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  1. Taking signups for online tournaments for PC, Xbone, and PS4. Reply to this post with your Steam ID, Live ID, or PSN id if you'd like to enter and I'll add your name to the signups. Cutoff for signups will be midnight Friday.
  3. PC tournament will be 5/29 at 8PM EST, Xbone at 9PM EST, and PS4 will start at 10PM EST. Currently we don't have a streamer until someone gets back early June, so unless someone volunteers to stream we can't stream matches.
  4. Rules
  5. - Tournament will be double elimination
  6. - Matches will be 2/3. Winner's Finals will be 3/5. Grand Finals will be 3/5 with a bracket reset needed for the Loser
  7. - If initial stage is not agreed upon, both players must do double random
  8. - Loser of a match will be allowed to change characters or variations. Winner must stay with their character and variation
  9. - Loser of a match will also be allowed to change stage
  10. - Interactables will not be allowed to be turned off
  11. - Tournament bracket will be created with Challonge and randomized (no seeding obviously)
  12. - NO button checks during your match. You are responsible for checking your buttons before your match starts. Complaints about buttons will be disregarded
  13. - If you constantly bitch about buttons and waste time, it will count as a loss
  14. - Disconnects, whether intentional or not, will count as a match loss
  15. - If both players disconnect, we'll try the match once more. If it happens again, both players will receive losses
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