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  1. This is going to be a long one (D-)boiz.
  2. First of all, consider this my resignation. I have been teetering on the edge and considering quitting for a very long time, but I keep thinking "lets stay a bit longer, things might get better." But honestly I lost hope after the back to back rushed releases of 079 & Christmas, followed by yesterday's discussion where Hubert said he would rather go back to Unity Personal & put back the default "Made in Unity" splash screen over purchasing Unity Plus for the development team (which we have the funds for). Even though the very first Patreon goal of 45$ states "Unity Plus (no Unity watermark on start screen)". I also realized if it hasn't gotten better in a year it likely won't get better in the future. It's kind of a weird time what with it being Christmas and all, but I feel like if I put it off again, it's just going to another month or so of more disappointment.
  3. @Hubert Moszka  , Pinging you so there's a higher chance you see this, but likely this channel is still going to get spammed to death & you won't see it.
  5. Hubert, you are the issue with the studio. I have been saying this for a long time, I have also repeatedly said "Fire Huub" and while people took it as a joke (much like some other things I mean seriously), I was being honest. I truly believe the studio would be much better off without you, or at least without you at the wheel. You are not fit to run a studio like this. I feel as though you're driving the studio at 800 miles per hour down the high way and every month we start going faster and faster. I tried grabbing the wheel and slow us down as much as I could, but to no avail. Plenty higher ups have come, tried to fix the issue & left again because they weren't able to. Up now are @Emperor Eggnog and @Desteris , and I'm sad to say I have no confidence they'll succeed where others have failed. I don't say this because I don't believe in their ability, but rather because I believe your ability to ignore them is greater. I believe they are going to get pushed aside until they get fed up and step down as the others seem to have done. At some point I was told if I were to apply for Lead Gameplay Programmer or Game Director, I would likely be accepted. However (in addition to being busy with school and thus not having the required amount of time needed to dedicate to it), I was afraid I would be powerless to make any changes and be seen as part of the issue. At these points I also jokingly stated I wouldn't take any position lower than CEO, again pointing back to how I felt about you being at the head of the studio. Because you control both the final word and the money, nobody can really make any changes to how things are done.
  7. When I joined, my intention was to work alongside you, not for you. The main reason I wanted to join was because it would offer me the option to implement things I couldn't do solely through ServerMod. But it turns out, I can't implement them in the game either. If you look at what programmers do, it becomes clear that this is in fact the way you want things to work. All they are doing is adding bug fixes and implementing security/back-end features, likely because you aren't interested in designing that aspect of the game. I can't think of any major gameplay features that were added by anyone other than you. I believe this is the main reason a lot of the Gameplay Programming team has quit and will continue to quit, they volunteer with expectations of working on a new SCP or something like that, only to get put to work on some task they don't actually enjoy. This might be fine if it was treated as a job and was compensated as such, but there's nothing there. There's no money or appreciation, so all that's left to motivate you is the enjoyment of doing the task, which also isn't there if you're not on a task you want to do.
  9. As an example, I was very passionate about re-implementing 079 from the very start, as in my mind it would be one of the most unique SCPs possible for this game. It was also a contributing factor as to why I accepted the invitation to join the main game's development team. Clearly directly implementing it myself never came to fruition as communicating with you is very difficult. I didn't want to spend dozens of hours implementing 079 only to have it get thrown out because you don't like it or even simply deleted due to a merge conflict in the Facility scene when you wanted to add a new cup or something. Instead, I tried as hard as possible to steer the development of it as much as I could, so that even if I couldn't implement it directly I could still see my vision be brought to life. When my feedback about it was turned down, I was told I would have to write a conflicting Game Designer document for it and propose it if I wanted to do anything about it. As the current document was written by the at that time Lead Game Designer , in addition to there not having been any conflicting Game Designer documents before that time, It would likely have been badly received. Even more so as I wasn't even a Game Designer. I didn't want to cause any drama so instead I simply repeatedly "informed" Emperor of my feelings towards the design, which would again be repeatedly turned down. Now with 079 implemented, nothing like my vision and having seen people complain about the issues I was worried about & wanted to avoid, that's out of the window too. I don't blame him for how it turned out, as most likely he was merely trying to create his vision of 079, the same as me. However I do believe more thought should have been given to it, and maybe prototypes should have been made to test different options to which played better, instead of purely ignoring me. But again, that would not have been up to Emperor and instead would fall to either the at that time Game Director, or you, Hubert.
