Largo Fire/Rescue/EMS services & station 43

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  1. The City of Largo is negotiating with Belleair and Belleair Bluffs as well as Pinellas County regarding Fire/Rescue/EMS services provided by Largo to Bellair, Bellair Blufss and Harbor Bluffs. Part of the discussion is replacement of Station 43  at 682 N. Indian Rocks Road, Belleair Bluffs. Originally a gas station, the current building no longer meets standards and needs renovation. Just replacing the roof would cost about $100,000. Options for a new fire station include building a modern station near Belleair Bluffs city hall.
  3. Readers of From Pines and Palmettoes, the Largo Area Historical Society's history of Largo, know that Belleair Bluffs and Harbor Bluffs were for a few years a part of Largo. There was a tax revolt of sorts, and the Florida Supreme Court voided the city charter, reverting Largo to its prior, smaller bounds. It's ironic that that these community's now contract Fire/Rescue/EMS services from Largo.
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