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Dennis Carrillo pueblo colorado is a cheater

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Sep 3rd, 2013
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  1. Dennis Carrillo of Pueblo Colorado is a vato that you should consider staying very far away from. He was born December 17, 1983 and is with with Crystal A Rothmeier. This foo Dennis Carrillo has been cheating on Crystal Rothmeier every since they got together in January. My names Alicia and Iam 4 months pregnant with Dennis Carrillo baby. He went to bishop castle first week of august but he hooked up with me a few days before he went. He was talking about how he was going with his girl.
  3. I wish that I never fell in love wit Dennis but he is someone I fell for. Its something I can't undo. I knw he has a girl and just got a new place wit her. Just want him all to myself so that maybe we can have a family. It hard being pregnant and dealing with knowing that the dad is with someone else and it might always be like that. To Crystal. Im sorry girl. its a sad thing to type out and must be sad to hear. just cant take being the side girl no more knowing imma have his baby here soon.
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