  11. The main issue lies in the fact you don't want to make a good game. You simply want to make a game that you and your friends can play, this is made clear by the way you handle things and how some of the older aspects of the game are designed (no anti-cheat for example). While this isn't a problem in itself, and is actually something I would do as well, it is something you have to be firm on and make clear to the community. However at some point you realized you could make a lot of money from this, and that was the point where things changed. Now rather than solely wanting to make money for your friends, you also want to make as much money as possible. Because of this, you now feel some sort of pressure from Patrons, I believe this is the driving factor behind rushed updates. You likely feel as if there is a requirement to put out frequent updates or you might (temporarily) lose some of the Patrons. Rather than seeing them as people who want to support you, you see them as people hiring you to make SCPSL. Another clear example of the issue where you desire money more than a happy playerbase is for example the ZAP hosting sponsorship, you (should have) seen the large amount of dissatisfaction from both the staff team and the playerbase regarding them. I have seen nothing but complaints and people asking for alternative options, however when looking back at what you're designing the game for, it becomes clear why they're still sponsored.
  13. You also have no future vision for the game and have never made any decisions that would be appropriate to push the game forwards. One of the examples of this would be not wanting to purchase the Unity Licenses I referred to earlier. Rather than seeing it as one of the investments for the game, you see it as a waste of money. The ONLY time something was done looking at the future rather than the present was the Amazon/Twitch GameOn implementation. As it turns out, the reason that happened was not because of anything on your part, but because you were coerced into it by the other higherups. You weren't even aware of anything about it, as you yourself said, you just signed the contracts and paid people. This update, it seems as if the GameOn implementation has been removed from the game for some reason, so there goes that. (I have asked you about why multiple times and you've repeatedly ignored me about this)
  15. Several months back, I asked you about what you wanted to do with the game and the studio and gave you three possible options:
  16. 1) You could either let the game bleed dry while you just suck out more money out of the Patrons.
  17. 2) You could reinvest the Patreon money and try to make a big push to the game to try & have a single big patch which would take a very long time (like half a year at least) but contain a very large amount of content. This was meant to make people who haven't tried SCPSL before have a reason to try it or players who had played in the past and quit. As incremental small updates don't really offer up anything for these players, I saw this as a way to hugely boost the playerbase.
  18. 3) Reinvest the Patreon money and start working on a different game altogether, while slowing down or stopping SCPSL development.
  19. If you had chosen the first option, I would have already quit at that point as I didn't see the purpose on continuing the way we were moving forward. At that time you told me you chose the second option, and this was to become the Megapatch. I was excited for it as I wanted to see how far the game could go and was excited to try the game again, since I haven't played since the weapon rework (which was big gay and a waste of time by the way). But as it turned out, all we got was another small rushed update which by the way, even though it was the whole focus point of the update, didn't even have the full implementation of 079, and you'll have to wait for further updates to get full access to him. The "Megapatch" is now basically rebranded to the "Multipatch" which is just the same thing we've been doing in the past, very slow small updates, which somehow still manage to be buggy and rushed.
  21. At this point, at the risk of being called a rebel again :GWfroggyPepoSmug:  , I will address the other devs to voice my opinion and say that I think that the best thing you, the devs, can do at this point is stop encouraging this behavior by no longer participating in it. As long as you encourage or participate in it, it will keep going and nothing will change. Some people I talked to about this issue said they agreed with me & said they were also considering no longer working on rushed updates like this and basically putting their foot down & not letting you simply run all over them, disregarding their desire for quality standards. This is why people have also been pushing towards more control over what gets implemented and how it gets implemented, as they are losing their faith in you and instead want to do the in engine implementation themselves so they can make sure it's up to their personal quality standards. This is being pushed back against by you, who state they don't need access to the repository or unity project, not realizing why it is they're asking for it. Next time someone asks you to implement something 2 hours before an update is scheduled, say no. If someone tells you the deadline is tomorrow and we don't have time to test, say no. If someone tells you that you need to make a new piece of asset for update planned for tomorrow, say no. You think you're helping the game, but you're truly not. It will only be when Hubert sees it as a problem, that things will change.
  23. I'm likely going to stay in the staff discord unless I'm kicked, but rather than trying to fix it, both from a design perspective as from a staff discord perspective ( #off-topic :GWfroggyAngryEyes: ), I'm just going to mute it & ignore it for the most part. I would prefer if I was kept as part of the repository, as it makes some aspects of developing ServerMod easier, but I understand if you want to remove me from it. I'm likely still going to continue working on SMod, as I feel like I'm much more welcome and appreciated there, in addition to having a higher degree of control over what I can actually put in compared to being part of the staff team.
  24. There's some people whom I respect & enjoyed working with, and there's some I disliked & had no respect for. As I always say what's on my mind (much to the dismay of HR and some of the other staff), most likely people will know if they fall into either of those groups. To the people in the first group I would like to say that I enjoyed working with you and I hope you make it far, whether it's in this project or in other projects although I don't doubt you will be able to.
  25. As my finishing words, I would like to remind you all: changing 173's model to be able to monetize the game is the biggest of all big gays
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