun was already high in the sky, light was shining behind one of the hills and rising speedily. As the light passed the horizon, you could see that it was accompanied by the tall silhouette of a pony.
  471. You gallop towards the figure and stop about ten meters away. The light began to fade behind the figure, revealing the face of the pony you had not even thought for a second could be real. Her face was clear as day, as if she was standing right in front of you.
  473. Before you stood Princess Celestia.
  476. You stood in awe and shock. In front of you was the princess of the sun, an Alicorn, and pretty much the closest any-pony knows of a god. Your instinct tells you to bow before her, but you are frozen in place under her gaze.
  478. "Fret not, Icarus. I suppose that you know who I am?"
  480. You stand with your mouth agape fit a few seconds before shaking yourself out of your stupor.
  482. "Uh, err, yes. Of course I do! You're Princess Celestia!"
  484. "Good. It's wonderful to see that your memory is still working fine."
  486. "I don't know... What to say, or anything!"
  488. "If you do not wish to say anything, you may not. Although, silence does not favor all."
  490. "No... It doesn't."
  492. "Do you have any questions for me?"
  494. "I do. W-What is this place?"
  496. You look around at the serene yet surreal meadow.
  498. "You are not anywhere. You are still at home. This is but a dream that I have visited to converse with you. Although she may be the princess of the night, do not think that my sister is the only one who can visit dreams. Is there more you must ask me?"
  500. "I wanted to know, first of all, why us?"
  502. "Ah, I expected you would ask this. Although you may have thought that it was mere coincidence that the 10 who have transformed have, in fact, been chosen by me. You showed that you valued true friendship, even if you didn't realize it. With a little push from Cadence too, she managed to plant the idea of making yourself a mare too and igniting the spark of love between you and Cogsworth."
  504. "What about the other four? The ponies who live somewhere far from us?"
  506. "Even though they were not as lucky as to be able to join you here, I can assure you that they are safe and are together. I can also assure that you will be meeting soon."
  508. "I guess you expect this question too, but why turn us into ponies at all?"
  510. "Your lives were miserable and I saw it fit that you come to live in Equestria and be happy."
  512. "I don't mean to be rude, but why aren’t we there now?"
  514. "Unfortunately, the fabric of our world is quite different. If you were to come to Equestria as a human, your atomic structure would rupture and you would certainly die. If you became ponies, however, you would be able to live your entire life there in happiness. How ever, the transformation process isn't as fast as I initially had hoped. Your physical form is a ponies, but your atomic structure is not completely pony yet. You won't feel any different, but slowly, you will begin to change. When the time comes, you will be able to join us. You will have to remain on earth for a while longer, but we will meet again soon. For now, though, we must part. Farewell, my little pony."
  516. As soon as Celestia ended that sentence, a bright white light shone in your eyes and you felt the meadow disappear beneath your feet.
  518. You lay in bed, squinting as the morning light shone brightly in your eyes and threw off the blanket. A sigh of relief escaped your mouth as you looked down and saw that you were still you. What was that dream? Had you finally gone crazy? Or was everything she said true? You cloud feel every single part of the dream as if you were really there and remembered it perfectly, so it couldn't have been just a delusional fantasy.
  520. It must have been real... Which means that Celestia, and consequently, Equestria, actually existed! This was such incredible news! If what Celestia had told you was true as well, then that meant that eventually...
  522. You'd be in Equestria.
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